Is Cougar’s Conquer the COOLEST Open-Style PC Case Yet?

The Cougar Conquer might be the coolest open-style showcase PC case we’ve ever reviewed. But is it without flaws? … let’s find out!

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Leo Maffiotto says:



good looking computer good stuff man

Bound4Earth says:

AIO cooling… Boo

KhZMaximus says:

Honestly though dmitry, I don’t really care if the packaging includes a catalogue or that the glass had residue in it. I mean they don’t affect the product at all. Just review the product and show the packaging without explicit criticism on the packaging.

joel santiago says:


xXSilentAgent47Xx says:

The case looks really good but it’s not for those who have dusty rooms. If you have animals and carpets then this will really get a lot of dusts inside the case for a month-two.

Firelog2000 says:

I think its a bit too flashy. I would much prefer the orange accent to be white

Francis Hoang says:

So I got the kraken 62 280mm rad and after getting the case I now can see the fans are all 120mm and wont take the 140 mm space. looks like I’m getting an adapter.

JATR1X says:

it would be a beautiful case if not for the huge ugly logos on the glass…

Tollii says:

Stick it in a dark room with red lights so the orange piece looks red… dark rooms solve everything.

Abdiel Ortiz says:

what about dust?

_UnderscorE_ _GaminG_ says:

So basically s340 is better?

L1A1Rocker says:

That case is really for the enthusiast to build in. You might should have mentioned that there is no provision for an I/O shield so you want a motherboard with an integrated I/O shield.

Ethan Smith says:

I like the look but find it way too expensive. If they made it more modular and offered different color options it might be worth getting but even then it’s still overpriced.

Ray Clark says:

WOW won’t he be surprised when he finds out that his computer is really a transformer disguised as a PC case. It belongs in an modern art museum with the rest of the things that don’t resemble what they are supposed to represent:) If I wanted a case that looked like this one I would just drop the case I have off of a tall building and then paint it orange.

Dane Harness says:


Neuro Mancer says:

designed by a 12-year-old tryhard

Chihabeddine AOURINMOUCHE says:

Is it me or does the case look like a little penguin? hahaha love the case btw.

Alex O says:

My initial impressions of that case are confirmed it’s an absolute disaster and a waste of money. They massively limit your options in what you could do with your builds by making that case as open as it is, not to mention that having a case that doesn’t support any air cooling is a big no no. Bottom line it’s just a waste of money. I find it hilarious that they include 3 fans which are essentially useless as the air basically flows freely though the case. 3/10 near complete failure.

Rev_dude says:

So it’s basically a $300 piece of crap?

Ngoc Linh Nguyen Kim says:

open case – shit case

Roxas Oathblivion says:

Best case ever but worst color ever

xtrim1993 says:

Just for ppl who want to know. IT IS POSSIBLE TO TAKE OFF THE ORANGE PART OF THE CASE (i mean not by breaking it…).
you just need a scewdriver and some brain.

猴子粑粑 KPs says:

My Inwin S frame rapes this Piece of crap

SOAPYL96A1 says:

Looks like a rip off to me

k moods says:

how is this case “clearly not for air cooling” i don’t see any issue air cooling it… what you are really saying is that you personally don’t want to air cool it. that said, the case seems like a big waste of space… that whole front/top corner section seems pointless. unfortunately. i like this idea inspired by the InWin Tao and some of the other inwin open cases. just looks like this one missed the mark.

Chicken P says:

Do you think the NZXT cooler CPU cooler can reach the front fans?

Xvinfajtr says:

looks amazing but needs some improvment with the PSU and cables
I don’t get why people is calling out that there is too much branding??? It’s not any more than other companies use….


How good is it at with keeping the temperate cold/dose it over heat early?

Alex Pereira says:

how many hard drives and pci cards this case support?

thegreatga says:

You can remove the orange piece, its held on with screws.

Elite Gamer759 says:

Its Conquer bro…..

tech chief says:

Yaaaay buffering

Daniel Jeong says:

am i the only one getting avicii vibes from this guy? Bet he’s Swedish too

jdmac44 says:

Conquest? Conquistador?

Doom Slayer says:

wtf what happend to corsairs supermonster sized concept case? they come out with this though 🙁 i need big case

Lifeistooshort Letitgo says:

You are a whiney little bitch eh?

Gat Karol de Leon says:

I think the case is good for gigabyte builds because of the orange accent

Maximus says:

It would be a shame if someone poured water through it….

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