NZXT H200 Mini-ITX Case Review: Semi-Mini Mid-Tower

NZXT’s H200 and H200i cases provide the option of losing the smart device, fortunately, but they still fill a niche market — and it’s one similar to the 280X mATX case.
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NZXT’s H200 case isn’t too distant in size from the Corsair 280X, and is a few inches smaller than the NZXT H500. This makes the H200 one of the larger mini-ITX cases we’ve reviewed, exiting the case from the truly small form factor (SFF) market. Rather than compare the H200 vs. the SilverStone SG13 or RVZ03, the H200 makes more sense as compared against NZXT’s slightly larger cases — like the H500 — or the Corsair 280X Micro-ATX case.

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman & Keegan Gallick


Zin Gaming says:

Cat for scale.

Robert Buck says:

Yeah, I’d prefer a similar MATX case. My only problem with MATX is that it’s impossible to find good x470 boards in that form factor. May have to go Intel for my buddies build because of it =

John Degnan says:

At first I thought the Title said “Cat for sale” =P

BSoD Gaming says:

How do we know what size the cat is? I demand a separate video, where you show us the scale of the cat in comparison to an average sized banana.

jason campbell says:

Missed a trick here. You should have put the cat inside the case and then you could have appraised yourself of the airflow- the glass panel would avoid a Schrödinger’s cat paradox (finally a compelling reason for glass panels.

el 01 says:

Is there a reason that the 8-pin CPU connector is not plugged in? Nice video though!

ReviewsByKelly says:

Once again, came here for the cat.

Ian Peng says:

So funny how at 12:46 Jayztwocents did the exact same test of taping the shroud but he noted no difference in temperatures. Like 0 degree increase. I think there is some serious flaw in his testing methodology and this is why I never take his review videos seriously.

morgan betsinger says:

that cable management tho…

kutsuujarble says:

Snowflake should be included for scale on all mitx cases 🙂

RicoKen2000 says:

Thanks for giving us the Full GN shakedown of a GREAT CASE.. I thought the Manta was overprice plastic feldergarb . I appreciate half size box with room for tower cooler ATX PS and standard video card ..Also this is priced right IMO.


Rafal Borowski says:

I hope the cat gets Ebola and dies…

jangelelcangry says:

Didn’t noticed that the wooden wall is gone.

maxpunch says:

tbh I just watched it because of the cat

recordatron says:

Gamers Nexus – “not horrendously offensive” 2018 case of the year award.

JV Jordão says:

I guess the “C type” noctua coolers would be a good choice as this cases provides a good clearence… It’d throw air to vrm and cool even more the cpu, as the gpu is already well cooled… what do you guys think?

John Clingmon says:

I love you GN, I really do. And maybe its a stickler-type thing or something but its beyond me that you guys can afford a Titan V, yet still use a WAY outdated top mounted 24pin connection motherboard?!

Kenneth Young says:

I recommend the Noctua NH-U9S for cases that allow for a tower cooler. The NZXT H200 obviously supports taller coolers, but the Corsair 280X only supports up to 150mm. The NH-U9S is still a great cooler for its size and at a somewhat attractive price point.

chuNito says:

I read the Thumbnail to be “Cat for Sale” LOL

Sorry Steve 😀

Bill Dude says:

Steve I don’t think selling cars is advertising friendly. You probably got demonetised. But you do you. Lol

filmgeneric says:

If they had this without the smart device about 3-4 months ago I would have gotten it. The only thing that stopped me from getting it was the extra money for the smart device.

Leo Pimentel says:

lol my cats love those wire twist ties too

Matteo Kropej says:

Why do you use d instead of Δ and m instead of μ?

John Clingmon says:

Yay! I’m looking to build in this exact case. The non i version. Awesome to see a video haven’t even watched it yet lol

FriedEgg says:

That cat is huge.

Hyoung Jin Kim says:

I bought the H200i version because of RGB and Smart Hub because I didn’t want to buy a fan hub/RGB strip. WORTH IT says:

I got the S340 Elite and I will never buy a case from NZXT again, the build quality is horrible, metals thinner than plastic film and as rigid.
It looks great, but that’s about it.

Aaron Boswell says:

I’m writing this from the “non-I” version of this case. I love it. I did a bunch of research and many people are calling this “Full ITX” as it has some of the great features of a mATX case but is a little more compact. I’ve really enjoyed it. Here is my build, for those interested:

nfugitt89 says:


Nigel Wanger says:

Yay snowflake good kitties if i could press like a thousand times i would for that cat!

Orelha says:

Man, this motherboard layout is hot garbage. Also, this cpu cooler is not very good.

Cinimod Esports Offical says:

ok so snowflake gets a new system right?

Brian Bmo Morgan says:

Best thumbnail lol

Siana Gearz says:

I know, revolutionary idea here, but why not simply place the power supply on TOP of the case so the GPU can draw air directly from the bottom of the case through the filter foreseen there?

Ede says:

The top filter is there because these machines are not running constantly. When they are switched off dusty apartments like mine will leave it full of dust regardless of the filters on the intake fans.

Justin Maddox says:

Here’s another ITX case I’d like to see reviewed: the Fractal Design Nano S.

TheQuikMix says:

This is my next case.

Gamers Nexus says:

Check out our latest hardware news video, also ft. Snowflake (who rips the script from my hands):

SS S says:

The reasoning for this size of a case is for someone who wants to fit larger hardware 300mm+ GPU or big HSF’s like the Dark Rock Pro 4 or D15 but doesn’t need an S340 size case.

I may go from a large case to this in my next build as I just don’t use the rest of a mid tower or full tower but I want to OC which requires a decent size HSF.

The H200 fits a bigger CPU cooler than the PC-011 and is smaller. This also fits a bigger GPU and CPU cooler than the Corsair 280x

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