Mean:It 5PM Case Review!

Check out this relatively cheap tempered glass (x3) case! Looks pretty neat and won’t break the bank! And the included fans are actually pretty quiet (albeit at a low RPM cap of 1200)!

Find it on Newegg here:

i7 5820k CPU
MSI X99A SLI Plus Motherboard
32 GB DDR4 G. Skill Ripjaw RAM
Corsair H110i GT AIO Water Cooler
GTX 760 x2 (EVGA and Gigabyte)
Corsair AX760 PSU
Notti Smart Light because why not

Wallpaper Engine:
Nier: Automata 2B Rain [60FPS]

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Music Credits: “First Rain” by Kontinuum
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My rig (with Amazon Affiliate Links):
i7 7700k @ 5.0GHz / 1.4v:
NZXT Kraken x62 AIO Cooler:
Asus Maximus IX Hero Motherboard:
32 GB DDR4 G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM @ 3733MHz:
GTX 980ti Amp Extreme:
Samsung 960 EVO SSD:
Samsung 950 PRO SSD:
Samsung 850 EVO SSD:
OCZ Trion 150 SSD:
OCZ Agility III SSD:
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG Case:
NXZT Hue+:
NZXT Aer RGB Fans:
EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 PS Power Supply:


Suten says:

The puns are the best!

WynnsanityTV says:

Your floor lamp in the back… do you have remote controlled color changing bulbs?

mavreianzki says:

i wonder if this is available in the Phillippines

Mike Garth says:

Anybody know what the light cube thingy he uses at 7:10 is?

Blickety Blam says:

The whole thing is a cracke up! I just sat here, smiled, and enjoyed the review. thanks for the review which was helpful and comical.


Subscribed 🙂 ill be looking forward to your new videos, just because i didnt fall asleep through this review.
you right up there with Linus IMO 🙂

was looking for a replacement for my corsair 540 and came across this, guess ill be sticking to the 540 for a bit longer

a nice case though

MeisterPC says:

this looks like another variant of the Anidees Ai Crystal and Rosewill Cullinan. i like your puns and your voice is very pleasant! subbed helping a fellow youtuber.

Nightss10 says:

Great review man but jeez, TOO many awful ( i know it’s intentional ), puns, a couple can had colour but woah, overboard, gonna buy this case btw! so thank you for the review !

Jeremy says:

the pun GAWD

TheActualMatch says:

What are those LED fans?

Cliff Mwawa says:

its never a good sign when the rubber falls off….you’re PUNishing this. oh and i soooo mean-t.

MikeVideos327 says:

by far my favorite new tech channel. criminally low views on your high production and funny videos. wishing you the best of luck

jacob torres says:

How many fans total can i fit in this pc case 120mm?

Aaron SImon says:

Great review, thoroughly enjoyed it. Just started looking into a new case and I’d love to see you do a video on the Thermaltake View 31.

PhoenixKsE says:

You earned a subscriber for your obviously forced but still jokingly forced puns. Only thing I would say I would have liked to see that I didn’t see would be metric measurements along with the ‘standard’ (although not really standard?) ones.

Great video… it’s hard to spice up computer hardware videos while still being informative (and not boring), but somehow you managed it.

Nightlife says:

awesome channel and quality but you really need to chill with the puns and 1-liners lol… they are cringe

XV says:

this guy needs more subs

michaelgening says:

I would recommend reviewing thermaltake view 31, whose reivew is hardly found everywhere. It has double sided glass panels, but acrylic front one, so it should be interesting comparing to this Mean:IT product.

Karfitsas says:

Dude , your review is amazing , you did a box that its hard to find as a review and you brake it down to all the details ….BUT DUDE STOP THOSE ANNOYING BAD JOKES ….sirusly …..i stoped the video couse of the jokes ….dint find anything else and forced to come back and see it from you ….realy they are BAD JOKES …even if this is my opinion …you still dont need to do them ,you realy have a nice material to show here …dont take it over the line
super friendly

The Joker says:

This video is awesome

{Xyro} Nitronixus says:

The Puns are awesome man!!!!

David Pacheco says:

The quality of materials are good and construction its very solid? Can i change stock fans for another led how cougar cfd 120? I ask this because i pretend install cryorig r1 universal

Monferaigne says:

No dust filter on front XD

Anders Zidane says:

All the puns are hilarious. Especially with the straight dead pan delivery.

Anton Bertilsson says:

You definitely deserve more subscribers than this. Good quality content across the board. Lots of information for the viewers and the humor makes the videos entertaining as well. Anyone can tell that you put a lot of effort into making these. Keep it up!

FireG Gaming says:

Dude, your voice…. I’m subbing

Daniele Maino says:

I want that animated desktop wallpaper! O.O

Reuel Pascual says:

The pun is strong with this one

Owen King says:

nice review bro i’ve been looking for one for a while. you came through i’d like to see more of less know products… subscribed and liked

Joel J says:

This vs the S340 Elite tho

Marc Farrales says:

good quality content! definitely one of the best reviewer on youtube right now. 🙂

ni ck af says:

oh man.. just discouvered your channel after searching cases on newegg looking for reviews.. the puns I LOVE IT!

TheActualMatch says:

I’m not easy to be convinced to subscribe to someone… you’ve been the only person to ever get me to subscribe to you in 4 videos. Great work.

Michael Kelly says:

You have the BEST voice on You Tube and you do brilliant reviews (and funny)……. Why the low number of subscriber???

Matthew Walker says:

how does the gpu support rail work? mine sags bad

Scott Walters says:

I approve of these many puns

john attard says:

Are you robot ?

Alfredo Cabrera says:

Is Meanit the same as Anidees?

Mr RABBIT says:

You and HardwareCanucks are the only PC hardware YouTubers who aren’t totally overrated and waste-of-time losers. Really high quality man, respect.

Forgot to credit TechSource, his production quality is tight.

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