My NEW Case? — Master Case Pro 6 Review

It’s time to review an award winning Master Case Pro 6 🙂 let’s see if it’s good enough to house Dmitry’s future workstation PC.

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Review unit provided free of charge by Cooler Master. This video is sponsored by Thermaltake and Corsair. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks monetary affiliation.

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Justin Bloomfield says:

nice socks faggot

SixtyFPS GAMING says:

i wish i could live in my computer

Lawrence Nj Nj says:

will it have ample airflow? ?

Jak-Jak says:

love you head =p

Numbuh681 says:

The case industry is turning into the modern gaming industry. “We took out these features while keeping the base price the same. Pay us double to get them back”. What a joke.

alpha yun says:

5:35 if i disconnect the sata connector it will only turn off the lighting correct?

David Grave says:

Eww. I was hoping it’s a new Mitx case

Lance Chhuana Ralte says:

I’m happily owning it

Eric Hesler says:

Who on earth would buy this over the define S

jello 77 says:

Why are they not included?? Because there’s a profit to be had!

Alberto Garduño Flores says:

What kind of plant is that? is very cool

ptah4000 says:

You cheat on the H500P, for shame

Jarrod'sTech says:

Looks heaps better with the glass, shame about the price without it..

Jesusreignonhigh says:

Master Case Pro 3?

Sumi Chau says:

Coolermaster continues to disappoint.

Intentionally Left Blank says:

Excellent video, guys! Funny jokes, lots of eye candy (with very nice subtle touches like turning the system on in slow motion), and an honest review – it’s all there. Imho this is easily one of your best works to date. And you’d already set the bar so high with the rest of your videos!

Randall Lawkin says:

what do you think about the TT G21 TG very clean?

brandon curiel says:

Pahntek evolv tempered glass is still the best case around IMO

Diacom says:

Well, at least he’s putting up this review so no one else gets screwed on this case.

nuk3m3vil says:

Having to buy accessories for an already pricey case is a bummer

Артем Инин says:

Bought CoolerMaster 693 windowed version in 2013 for less than 100$ and still happy with it 🙂 Great review, as always! Cheers 🙂

West Wood says:

i liked the video,but not the case its as tho activision made it

taiottavios says:

i don’t really like the mastercase series, i don’t get why all this hype

Theodor Kourtoglou says:

So Dimtry you change the Phantecs Evolv TG for this one? Are you serious man?

Grant S. says:

Am I the only one that won’t buy a Cooler Master case for themselves because I think their logo looks stupid as hell? Call me petty, but I’d regret having to look at that weirdly shaped and asymmetrical text in that logo.

AJ Doyle says:

Completely agree with your feedback.

Victor Hassan says:

u all complaining about price, whats the different 50$ 150$ 500$.. they are just money.

Sauluuu / Rocket League Clips says:

Is a r9 270x gpu used // amd 10 7860k quad core cpu // 1tb // 8gb ram a good pc for skyrim minecraft and like cs go??

xSS4x says:

Really interesting case, i’ll consider it if it ever gets a price drop.

Muhamad Ubaied says:

Phanteks, Nzxt and Fractal will always be the best case makers. If only Fractal has jump to Tempered Glass bandwagon then I would say Fractal is the baby to get.

TDub says:

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Mutio86 says:

No just, no.. Not only I gonna deal with compromises, but to get it really good looking I’m gonna spend almost the same amount of money I ALREADY spent on the case?! Are they out of their minds? For around 200$/€ I much rather get an Phanteks Evolv ATX TG or a BeQuiet! Dark Base 900 (Pro).
And like you said, if you hadn’t mention the extras you can buy I’d have NEVER learned of them.. WTF Coolermaster..

kernin says:

its a beauty… a really damn bright beauty 😛

SirTheSir says:

awesome clean looking case, love it, but too expensive.

Mo Tee says:

Its a nope from me.

Ralf Coenen says:

so not very good then. the S340 elite is still my go to case for big builds.

passingbyjimmyslittl says:

I also HATE the rear access dust filter. Why is it so hard to make it side or front accessible?

MantaProx2 says:

lol that put a ring on it ad spot. Epic.

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