NZXT H200i – The ITX Case With Everything!

The little guy from the H-series is finally here, fully equipped with a smart-device to control your lights and fan speed. Can it compete for your cash at this price? Let’s check it out.

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I wish the shroud was smaller with sfx only

WvnDesign says:

What’s the difference between this one and the H200?

DankPenguin 420 says:

If the H700 and the H400 had a baby

lastone032085 says:

Well, I have an AIO that doesn’t use USB2 headers and my Mobo has 2 to begin with on top of having the 3 fan headers I would actually need. In other words there is no downside to this case for me. Thanks for the review.

Tín Trần Trung says:

this case might not fit the asus strix 1080ti right ?

F/A says:

Am I seeing it correctly? Using an X62 you can only have one memory module?

RRRodgA's Slot Channel says:

I think you’ve convinced me…this will replace my Shift X which just has awful awful airflow.

Joery M says:

How can you control 5 fans throught the smart hub? I want to buy 2 RBG Aer fans but my hub only has place for 3 fans and I already have 2 by default. I want to have 4 fans in total…

Larry says:


AelKurun says:

NZXT USB Hub would give you the plugs you need 😉

Nick Chugg says:


Madmax Developer says:

wait. why will you stick a magnet on your computer case?

Hamzah and shamel abaza says:

Can you fit a hard drive

s0muchforsubtlety says:

@hardwarecanucks Can you fit a 140mm AIO cooler (i.e a Kraken X42) in this case?

funbucket09 says:

Dude it is MASSIVE for a miniITX case…… Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Numismatic Coins for Sale on eBay Shop says:

No room for GPU to breathe

Toro sharp edge says:

Narration, editing, material, explanation, review. VERY Beautiful. I found your channel is the most comfortable to watch.

samborambo says:

I always come here to see how my case will look with a plant on top

Максим Пахтунов says:

Still didn’t get what type of NZXT cooler did you mount inside the case? X52 or X62?

nitroxide91 says:

Smaller version with sfx PSU would be amazing. It’s really cool as is though

Charlie Chan says:

was there a reason you didnt place the ssd on the window side of the case?

if so, would it have been because of the full size psu?

ChristianParkNews says:

is it possible to remove the top panel?

i notice its possible to remove the front but then the top sticks out a few centimeters.

Kovu The Great says:

Would love to see more Car related content here. It’s basically the next step after PC

Dwayne Stimpson says:

Air coolers ftw!

Bryce Czirr says:

The one thing that kills it for me is the GPU is going to get very poor airflow with that PSU metal cover there

morbentfel says:

plants a nice touch

Akbar Maulana says:

Where do you place the hdd

Daaned says:

I have the same pc but the matte black edition and a msi gpu (doesnt matter) but I use NZXT’s Internal USB Hub. So I plugged the case and aio usb into the usb hub. but the problem is my Kraken X52 pump led rgb wont turn on at all… (help to fix)

Nathan Mark says:

Why does he look like Chris Pratt?

Mark Fernandez says:

Great review. I just got the h400i. Will the aer rgb fans & led work without the hue+?

Arcomador says:

to address the internal usb issue nzxt has a solution “NZXT Internal USB Hub Controller, Black (AC-IUSBH-M1)”

Timmy Nguyen says:

where did you get the plant from?

Mark Fernandez says:

I’m thinking of getting the H200. How would cable management be with a 3.5 inch hdd?

kArasu says:

link is dead

Codename Memphis says:

It’s kind of messed up that the water cooler block pipes, force you to utilize only 1 stick of ram.
Like, that’s a deal breaker right there lol

D3ath_0ps says:

NZXT Also has a USB Extension for inside the case, so that way you can utilize the pump color without issue! 😀

Charlie says:

Can I move an alienware x51 over to this?

Is mayonnaise an instrument? says:

Theoretically you could fit an NZXT internal USB hub inside there as well, hidden under the shroud perhaps, which would allow you to plug your AIO and the lighting/fan control unit in.

semlan killen says:

It is silly big for an itx case, if they just made it a tad higher it would have been excellent matx case….but now…

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