In Win A1 Mini-ITX Case Review: If Ikea Made Cases

Our benchmark and review of the In Win A1 Mini-ITX talks temperatures, build quality, qi charger placement, and whether it’s worth $170.
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The In Win A1 case has been discussed since CES a year or two ago, and has made repeat appearances at CES and Computex ever since. The A1 is a mini-ITX box, first displayed with a wood top panel. The A1 was part of In Win’s initial experimentation with wood paneling, although it doesn’t presently ship with the wood finish option. Still, with acrylic as a stand-in, the A1 is now available with an included 600W 80 Plus Bronze PSU, priced at ~$170. For that reason, we wanted to take a look at the In Win A1 case.

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick


aidanjt says:

I’d be happy with 0 garbage stock fans and power supplies and just pass all the savings to the customer.

Jori Diculous says:

“Scandinavian and plain in other words ikea”? You really dont know what Ikea is about, or what Scandinavia is do you?
Heres a quick one:

rajesh koothrappali says:

The Qi charger + mitx case makes sense for me, who has a full desktop on a desk, and my phone usually sits on top anyway. Buuut. This is big, ugly, expensive and a bit meh. Also the bottom fan setup is terrible. Great benchmarks there.

Brian Graves says:

what’s the case obsession around here?

Marc R says:

Great review as usual. I really wanted to like this case.

XAgent says:

Use the Qi charger for your Dark Core SE

gonace says:

Blah, i would buy the one with wood if the feet where not RGB and see through plastic…..and the charger is a waste of space…

Samuel T. White says:

NCASE M1 or Loque Ghost S1 all the way.

BlueFox says:

OR… its on your desk.. beside your monitor.. where you sit at… Ha Ha Ha…

Tarron Clary says:

So this little cube costs the same as the Be Quiet! Dark Base 700. GG InWin

Lenus Tek Typs says:

looks like a microwave oven

HYDRAdude says:

Get rid of the meme tempered glass and give us a side panel that we can mount a radiator on like the M1 case does.

Tim Martin says:

Agreed, hey InWin if you’re listening, loose the included sub-par PSU and Qi charger, I’d rather pick my own thank you.

SylwerDragon says:

Nice review. I’m not sure if you will read it or not ..but Would be possible to have some cases reviews with focus on Threadripper ..I would love to see some focus on bigger boards and bigger cases ..or at least cases that can house that big heatsink… 🙂

Gamers Nexus says:

Watch our Corsair 280X mATX review:
The GN store still has plenty of stock for the teal tear-down shirts. Check the link above!

Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

I am so embarrassed that I didn’t recognize you at LTX at first, it was amazing to meet you man. You make fantastic videos!

Robinthefox88 says:

Imo it’s a really handsome case, but that price kills it, it might have justified its cost if the top panel had been wood, but not with an acrylic top.

Naum Rusomarov says:

Very pretty. I’d bang.

Daniel Davis says:

Looks like they are going for fans of Apple products with this look. When are you gonna test the NZXT Manta???

Nogghan says:

youve got a case advertisement on a case review? which case do i buy!!!!

AetherianFilms says:

It’s a G4 cube

nomsky says:

the black thumbscrews stick out like a …sore thumb on the white side

SirTragain says:

$110 is still way to much for that case. Did you ever do a thermal comparison of fan layouts in a Cooler Master Elite 130

RicoKen2000 says:

Big fan of the ITX reviews ! Because of the PS this case is more suited for midrange components 1060 r5 1600 asrock b350 board ..but then it costs too much and the difference is better spent elsewhere like RAM or Video .

Once done with the ITX head to head reviews , you and the staff can retest the cases way you would build it … M2 drive , biggest cooler that would fit , most powerful video ect and then do another round of thermals ..the optimal fans ect . Not for across the living room – but as a replacement for a huge loud monolith computer next to monitor or behind it .


David Davidsonn says:

>review A1 case
>sponsored by NZXT case
oh boy

Jean Nadeau says:

A bit disappointed, I expected the case to come flat pack with assembly required.

Daniel Flaxman says:

I think the charger is not necessarily a bad idea. In this form factor if a company like Lenovo for instance put this on some of their compact office pc’s it could be just a nice touch for users.

Tage Nasty says:

Seems like a neat ITX Hackintosh case… if I could buy it without the Powerman 5000 PSU.

Dwayne Stimpson says:

I have the Black version, I use for a Hackintosh build and it sits on my desk. The case is gorgeous, the best looking SFF case I have found, so the cost was worth it to me. It is expensive, but I have bought 3 other sff cases that I hated after I got them and they are sitting in my attic collecting dust. I don’t use the qi charger so I can’t comment on that but with a light blue glow that isn’t bright and annoying this thing looks great, I haven’t been looking for a sff case since I got it.

Longgshot says:

A tempered glass panel doesn’t make any sense in this case either.
It has no way to hide the cables so it’s going to be a mess of cables.
And if you can choose between seeing a a mess of cables, or a solid panel with a nice logo, or design on it (wich you could even add rgb lights xD), the solid panel is a much better choice here.

P says:

Some of In Win’s low-end stuff isn’t even as good as no-name El Cheapo cases. Their high-end is much better, and opinions vary, but I’ve always thought that for the price you could generally do a whole lot better with one of the other quality brands. So basically I just see In Win being great for mid-end average stuff at average price, the sort of case you’d only buy because it’s cheap (and probably on sale) or you plan to use as a platform for pimping out a serious mod.

Djhg2000 says:

IKEA already makes an mITX case, it’s called Knagglig. Perfect size for an mITX board, a HDPLEX 400W PSU and a somewhat large CPU cooler. You’ll have to drill the mounting holes yourself but other than that it’s pretty much perfect. Even comes with carrying handles.

DjxJt13 says:

#AskGN Love your content, its informative and well presented with valuable info.

Question : Do fans produce heat and if they do is it enough to affect things?

Finesse PC says:

Looks better without the wood but the acrylic bottom looking real cheap.

Your PCMD says:

I need this case in my life, but not at the price point their asking.

Redman147 says:

#AskGN As you’re testing more ITX cases can you test the Node 202? I’m looking into this case for a gaming /streaming ITX setup and I wanted a professional opinion with testing so I’d know if it was worth the $79 bucks.

Jeff W says:

Actually, the REAL REASON that the wood-topped A1 never showed up, and the same reason that the 806 tower shown in 2017 with a one-piece curved wood panel on the front and top never showed up, is that InWin noticed warping, cracking, and thermal deformation of the thin wood top panel that happened over time due to heat inside the case repeatedly heating the top wood panel. The wood is also sourced from a humid climate. So if you combine warpage and cracking due to heat and additional possible cracking if used in low-humidity climates like the western U.S., then that could lead to various RMA returns from buyers.

In a Chinese-language live-stream earlier this year, InWin Taiwan insisted that a wood-top A1 will be released, but they emphasized that the production wooden A1 will not look like the solid wood top model shown in 2017. My guess is that if they release both a wood version of the A1 and the yet-unreleased 806, both chassis will only have some wood trim along the edges instead of entire wood panels.

Skov says:

“Scandinavian and plain, in other words, Ikea”…… thank you for sh!t

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