Lian Li O11 Dynamic Review – Der8auer Designs a Case

Lian Li worked with XOCer Der8auer to design a liquid cooling case, but we tested it for airflow anyway. The Lian Li O11 Air is coming out next.
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Article here!
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Our Lian Li O11 Dynamic review looks at airflow, thermals, noise levels, and build quality. We also compare the Lian Li O11 Dynamic vs. Thermaltake View 71, NZXT H700i, Cooler Master H500P, and more. The Lian Li O11 is one of the best PC cases we’ve worked with lately, and stands strong for gaming computers that are air-cooled or water-cooled. This Lian Li O11 Dynamic benchmark tests CPU + GPU temperatures and acoustics. Watch for more!

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan


Mike Overbay says:

I have this case.. Just did a I7-8700K build in it.
If you buy one of these cases, remove the protective film on the glass panels and look it over carefully BEFORE building your system.
After putting everything in the case, I removed the film and found a nasty scuff mark in the side panel near the front on the edge.
I’m not returning it over the cosmetic issue. I sent an email to LIAN-LI asking about buying a replacement panel and they have not responded.
Other than the scuff, I love the looks!

Lucif says:

This case is so nice!

nicolas thibeault says:

interested to that case but will my nhd-15 fit?

Winter Charm says:

I would have really loved to see an “all possible fans” configuration because you can argue that someone using the O11 dynamic for air cooling has that option.

I really do feel you should include “max # of fans” in your review as 5 intake and 4 exhaust would probably be amazing in this case even at a normalized 40dba

Bobcat665 says:

Are 140mm fans and radiators going away? 🙁

Alistair Blaire says:

I’m shocked that this case performs so well without exhaust fans. Really smart engineering.

Patrick Shelley says:

Love this case. I think it’ll be my new build when 3rd gen Ryzen is released. And on a side note, look at the sag in that GPU! Wow that’s bad!

Billy Reynolds says:

That video card sag though!

Jack Blades says:

That has to be one of the saggiest GPUs I’ve ever seen.

Paul-guilhem Repaux says:

can this case handle 3 gpus guys? I have 3 2080 blowers.

JMak97008 ! says:

Trying to figure out how to buy this case and build in it using my 4690k and H7 Quad Lumi air cooler. I don’t want to see the back of the fans which I’d have to if I orient fans along the backside of the case. And now putting fans there just seems like a waste, I mean, why have all this glass and not put in really good looking fans?

And if I don’t mount my 2 ssd’s on the bottom, where do those go?

valent666 says:

RUBBER GROMMETS 3 BIG SLAB at 100% view.. who wants to look at rubber grommets?

AM Motorsport says:

that EVGA keyboard looks nice… except that it is $125 and doesn’t even have RGB… in 2018. WTF EVGA?
I’m surprised Jay doesn’t already own 4 or 5 of them though.
@Gamers Nexus – you dont have an overclocked watercooled GENERATOR?!?!?

phoenix7289 says:

Argh… I really like how this case looks, but I am confused with my eVGA Hybrid FTW3 1080 Ti where I’d be best putting the radiator… Also, I have a Noctua NH-D15 on my CPU… kinda starting to wish I didn’t, or I should replace it, because it makes doing things in the case impossible. =| All housed in an old Fractal Design Define R4! Sadly, I was not convinced the R6 released earlier this year was worth upgrading to – seeing it not at all present in the cases of the year for 2018 told me I was smart to not buy it. This case however… maybe.

Rainier Pomeranians says:

I wonder how much better it would do if there were 2 80mm fans mounted in the back, along with the vertical GPU (being that it seems to flow better that way and has more space from the glass)

Kenneth Reeves says:

Did you do a 9 fan test?

phoenix7289 says:

I have the same backup battery, love this video! 😀 Great case, great example of a backup battery kicking ass!

dante`afk says:

if I donly would not have to buy 12 120mm fans if I get this case…. have plenty 140mm fans here though.

Gamers Nexus says:

Quick note: Case is still up for pre-order at $100, which is a great price. Find the Lian Li O11 on Newegg:
Patrick’s thoughts & article here!
You might also like our H500P Mesh review:

JC Gong Avoe says:

Isn’t dual powersupply mounts are for a 4 CPU board? Or this case is actually can’t hold EATX size?

Alec S says:

Can it fit E-ATX board??

Al V says:

@GamerNexus, What do you think about me installing a 3 fan liquid cooler into the side and the 6 other fans pulling air up and out the top?

