It Came In PIECES! Building a Unique Modular PC Case

The Riotoro Morpheus is a modular and expandable PC case that can convert from a mATX size to full tower by moving a few panels. But it also ships in pieces and going through the assembly process is certainly interesting. 😛

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alexadelaide says:

Couldn’t they have just had a regular case with a swappable top panel that is taller? So over complicated for no real benefit. How do ideas like this go all the way from drawing board to shelf without anybody raising these questions?!

Luben Lambov says:

No adjustable GPU support in a modular case is a big oversight.

DarkPa1adin says:

If they can extend the width also for larger air cooler it will be great!

Sporky says:

Dimitri, you should review one of GEEEK’s cases. They are made of acrylic and need to be assembled. They are one the cheaper side too.

Mike Oleksa says:

Another great video! All the time spent on the review of the case and I have a comment about the fans. LOL It’s a nice looking case, but it seems to have a lot of wasted space, like you mentioned.

I love the addressable RGB fans that Enermax puts with their AIOs. I wish they sold them separately. I even sent them an e-mail over a month ago and heard nothing back on if they were going to make them available by themselves.

muj rahman says:

Would love to see your take on a virtually silent pc on air.

executor46 says:

case labs was better

Squinoogle says:

Dmirty, I find myself agreeing with you completely here.

I love the idea of a modular system that has myriad customisation options, and it’s good to see that there are case designers out there experimenting and pushing in that direction.

However, this does seem to a be rather halfhearted attempt, as you say; 6cm difference in height between the two configurations is not worth the price premium here.
It’s probably worth noting that Riotoro market this as a ‘convertible’ case and the word ‘modular’ doesn’t appear anywhere on the product page, so we are perhaps expecting a little too much from it.

Even so, there are a lot of improvements that could be made, both aesthetic and functional:
1. The top and bottom panels should either be identical, or at least interchangeable, so you aren’t stuck with the inverted layout (MB tray fixed only to the rear with identical mounts for top and bottom?).
2. The front panel should have far more options than just that fan holder; the product shots look terrible with the off-centre fans shining through.
Why not a 4x 120/140mm grid, or at least the two fans centred with the logo (either up/down or left/right)? Is the 200mm fan mount at least centred over the logo?
2a. There should really be enough room behind the front panel in both configurations to give a ridiculous number of options.
2b. Why is the motherboard tray extending all the way to the front panel? Why have so many cable pass-through points in an open-air case?
3. The three-piece side panels seem like a waste in the short configuration. The top and bottom nearly meet anyway, so why not have them joined by a small bridge and then add in the middle panel when converting into tall mode? It would also mean the magnetic dust filters would be the same in both configurations.
4. Including the RGB/Fan controls on the front I/O but not including the controller or compatible fans… at this price point…
5. An option for a wide configuration would be nice, too. It could be as simple as having feet that can attach to either side panel and the ability to rotate the logo easily, or take it further with more customisation. I’m a big fan of ‘cube’ cases, and full width/depth/height configuration would be a dream come true.

Thinking about it, #2 could be addressed by having interchangeable MB trays. Either include an ATX/mATX as stock and sell an E-ATX separately for the three people who’d need it. Or go all the way and make separate trays for ITX, mATX, ATX, E-ATX. You would then be able to make better use of the space at the front of the case for more radiator/fan options.

I’m running a Core V21, which has some interesting ‘modular’ features: the interchangeable side panels; stacking multiple cases together; the fan rails. Not that I’ve made all that much use of those features: I run a single case with horizontal motherboard and the window on the side. It’s also the largest case I could possibly fit in the space my PC resides.

The Streacom cases you’ve looked at are closer to what I’d call a modular system, with their rail mounts for everything. I’d love to see a larger version of the DA2, or a smaller F12C.

Oh, and keep up the 2:1 video 🙂

jomer hax says:

I saw that, morph case.

Lucian Andries says:

2:45 What’s Pixar doing there? Colab? :O
For a “fully” customizable case, it is very restrictive… Useless!

