In Win 303 Case review – A unique layout + tempered glass

In Win is known for its wild designs, like the D-frame and S-Frame, but they’re also adept at making minimalist, elegant chassis. The 303 takes high-end design language, an interesting internal layout, and excellent accessibility with the tempered-glass side panel, and prices it reasonably, to boot!

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


Different says:

I dont understand why you guys hate the “removing the feet to unscrew blah blah”

I dont switch cases every year, so if the screw is in a better position but needs more effort to access it then that is fine, since it’s a one time thing that makes the case a little bit better

Alex Quail says:

Jack, what mobo size would you recommend to avoid clearance issues with the bottom fans?

100 Subs With No Vids Challenge says:

Love my 303

cougar572 says:

Central pahk

Steven Elanges says:

i love this design.

Diego Carrasco says:

Good try In-Win but not interested

isaid murillo says:

fuck no DVD in this shit

NightSyndicate says:


Biggie says:

i made a pretty cool build with this case, check it out on my channel if you want it was surprisingly easy to build with

Beta Cyth says:

i quite like the inside build

Jiří Sejkora says:


ShutUpAndListen79 says:

I have the White version. Mine did have one exhaust fan. now my fan layout is similar to the one in the video. I got six corsair airflow fans.

VulcanXIV says:

I love this case but it’s so…it’s a mess when you have to work with it’s unique internals

C3C3 says:

Put some effort into tidying up those wires, jeeze.

Viking Walrus says:

I would say that jack is the worst.

Davit Metsoyan says:

The glass is beautiful

damon harris-Brennan says:

Look at the case a little harder… AHH LOOKING SO HARD!!!

Wowapwns says:

Dumdidum !

Leonhard Bengs says:


Douglas McBurney says:

Looks crazy inside. Sideways mounted power supply!

Yanish Moshidora says:

I still love my nzxt noctis 450 case!!

Le StacheGaming says:

Case looks pretty cool, I like the psu positioning and the anti-sag bar is a nice touch. Achieving a clean build is important to me, so I would have like to see better cable managment options.

Thanks guys for the review!

Alex Petenchi says:

very interesting case

Than00ber says:

Master Qi Fu has spoken truth

imam ali says:

Awsome case

Hakeem Hakim says:

This would also look great mounted on a wall…

Martin Smolko says:

That handle destroys its simplicity.

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