NZXT H440 (Razer Edition) Mid Tower PC Case Overview


This video features the special Razer-Designed NZXT H440 Mid Tower PC Case.
Check out the video for a closer look!

Razer took what is already a sleek and sexy PC case in the NZXT H440, and added their own special touches. The matte finish now has a “sandblasted” finish, and not only looks better, but is less fingerprint prone.

The side window has more tint than a limo, and the front, rear, side, and even bottom glows Razer green.
And just like the other H440 variants, this case has a LOT of water cooling potential!

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monkeh88 Entertainment says:

is this also your case joanne? 😮

Jade Anderson says:

You have a VERY pleasant voice, definitely got my sub

Never Back Down says:

if I have windows on disk I cant put it because there is no DVD space? it sucks 😀

Omar Coston says:

Well how cute are you? Very well done vid!

agentchowdown says:


NZR NAZR says:

this girl so cute…

Limitless says:

would the gtx 1070 asus edition fit in this?

Jas F says:

Hey great clear presentation, and review, very thorough! I was wondering just out of interest, on 11:31 about the lighting you say “it reminds me ……” and then I didn’t catch it (being from England) , I replayed it a few times and for some reason I am just dying to know what it reminded you of! please tell? thanks.

Bombay Gaming says:

Can you put a DVD drive in it

Aiman says:

any idea how to install dvd drive?

Frankie Hallare says:

Sapnu puas pls view it upside down

dfracer says:

I have always loved your reviews they are so good. Thank you so very much for your time and effort

Mert Tosya says:

where is video port/ports ?

GcoEnterprises says:

it’s very hard to look at the cases when I’m blinded by the beauty of the hostess reviewer….

grav3ns3n says:

I’m getting this! Your review convinced me 😀

Áron says:

I have an MSI Big Bang Extreme II MoBo, will my MoBo fit in this NZXT H440 Razer Series?

Thank you, Ms. Joanne.


u-neeks says:

No 5.25 should be a pro… since nobody is using prehistoric and very noise cd-roms anymore.

La he Liao says:

overpriced just for the fucking logo

Junho Lee says:

i am wondering how many hdd and sdd slots are there?

billyboi57 says:

But no 5.25″ bays for optical drives. 🙁

。祥壽 says:

Hello, need help coz I plan on building my own rig, does anyone know if both the ROG STRIX-GTX1060-O6G-GAMING (298 x 134 x40 mm) GPU along with the Cooler Master MasterAir 8 CPU Air Cooler (135 x 145 x 172 mm) fit here? I know that the air cooler would fit with a few mm to spare, and the GPU won’t fit with the specified size, but is the measurement exact? or does it have some leeway? How about both of them inside? Would it all fit and at the same time close? Hope someone has any infos regarding this.

AuroraShine says:

Why is the usbs on the top? I’m new to pcs but if your plugging in a mouse (USB) their would be a wire going down the computer

Jesus C says:

Best review ever no joke subbed!

Afrasiab Himaloy says:

best review for nzxt h440 razer ever 🙂

Th3pwndPanda says:

I think I like razer to much I painted a razer logo on my wall

Flureax :D says:

My dick is 40cm

Sokkelue says:

gotta get that 10 min avenue

Biboviper says:

Does it come with pre installed motherboard standoffs?

jimmyt1988 says:

Is there any way to get a Blu ray drive in there?

Orkun Devran says:

Big or small

Kippenoma says:

When you finally decide on a fucking case, you get it, and they advertise more cases

wow that must suck

Jackson Heuser says:

I bought this case with an msi gtx 970 100me and a cougar 140mm green led and they are gonna look so cool together when I build my pc

Michael Eugene Romero says:

its all the same.. “Made in China”

Sw1ft_TV says:

Is it only a case or is it also the computer??

Олег Гусев says:

Чет не понятно)))

GenericWeeb says:

your voice sounds so calm and relaxing. i could listen to your reviews on the side whilst doing something else lol

peter jones says:

Impressive but incomplete design

I am sure the next iteration will have a hinged aluminum front panel hiding two dvd drive spaces ? I use DVDs constantly and fill the empty DVD space with insert accessory panel when not in use.


Good try but needs development. Look forward to next iteration with DVD drive bay behind the front panel.

Gurke7 says:

The end of the video … That is literaly my setup … The Taipan , Deathstalker , the Case ( Also a Tiamat Headset ) But wtf

Dap Slo says:

You’re so beautiful

llSplinterll says:

magic case :p

Andy says:


PaceBreaker Productions says:

Pretty cool overview. I like your style of presentation too – it’s like Home Shopping Network but for tech!

Go Pro says:

13:42 “They do want to install their OS by…” say what now? 🙂

Alexander Galloway says:

Is the window acrylic? If so, how scratch-resistant is it?

BluePyrO_o says:

I got the s340 razer edition XD

Svetlyo says:

Well made video. Case explained from A to Z. Thanks, helped me a lot! 🙂

DANP123 says:

Will all of the components that for the 340 fit the 440 ?

Sazid Ahsan says:

isnt this casing has a disc drive???

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