In Win 805 Infinity Critical Case Review

We review the In Win 805i Infinity gaming case, which includes RGB LEDs and an infinity mirror in the front panel. Temperatures, cable management, and build quality are tested. Noise tests are in the article.

Case reviewed:

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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Wolfgang Biedermann says:

His hair is so luxurious

GTX Gamer says:

this In win case sucks ewwww……… anyways I just got a corsair !!OBSIDIAN!! 750D  full tower case  and it looks great with my blue corsair fans! only 150 bucks!!

Cheeseburger Fee says:

i have to pay 330 CHF

Drinkyoghurt says:

You know, I like America’s Army exactly for these reasons. It was a game far ahead of its time. I’m not even sure if it’s still working these days.

Gamers Nexus says:

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. Remember that CES is Jan 5-8 this year. We will be out there early and will be posting news videos from the show. For the article version of this case review + noise benchmarks, check here:

Ometecuhtli says:

The case screams of design over function.

René Albrechtsen says:

This case is a fucking mess.

Cutler Cycles says:

fucking liar not 67″ long

Luke Molnar says:

I don’t even want this case. I’m just enjoying the video – very well put together.

Slutuppnu says:

So the case sucks. What a shame. It looks so cool.

Arno Van Nieuwenhuyzen says:

id pay like 175 bucks for that

With10Cubes says:

This has quickly become one of my favorite computer channels on Youtube. Thank you for taking the time to go through all the bench marking and thorough reviews. I love all the data you provide for things like CPUs and GPUs. Please, never stop that! You’ve earned a sub from me and I look forward to more of your videos.

CasualMCZ TMC says:

TO this day, I’ve never seen an InWin case I like more than I hate. Looks good on the outside but the BS inside is unprecedented.

iiiEazyiii says:

I have the inwin 805 red Looks amazing but always have the side panel off otherwise the entire case gets extremely hot. Especially with my configuration of 344×1440 980 ti OC. First gaming PC so I had no idea of airflow. To focus on specs and case looks lawl.56

Pixelkh says:

I have the regular 805 version of this case, I bought it for 172 euro. I think it looks great and is flawed functionally, but I personally never intended for my PC to do any heavy stuff anyways. I don’t even have a GPU in it, because I simply don’t need one. My temperatures are pretty much always around 20 C and my Noctua fans with low noise adapters rarely have to kick in. The only thing that’s always spinning is my Noctua industrial 2000 PWM fan for my CPU which I can’t even hear when putting my ear next to the glass. I spend a lot of time doing my cables, so none go past the holes and the back window closes completely fine. I think it would be foolish to put high-end gpu’s or cpu’s in this case.

Tim Edwards says:

I don’t think i’ve seen a single in win case i’ve liked tbh

Knives77 says:

what a garbage case >.>

MrMaxadax says:

there needs to be another case with an infitiy mirror like this one, but without the massive ugly branding. I just want to see something like a Fractal Define with the front of this thing.

Glowith says:

Attach the front to a enthroned evolv. My kinda case.

ftffighter says:

Damn, that front panel looks sick….too bad the rest of the case is a joke.

k says:

Guys you’re missing the point, anyone willing to pay over 200 bucks on a case clearly has the money to fuck about lol

Ramiro Ezequiel says:


Sawers says:

All Inwin cases sucks

Arcadefan 314 says:

The Linus Tech Tips pizza warmer case has better airflow than this

Pixel Spy says:

my 70 dollar rosewill case has better cable management than this, the front panel is beautiful but that doesn’t really matter if the rest of it looks like garbage.

Andrei Deioo says:

is he gay?

Brian Y. says:

Not aesthetically pleasing at all. I would never pay 250 for this. There are better ones at half the prices.

Elvys Gonzalez says:

i subscribed just because of how detailed this review was.

Derp says:

Give us the ability to buy the front panel only

Hockey567899 says:

I was debating on spending $100 on it

Dyeless says:

can you pull the air from behind and push from the bottom?

Achileus VXR says:

Great review.This is the worst case i ever seen.One thing great and all other OMG just….just i have no words.A joke.

RnRollie says:

This is a good looking case ideal for hooking up to an external MO-RA radiator, and go wild on waterblocks internal 🙂

Casey M says:

Love the idea of the Matrix style case but even if it was $200 still I think would be a hard sell for me. The common problem with almost anything that looks cool in the PC world does not function well, and or is generally more expensive than functional things. At least I find this mostly true in the context of cases.

1SuperTempest says:

I built my PC in here and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This is a tinkerers case, where you think about what you are doing to EVERYTHING. Lazy people hide their cables in the PSU shroud, lazy people won’t put the perfect bends on their wc, and lazy people won’t manage their cable length to be perfectly flat in the back. I have 400 mm of rad space, took out the useless brick drives, and didn’t put a single ssd in it outside of a spacious m.2 960 evo. I put a nice high static pressure fan on my backside with 120mm rad, and put 2 nice 140 mm fans on my 280mm rad in the front. I split my loop into 2 parts to make sure each hot component got hit by the rad first and my temps are perfectly fine with about a 10% OC. Everyone knows you buy INWIN for eye candy, so make it eye candy.

DA Master says:

112116852918165854129 Fuck InWin. they obviously don’t give a flying Fk and are obviously getting enough sells not to care. Long live the upcoming Thermaltake View 31 Rgb

Paul Hart says:

Good review, this case is way overpriced for what it is. I made my own infinity mirror with the anidees crystal Ai case. the front glass panel is perfect for it. cost about 20 quid for all the bits

39706A357F4F6328CC0930AB1AC10B52 says:

Get a Corsair 300R Windowed. Insane thermals for 1/3 of the price.

Valloreum says:

How would water cooling work in this? Thinking about building a water cooled PC with a purple/white color scheme, but because of the front panel, and the limited room, should I resort to another case and save the money?

Nukem Dukem says:


Clark Wallace says:

it’s funny that this guy acts like this case makes all cooling, and cable management options impossible, I have one with 2 120mm fans in the bottom, cables managed very well and the rgb strip installed beautifully. great case

Paul Anomoly says:

So are you taking 18 minutes just to say IT SUCKS, it’s really poor performing and WAY OVER PRICED, don’t buy it?

Daniel Combs says:

I find your videos very informative and accurate, but I feel you can be overly critical and perhaps biased sometimes.

lexhitreset says:

$250 = take that mirror and smash it over their fuckin head. InWin….. more like InCheapSkateFucks

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