Is this the World’s BEST Travel PC…?!

On the road I always like to have power, and moar cores and moar power means more work can be done in a smaller amount of time. Here is a mini-itx case so small (25cm x 25cm x 16.5cm in dimensions) that getting an i9-9900k and RTX 2060 inside was a big challenge… but an extremely rewarding one at that!

Check out all the parts used in this build here
Lian-Li TU100 (no longer produced):
Corsair H60:
SF750 PSU (though a 450 will do fine):
32GB DDR4 memory:
1TB MP510:
RTX 2060 Gigabyte Mini:
ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming:

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charlie brownau says:

Those Lian LI cases were massively popular when BF1942 + Desert combat were played at LAN PARTIES

Richard says:

4k is wasted on youtube.

Ayu Natsume says:

Silverstone SG05, done

Arthur kam says:

more details for lovers of travel

2nd Time Tech says:

Great video, Tech YES City! That is awesome, love the system case. Almost perfect system, just those temps on the GPU but somethings just can’t be helped. A variant of that system in that case, is one that I would like to make for my personal use…

charlie brownau says:

Welcome to ITX LAND ……………………

amnottabs says:

I could get away with that A300 and you’re there carrying a 9900K inside what looks like a make-up box

charlie brownau says:

No X79/X58 ITX ?

Cytotecman says:

LIAN LI PC-Q33 this is better than that..

FourT says:

And that’s why laptops exist..

mr spike1234100 says:

I see youtubers do this but if they do gpu rendering why dont they go with an older gaming laptop with mxm format gpu’s

charlie brownau says:

How do you go traveling to USA/JP/overseas power plugs ?

Teal 'c says:

MaZEEZaM Yep and it’s Aussiesome 🙂 Zee sounds much sexier than Zed. Zed is a hillbilly into weird sexual practices, that deserves kinkshame. Zed’s dead baby…Zed’s dead

jcwat says:

Damn those holes are ugly. Should of just cut out a big hole and added some mesh.

charlie brownau says:

Looks like its the silverstone one that copied off the old LIAN LI design

MD H. says:

Only problem with the black version is when you drill all those holes in it they will be aluminum and no longer black. May look good and then again it might look like garbage. Nice video, always liked this case

charlie brownau says:

Why not just spray paint the silver one BLACK ?

HeavilyGamer says:

How is your finger? :p

LuCiel AinChase says:

Why don’t just cut off the metal instead of drilling holes on the case ???

Chey Chey says:

Bryan, have you thought about making custom cables for the PSU. Im pretty sure u could get them even shorter and reduce clutter in the case. Don’t know if that would help with airflow but worth a try. Also love the case might try to see if any available in Canada. Hope the case company could refresh the line up. I could see alot of potential.

Anthelion Gaming says:

Knew I couldn’t be the only person that checks airflow with a vape

EuropressMusic says:

Poor case got butchered… with a 65 watt ryzen 8 core everything is fine in my pc-tu100.. But the folks that must to go Intel probably like a portable baking oven..

Oreo says:

Just get bigger feet for the case or put it sideways.You’ll get better temps

Philson says:

In terms of portability, intel nuc hades canyon is the best bet.

Asterisk says:

So for the fan holes done at the top I would’ve made a design that I could print out and lay at the top so you could drill proper holes and have a uniform design but other than that I’ve got no complains, this is really cool.

BreakPoint says:

Should have bit the bullet on a hole saw like I did. My TU100 has dual 92mm Noctua fans with mesh grills on the bottom. It used to be my main PC with an i5-4670K and GTX 1070. Now it’s a PFSense router with Pentium G3258 and a quad-port network card.

Remy Delprey says:

Def black version.

Nichronos says:

No! Its the world’s worst PC, ill follow my comment with more pictures so you can see what actual BS you have, and what you should build instead with half the size!
Disclaimer: 4.0L case 20x18x10cm. i7-8700 and 2070 Mini that never exceeds 70 degrees!

Amiga Wolf says:

Funny i use the Corsair SF600 (gold) in my Raijintek Thetis Window, great PSU’s and great towers, do not want’t any other Tower, one of the best towers i have ever bought, also no awful plastic, just like your little tower, mostly Aluminum.

Great review/build video.

D260077 says:

couldn’t you have just cut out a square hole for the 120mm fan and use a fan grill, it would have looked better.

Tom Ferreira says:

Install a slim 120mm fan at the bottom for the GPU.

Vedansh Agarwal says:

You could have just got an n case m1 and drilled two holes and fit a handle in it its almost the same volume with better radiator support and better design imo

Steve Martino says:

Dude, buy a hole saw and have a look at what you can grab from MNPCTech to cover that mess LOL

Jinxi Cheng says:

I stopped watching when I heard I9 9900k

Viscous Shear says:

TOP TIP: When drilling air flow holes into a case don’t use graph paper taped to the case to help get your holes all spaced neatly.

charlie brownau says:

Still doubling down with LOUD annoying music when your talking

the one you dont see says:

i would use a motherboard that has per-core turbo tuning adjust the single and two core turbo to 5ghz then level the three threw eight core turbo to what works for this case with 120mm radiator could be better than a standard overclock with msi afterburner id push the temp limit as far as possible if not 90c

Ненад Илић says:

When we’re at temps, i got a question guys, my x79 sabertooth got hot today, ran over 60°, this never happened before, i mean I’m not worried too much over the 60° on the board, but the temp of my SSD was also really hot, over 65° and it was always at 30/35° before, any one have any ideas on whats going on? Is my PSU putting out too much power maybe? Or is the motherboard acting up? May be a stupid question, i know a few things but I’m no tech guy, btw, the cpu was not overclocked when this happened, and when i do OC the MB or the SSD didn’t run that hot.

HarlemShakeQC Brousseau says:

You can try to undervoltage your GPU ?

Dane Reviews says:

TU 100 case and a TU 116 GPU (if a small enough version exists) what CPU could be used to make the ultimate TU 1xx build?

rooboy69 says:

*I really dont get this case….Why not just a metal brief case. You wont need to worry about cooling because you will open the case before plugging it in to a TV in hotel room etc. The reason laptops have such bad cooling is because they are used on beds/laps etc. You still need a keyboard/mouse + monitor*

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