What’s with the aspect ratio? Booooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch on the PC or TV, don’t ask for videos for your shit phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a PC master race channel, not a Lame phone race channel, go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Lucier says:

The upside down MB is the deal breaker for me

Sid Sloth says:

Make sure stefan etienne doesn’t get his hands on this

Flame Pieman says:

I have to know. Who is having the issue their case is 5 cm too tall. Is it people with their case on their desk and they can’t reach the front panel IO? Idk what’s even the purpose of the modularity here.

POL-G says:

0:57 when you realize fresh mouse-mats actually smell like death

micky fen says:

But why do we need this?

anton rockoboac says:

I find how you can configure the inside really under whelming and missing the point almost wish you can buy different parts and build your own custom idea instead it just seems like paying a lot for a case that can get slightly bigger with a ton of cons its like more of a novelty at this point

stageselectca says:

I love the look of it in ‘mini’ configuration, but I don’t want to have to assemble it myself like this.

Александр Долганов says:

ты на Пуговкина похож.

bidli says:

sound cut mistake at 1:50

Fairladyz says:

Holy shit, he has gotten so much hotter over the last year!

Juval says:

Dust magnet

Jaylaz says:

That sux tbh

Michael Ines says:

guardians of the galaxy guy doing a review XD

Hugo diaz says:

bought a cyber power PC from a guy for 300$ USD
I7 8700 non k
Gtx 1060 3 gb
16 gb of ddr4
Thermaltake 240 rgb liquid cooler
120 GB SSD
500gb ssd
1tb hdd
Asus Motherboard
Pretty big case with temper glass lots of rgb
Already test n played for Week
Going to sell parts individually

Aodan says:

Sadly, it feels that there just isn’t enough pros, to make the modular’ness worth it.

Fetus PC-TECH says:

can you NOT put the tray panel on the opposite side of the case for a regular mounting (not upside down ) ? I have a case that does the 90 deg rotation to the mb tray but goes onto either side depending on if you want upside down or regular mount . Odd they didnt do that (or you missed it ?) . Looks nice though but at that price point it should have some higher quality fans , include the rgb hub and not make it optional (that’s just being too cheap). For a modular type case they sure cut off a lot of options like only being able to mount 120mm rads etc ? come on now they can do so much better than this . cheers and thanks for a great vid as always .

Leslie Grace says:

Riotoro should have work on the CR1080. It is a perfect case for me. This Morpheus is crap. Overly spacious in areas not needed and overly limited in space for fans and radiators.

Alief Patria says:

Oooohh… mistake

Middle of Knowhere says:

what is the best thing about this video? Dmitry’s cardigan. You should link that. lol

zin ser says:

Can u do costom water cooping in it ?

engels1978 says:

I do not like it and it is too expensive… I prefer my Fractal Design R5 😛 And if I would have more money I would buy R6 or something from BeQuiet! 😛

Blackbird says:

nice but not worth even half of 190

Lazer Brainz says:

Is this CaseLabs reimagined?

Arick Reifenstal says:

i was hoping for a case with absolutely no corners. like a sphere or a tube.

Gareth McCallum says:

You are right, a rotational motherboard tray would have been ideal.

Tangos Down says:

Looks like it *might* be worth around $40-$60 USD and certainly not as much as they’re asking.

Onfensive Memes says:

Chris pratt

Naughty internet person says:

It’s pretty cool, but I can’t imagine adjustable height like this is useful to many people. If you want what it’s got, it’s fine, but relative to other options it’s not great value. The HAF stacker was £200 in full 935 configuration so… Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Numismatic Coins for Sale on eBay Shop says:

Riotoro cr1080 is my favorite case bought 3 of them. They deserve more credit just take a look at its amazon reviews. The case I love because of it being the most compact atx case with room for dvd drive along with tons of hdd ssd drives. I agree the modular one may not be for most but through and through Riotoro is a company with love for the enthusiasts.

Chris Cole says:

Very ugly

Josh Hust says:

great idea, decent execution, look forward to future versions with some refinements

Nate says:

It’d be nice to have the case capable of being modular on its depth and width and not just height.

Denis Setiawan says:

fanless build please? with nofen and gpu.

Emmanuel Ferguson says:

It’s not modular, it’s disassembled.

axel boström says:

This is a cool idea that they didn’t bring far enough to be good

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