NZXT H440 Quiet PC Case

My review/unboxing of the NZXT H440 is out! I actually really like this case. A LOT. I’ve spent some more time with it during B-roll shooting and taking the system back apart and it’s grown on me even more since this video was made.

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MasterBlaster says:

Stupid grommets at the back could be cut of and mount graphic card vertically? What do U think?

kayranaway says:

Can you mount fans on the top, like right under the top panel?

Blue Bandit says:

please god someone give me the name of that motherboard

robert chung says:

excellent presentation, thank you…

Xeon says:

better intro than the current one

ikarrusProductions says:


AuReX Blaze says:

someone reply quick are they four intake or exhaust fans because i hate negative air pressure

Christian Difelice says:

just to make sure i can i put a 280mm cpu cooler in the h440 right?

ekn408 says:

what kind of corsair water cooling is that?

chia kaijun2142 says:

this is case is neat and nice.. overall looks of it is cool..
but there is not much air entering the front of it.. although there’s 3 fans

Experience says:

Sadly the glass panel isnt the full panel, still a cool case

Storr Hoek says:

the red version is such a boner giver

Forkless Pizza says:

anyone have the measurements?

Turtle Slayer says:

I want this case in green and black cause i like the look of it, i don’t care about sound because from what i can tell computers don’t make much sound… should i get this case or is there a better one? (or cheaper but as good)

Lothar Scholz says:

What a shitty case. Is’nt there something for a tower server. I need 12 drives and if possible a backplane. The marketing of this case is for home file server but it is so wrong.

Darkclone Studios says:

Does it have a DVD reader slot ?

CoLoNeLC4 says:

Dude, no Decibels measures ? This is supposed to be a review of a silent case…

Limitless says:

does the gtx 1070 asus edition fit in this?

Jeremy Aelmans says:

The only thing that irritates me, is that the drive bays are in the way of the airflow. So cooling will degrade with this case. Aesthetic wise it’s a very solid case. looks clean and sharp.

Armaan Bhojwani says:

Fire whoever made the intro immediately

Vaskedama says:

why don’t they make it matte beige instea of pitch white glossy? I mean cmon NZXT. How about some oldschool cases ?

iKn0wThingz says:

that case gave me an boner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tushar Sadhwani says:

A Million views??

Goran Pavlović says:

fkin ugly, looks like some fridge, Cooler Master all the way!

joshhockeyism says:

whats the cooling he is using

D3AP cs:go says:

How many hdmi ports does this have?

Arnold Farkas says:

kent her yu
problem vith mic

Liam Snyder says:

when I turn on my pc it turns on the back io light first rather than the logo light which is really annoying have to press the button every time i turn on my pc

Young Wolf says:

Is this case good for overclocking the I7 to 4.5 ghz and above, and overclocking the gtx 1080 using the stock fans?
Or should I replace them?
I was looking at the Corsair Air series SP120s and the AF140s.

HyperSonic2006 says:

Can I get the H105 in the top of it?

andrew black says:


What is the build you have in there?

TheHoprdox says:

Fractal Design Define R5 or NZXT H440 guys ? Thank you 🙂

Nate Fleming says:

just came here to see the case review. didnt realize it was so old linus would be saying USB 2 instead of USB 3

Frimslow. ツ says:

Intro gave me cancer
Case cured it

D2daK87 says:

Me wanty!! my El cheapo budget case allows light to spill out the seams from my lighting and is noisy as hell. I scrimped on the case so I could get a better gpu lol.

Legendary Clips says:

Is it easy to transfer a pc to a new pc case, iv got an alienware x51 which is tiny and I am putting it into this case with a new gtx 1060 graphics card and a liquid cooling system, will it be hassle to medal with the inside of the alienware or will it be like a piece of cake?

cornenothome says:

First of all, the inserted foam to make it quiet, doesn’t beat the sound which my hdd now produce. Which they didn’t in my Ikonik Zaria case. Then: the case looks when installed, really good. But as I mentioned: when installed. Because again I use my Zaria as a comparising, I could easily slide in HDD within minutes. Now it takes a screwdriver because the tread on the nuts suck. The case is cheaply thin so the tread where the bolts go in are just to short and some aren’t well aligned either. That and the sound make the case cheapy which is a major bummer. Whatever critic there was on Ikonik, my Zaria was solid and silent. Almost regret that I sold that case. So looks for the H440 a 9/10 but material/function/price I give it a 5/10. My opinion: don’t let yourself lure by the looks. Buy a case which is silent, sturdy and easy to install/deinstall.

Ty Brown says:

A friend of mine got this chassis and asked me to move the guts of his PC into it. I absolutely LOVE IT!! I’d love to see an mATX version of it!

Nate Don says:


Cong Nguyen says:

pc $

Liemihae seo says:

what gc is that

John Saleem88 says:

what’s model of this motherboard ? also #

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