Andreas Giöbel says:

As far as I know Phantek is the only one having the possibility to connect to 2 PSU to get redundance on Consumer PC’s. It seem not to be that comon, but a good to have, for the ones that use 2 PSU’s (and know why)

teeblack06 says:

i like this case

wh1ppet1982 says:

Why don’t you have rear io cover installed?

Ryan Lanter says:

well if you didn’t get the memo this case was made to work best with a cpu water cooler. either closed loop or custom loop

Daniel Kennedy says:

Tonnes of restriction on those grills. The case is made half of glass, durability is out the door, the grills should be minimal.

garbis robert says:

the case is superb, but like all the products, its NOT perfect.
they forgot about one thing, DUST !!!
since the top panel is open, when pc is at rest all the dust from air will slowly find a way into your pc.
unless they decide to use a top panel like the one NZXT H700 use, there will be always dust accumulation inside pc case.
for water cooling is not a big problem, but for most of us who are using fans for cooling, this is a big issue.
and a question for Lian Li : since when the exhaust hot air must be filtered on his way out ??? (see, thats why top panel must be covered and release hot air should be done sideways)

Aloa He says:

I am the 3000 Liker 🙂

ninezerofive says:

I am sorry bro, I don’t understand this testing with 3 fans. I would like to know max settings of what is capable. That’s like reviewing Ferrari and only driving 80 MPH because most of the drivers will do only this speed on daily basis.

SHOPNO NIL channel says:

Nice tutorial

Tjecktjeck says:

I never used cases with TG until this year when i bought one. Now i can safely say that i were right – TG sucks. Every week or so it gets covered in fingerprints, dust particles and get ugly. Also thanks to the screws it is pain in ass to open. If anything, semi-open cases is the way to go – they also gather dust quickly but atleast they look nice.

Alec S says:

2 PSUs is useful if you wanna build a gamin/crypto mining rig setup with 4-6 gpus

Luca Dario Bützberger says:

Can I use an e-ATX board in this case and still mount an 360 radiator on the side without bloocking the cable holes?

t3l3 fr4gg3d says:

12:54 Where is a Phanteks case??

Ashurii says:

This has been a test of the APC system. Since this is a real emergency Steve, the power will be going out in 3 2 1. Oh crap, Andrew, where did we put that second APC again? Proceeds to start walking, but knocks over everything. 😛

Photon Wolfsky says:

Thinking of replacing my Corsair 570x with this. Only issue I have is that it’s wider than my custom shelf (I mounted a shelf on my wall and the Lian Li is about .9in longer than the shelf). However, according to Newegg, this case actually weighs less than the 570x, which is a plus, especially for shelf-mounted PCs (less stress on shelf).

Lack of fans drives price up a bit, since you need to purchase fans alongside the case, but that’s not really an issue since it leaves the user to get themselves some nice aftermarket fans (Corsair’s case fans are fine, but I will always prefer aftermarket).

Besides, this case honestly looks better than the 570x and working with it is probably a million times more pleasant (570x is hell to cable manage with)

Taner Kiral says:

upvoted for lack of lighting; i like my dark themed GN

Javier Acuna says:

Okay but like… do I place my 150i PRO on the side or top?

Marc Browne says:

Why didn’t you chuck all 9 fans in and see what happened?
What noise level would all 9 fans running at lowest speed create?

Thomas Day says:

but what if you had three intakes at the bottom and three exhausts at the top … with the gpu in the virticle position

SNKRhead Games says:

I plan on doing a build in this with the m240 thermaltake hard tubing kit. What do you think?

Mjr Burn says:

Two supplies for insane loop pump set up on a separate source from main, more than likely just in case of some minimal interference from pumps on the wave ?
Just wondering if that could be a consideration ?

swiza79 says:

Crap review nothing about radiators! 20 min talking about temps, useless!

St4rTr3v1Ut10n says:

I don’t understand the notion of a “famous overclocker.” One shouldn’t be famous for something so ineffectual. He does something that takes 0 talent or skill. If you want to overclock, turn up the clock speed and voltage. If you can’t, you buy another PSU for more voltage, or your CPU’s silicon isn’t good enough. I honestly can’t think of a good analogy because there’s honestly no analogy for being famous for doing something that is within manufacturers specifications. At least the Kardashians are entrepreneurs and use their looks to do something. He’s literally famous for owning expensive stuff and using it accordingly.

Pedro Saiz says:

Name msi heatsink please…

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