New Aluminum & Glass Box… Lian Li PC-O11 Case Review

Today we work with yet another extremely interesting PC case from Lian Li, the aluminum & glass double wide PC-O11 WX. Let’s see what makes this one so special!

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Firefly says:

Best cheap case for ~$60 CAD, preferably less. I’d like a window but really don’t need one. Thanks 😀

sgredsch says:

i love the looks and the “bottom -> top” cooling and price is not so much over the top, too, but oh man its just not quite right there. 120mm fans are no big deal, but 80mm? only two usb in the front. how can u make the bottom dustfilter a non-sliding filter? also ppl were complaining about being unable to plug in the power cords on some really big gpus (collision with the glass sidepanel). i feel like an updated version of that case would be killer, right now they didnt just quite nail it. yet i might pull the trigger. i couldnt find anything that comes close to that.

Adam says:

Define S still the best case

Dustin White says:

Things Lian-Li hates:
140mm fans
Front intake fans
Rubber grommets

curmudgeon says:

Are you sure that’s an SSD mount on the back of the case an not 80mm fan mounts?

Andres de Groot says:

4:47 Big 60mm thick 360 radiator in the top & bottom, Big tube reservoir on the right (in front of the rubber gromets)…..DONE 😀 😀 😀
This is what you must do with this case if you want it to look GREAT.
If you don`t do this……do NOT buy this case 😛

PS…The cutouts in the bottom are low for a reason because if you put a big radiator in the bottom with 3 fans (3x extra wires) then the cutouts are placed like they should be (behind the radiator) 😉
So NOT to low but just perfect for what this case is made for…..custom watercooling & nothing else.
I agree with the lost space in the back but the positive side of this……You don`t have to manage your cables……space enough 😛

I absolutly love this case for what I was planning to do with my next build. I really thinking of buying it 🙂
Only thing I do not like is the bottom of this case but luckly we don`t have to clean our filters that much.

Goran Pavlović says:

Ugly looking csse.

Herbert Pratama says:

danny rand quiting the Rand?

Jason Romero says:

Great review and I agree. I purchased this case and ran into a lot of the same issues you mentioned in your video. It is a beautiful case, but it is lacking in some areas. I have a build log at

Matheus Siqueira says:

Please do a review on the Cooltek/Jonsbo UMX4! They look so nice but no one ever review them. Cheers!

Rene Stanneveld says:

nice case just bought it with 2 HWL 360GTS to replace my LianLi 600d with Alphacool 3×140 (360) rad.
This case is 229,- my 600d was 400,- AND this one does not have 100000 hard drive cases as the old ones do 😛


Orange tint? Why? So ugly and looks outdated.

No Name says:

“Seems like a poor use of space.”

Carl Erickson says:

I will not be buying that case!

Jetpil0t says:

Why would you not mention that this case comes in ITX and ATX? if anything the full size ATX/EATX would be the least popular SKU by a mile and it’s much harder to buy and way, way more expensive. Why did you review this model and yeah, why not mention the other variants in the vastly more popular form factor?

moltenbullet says:

Looking forward to the In Win 301.

Kim H says:

I propose a new drinking game! For every scene there is a green plant in HardwareCanucks case reviews. You take a drink of beer. If the pant is being moved. Finish the Beer! Besides that … Great review and good video. thanks 🙂

hercpap0 says:

Lian Li you have failed with this case…

Point of Style says:

Не практичный корпус

YSNReview says:

What a garbage useless case… looks shiny though.

eug3nius says:

Just take it as what it is, a beautiful way to build a high end water cooled rig.

Quettesh says:

Lian Li – good looking but useless.

RadActiveLobster says:

Brushed Aluminum, never again.

the cake is a lie says:

that’s it, I’m buying this for my mini-itx build..

don’t. judge. me.

Daniel Morelli says:

This case definitely fits a certain niche… like I think Ed fit his ElectroBox build in this case and it worked well for him

Jonah Nieuwenhuizen says:

Will you be taking a look at the “bitfenix portal” it’s cool looking

OC_Maximus_OCA says:

80mm fans do not fit the back of this case. Try it. Epic fail Lian Li. The original PC-011 did have 80mm fan mounting holes. The PC-011 that newegg sells, same as the case in the video, does not have 80mm fan mounting holes. All it has is SSD mounting holes. Epic Fail Lian Li. How do I know? Well, I tried to install 3 80mm fans today and, I’m sure you can guess that they did not fit. Epic fail Lian Li.

executor46 says:

im doubtful

Ivan Schoeman says:

Love the videos! Hope you guys hit 1000000 subs soon. One thing that always bothers me is that you use standard cables when you set up a system, I think if you use mod cables for all the setups it will make it look way cooler and more professional. Perhaps a cable set of colours that will be iconic to Hardware Canucks. People will see it and be like “yeah thats Hardware Canucks!”

Theodor Kourtoglou says:

Lian Li used to design awesome cases in the past.
Today we see something like PC-O11 and I really can’t understand what the designers were thinking with that case. Too big and also too nonfunctional.. Poor use of space and also too expensive… If you are not interested for water cooling then you should look elsewhere

JayJay Golden says:

Out of curiousity
What the fuck happened to cube cases?
I want more cube cases ffs.

Wayne Richter says:

What a ridiculous case. Oh well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for their designers. Maybe their future iteration will have a bit of functionality and practicality baked in instead of just looks… which is also very conspicuous by it’s absence.

Dustin White says:

Wtf is happening to Lian-Li? They used to be innovative with all their toolless designs. Now they are just screwing everything up with bad design choices and extremely high price tags. Lian-Li used to mean innovation and quality. Now it just means expensive.

Tony 偷尼 says:

it’s the Best case for water cooling LOL

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