Lian Li PC-O6S Review – Make an aesthetic statement with your case

This case from Lian Li is GORGEOUS, but it’s certainly not perfect…

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TRRkosay says:

What is the CPU cooler used in that pc case?

jose santos says:

it would be nice for lian le to make a case that has no harddrive. a case that u got to use m.2?

XrKemo says:

does anybody know what I can overclock an “AMD Athlon X4 860K” to?

maks steen says:

please clean that graphics card.. so much dust in a blowercooler is never a good idea:/

Korey says:

Isn’t this Linus’ new case?

Wistbacka says:

On Lian-Li’s webpage, it says radiators up to 60 mm thick are supported. Is that with or without fans?

Isom Mallory says:

It just looks lazy.  It’s just an open space with ……….. everything showing.  I would’ve preferred them focus on ITX and the use of a sff power supply.  I know I’m being picky but it’s just my opinion and I know that I don’t represent the masses.  Externally, it looks great.

Omnilatent says:

I also just noticed how dirty that graphics card was. Eww.

Arie Copley-Radder says:

You’re saying in your WHOLE office there wasn’t a SINGLE Micro ATX motherboard?

xP1MPD4DDY says:

Luke keeps saying grafis card hahahaha

Christopher Lennon says:

you guys couldn’t have just spent $200 from petty cash and just bought an m-ATX board? hell, I’m sure NCIX still gives Linus a discount

Christopher Duperre says:

Your shitty, lazily installed LEDs make this look ugly AF.

Crim Chin says:

can you fit a corsair h55 aio wataer cooler

Nawaz Waseem says:

So many compromises with a steep price tag.. S340 Elite FTW

Steve Norman says:

Cool case!! I’m a big fan of Lian Li’s case craftsmanship. Any chance you guys could review Lian LI’s PC-09? 🙂

Derp says:

waste of space for an matx

iPhony says:


Romeo says:

Theres no way id have a lian li case way to expensive

Kleandro Vieira says:

I see too many cables.

James Gray says:

Does a long cable for the graphics card’s PCIe connection add much latency?

Sproket_ says:

“D-I-G-I-T-I-A-L Bolt 3” 11/10 on spelling yummy job woo!

Sam Sung says:

This case has been on clearance at my Micro Center for $105 open box. I was expecting a pretty bad review or something.

GamenTV says:

where to buy?

MASLOO. says:


Sha Bla Wo says:

is the ‘X’ version bigger or smaller? and is it still possible to add an AIO in the ‘X’ version?

Ater Ajak says:


Moonbase Alpha says:

If it’s a completely all aluminium case, how did you get the magnetic tray to stick?

Angel U says:


Mike Messiah says:

4:05 Seriously?? U guys dont have a M-ATX board lying around????

fucboi says:

CPU cooler?

Aran Grover says:

300+ quid WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elimentus says:

Okay real-talk here, how does the magnetic parts tray stick to this so called “aluminum” case? 6:16

PneumaticFrog says:

What exactly does a reset button do?

Amazing says:

now make one of these videos on the pc-08

JWil42 says:

Isn’t this the case for the PC in “World’s Most Comfortable Gaming Setup”?

hamsterwolf says:

this build did not do this case justice looks kinda like it was just slapped together i would recommend to check out
Awesomesauce Networks review for a better idea of what a proper build in this case can look like.

Explosive Llama says:

Even if I had the money to afford this case I still wouldn’t buy it, sure it loos good but there are so many overlooked things like not being able to turn of your power supply and the cable management being worse than cases half the price of this.

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

i used to be into case lighting – but then i turned 15.

Mark Sabedra says:

anybody know any more cases like this that have the graphics card not on the motherboard and supports micro atx

Ouroboros says:

tl;dr, it’s shitty but expensive. Buy a better one.

Verneda Edmonds says:

can u have sli with this case?

hartsf33 says:

i have a question about this built why is the fan on the cpu and the led lights as well as the motherboard are on but the psu fan isnt running ?

snakegrylls says:

I drink gfuel cos without it my fingers cant clik thats how tiring pc gamng is.

Nick F says:

How is this case with heat management? I like the design and the wall mounting aesthetics, thanks!

J-Man Wilson says:

Wait @ 6:17 you stuck a magnetic pan to an aluminum case……what is this voodoo.

Witon Yee says:

“a while ago”

John Triantafyllou says:

you didnt mention there is No air filters…

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