Lian Li PC-08 Case Review | Beautiful Aluminum & Glass craftsmanship

Lian Li PC-08 Workstation Upgrade:
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Federico Meneghini says:

the anidees ai-crystal cube (mine) is similar

The Batman says:

They need to rethink the entire internal design.

Ruckus Tran says:

i dont get why the 3 fans blowing in back of the motherboard area?

Rolando Torres says:

does this have a dvd drive?

Robbie Carter says:

SO far all these cases have no optical slots iam into dvd and blue ray which come from around the world so the cases are useless for my needs

izri1 says:

The Meanit 4pm case is much cheaper en looks maybe more amazing than this lian li.
And you get 5 lightning fans with it.

jay bang says:

i found case just like that with some unnamed company it cost $129.99 will release at 20th of this month check it out .. who is Lian li anyway?

Mark Mayfield says:

Hinged glass panels would be a plus, though it wouldn’t be as clean on the outside. But it would help with the fingerprint issue if you aren’t using gloves. I am considering this case, myself.

JayJay Golden says:

Most cube cases: Yeah we put fans on the main hardware side of things instead of the hard drive and psu side of things so that airflow to the important parts is very efficient.
This case: who the fuck needs case fans for their main components? jeez.

Boseiai says:

Considering the fact that intake fans are in the HDD chamber, does the airflow capabilities suffer in this case?

VEX SB says:

Great review. You didn’t mention how does mbo temp goes with limited air draft in front chamber ?? I think case have too many shortcomings considering the price. Check out anidees ai-crystal cube, smaller footprint, 2x cheaper, more glass. And equally good for left/right placement

RoxCrax - Norsk Gaming says:

F*** it. Im 14 I’m going to waste $1000 on watercooling so why not add $400 on a case that looks good af. One tripplerad at the front and one quad in the top, resivar, damn, where am I gona have those?

Rod Palm says:

400 bucks LOL, I’ll take the Corsair any day.

pratham rao says:

This Case+Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing 360mm Rgb Cooler=Best looking PC Evar!!

ELVIS G says:

hahahahahah 500$ in Sweden fuck off u cunts

Ricky says:

honestly what kind of temperatures can you expect with a case like that in comparison to the new Corsair 740?? I wanna put 2 x 1080 gtx in Sli…

Paintball Noob says:

Is it possible to put a 360 rad AIO where the 3 120mm fans are ?

Schelde says:

Your accent is starting to piss me off!

Nathan Dice says:

my next ipad will have the same grafical power

Robert Rosenberger says:


L' anonyme says:

I’m Looking for the case and I Would like to know if it is noisy and at temperature if he would like cool the graphics card and cpu

Post_24 says:

:o( I don’t want to look inside the case throug a window! That’s made for kiddis!

J Davis says:

I wouldn’t pay that kind-of money for it.

SmeekPeek says:

stupid case. Front fans going to the back chamber? wtf?

Jerico Tamayo says:

at least one 5.25 bay would’ve been really appreciated

feratomix69 says:

nice case

pratham rao says:

When you realise your Pc Costs less than this Case….

Flyingdutchy33 says:

2 words: thermaltake tower

Samuel Cohen says:

Anyone know where to buy the Blue version of this case?

RoxCrax - Norsk Gaming says:

ehm. will the ASUS X99-A II fit in this case?

Daniel Maas says:

When you review this kind of cases, you should mention other cases with similar features and/or similar price point. Especially when you mention flaws.
But I like your review a lot!

Tibor says:

Question: is possible to install 2x 120mm radiator on top?

other tomperson says:

lmao a case with fans that deliver cool air only to your cables and neglects your CPU and GPU “by design”. Don’t mind if I don’t xD

weedstore says:

can u make the 3 ledsilents on the mid??? it looks really bad on right side

CrossImpact123 says:

this is more likely to be a fish tank instead of pc case. whoever design ni must get fired. thanks for review anyway

Gabriel Lanier says:

Can a gtx 1080 hybrid fit?

MrAlumni72 says:

You’re right – a case this expensive shouldn’t be this frustrating … but this is Lian Li. I’ve had a Lian Li case for over 10 years, and I absolutely DREAD having to go inside to replace or upgrade anything. I got it based on Lian Li’s reputation for quality – I should have looked into ease of use as well. I’ll be switching to a Define R5 later this year (thanks to your reviews) and I won’t be looking back.

Its Neight says:

Nice video but for $400 it should be made of gold or give free blowjobs while holding the working computer under my desk. MANY better and more attractive cases for less money.

RoxCrax - Norsk Gaming says:

your top rad. is it am 60mm or 38mm?

lonewolf5460 says:

this case is poorly designed only 240 supports at the top smaller cases can hold more rads. why not a 280 you could have gotten 2 240s on top then a 240 could have fit in the back and if you can’t fit a 360 in the front. I’m all about over kill cooling I know 1 120mm can handle a CPU but I want fixed rpm fans for no noise like under. 900 rpm so I will pay good money for thick radiators and 3 120 mm worth per CPU and GPU. so I need something like jayztwocents set up.

k1ngcarlos says:

Do I need water cooling for this case?

Pierre Sev. says:

Lian li beautifull

theandroids says:

I love the look of this case but that price though… You would think for the price they would think things out better like the drive cage etc, its the little things that matter.

lonewolf5460 says:

ncix has their own channel why would the sponsor other channels so Canadian

tarfeef _ says:

After finally caving and getting this chassis, I have some updates to this video. first, all the fans come with a black sticker on the back which can be used to cover the white fan sticker. second, there are rubber dampers for the glass screws IF DESIRED, but they do stick out quite a bit, so I didnt use them. Also, I only got 3 LED strips, not 4. I will also point out that putting a 240 rad in the top main chamber will block off those grommets, so passing tubing to the back WILL require drilling or passing tubing through the lower grommets. The available space is again restricted if you have a front rad as well.

however I still LOVE this case, and it will serve me well for a long while.

Craig Peters says:

I like the looks of the case, but at $400 and the numerous criticisms stated in the video, I think Lian Li missed the mark on this case.

MegaMapper says:

It’s nice to look at something that i cannot afford! depresing…

Teh B says:

For $400 this thing better give me a damn blowjob. Problem is, it doesn’t even seem to have some of the nice features that most $100 cases have. Seems like the whole thing is really poorly thought out. Absolute waste of money.

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