Here’s what a $200 case gets you in 2018. H500M Build & Review

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This is my in-depth build and review of the Cooler Master H500M!

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randy xd says:

This case is awesome but can’t help but to think that this is what the H500P should have been 1 year ago.

Millenia Williams says:

I rather use the $200 to buy DDR4 16GB 3000 RAM pack! Its a shame I have to pay that or nearly that much for DDR4 RAM. 🙁

KunrinAi says:

Well it gave me some ideas but if u do watercool ur pc u could just keep shroud off and bring a bit of a different look of the feel to it

Hans says:

200$ and no Aluminium on the outside? These is a 100-130€ case =/

Matthew Prior says:

Can you do more case videos? Like a $100 and under and include if it has rgb, fans, cable management, and all that jazz thanks love your videos keep it up

skylar jensen says:

if a case is this large, there should be at least ONE 5.25 bay for optional accessories. I still like having an optical drive in my PC when I need it.

skunk head says:

It kind of like the phanteks p400

Alec Martinez says:

I like the panels, you just have to get your wire management A1

Hamzah Mughal says:

Yo boys, what monitor is that behind him on the left?

#nUKe says:

looks too gamer-y for me

TheKidnappedOne says:

With that harddrive cage being relocatable, is it possible to just switch it to face the other side of the case?

James says:

cable covers and PSU covers instantly increase the value of a case to me exponentially. So is reversibility and I’m sad this doesn’t come with it but I can live without it. This case looks gorgeous and has the airflow that stopped me from getting the other version.

Low-Tech Mods says:

DIYPC Vanguard RGB for like 90 bucks… look into it. Best deal in PC cases, 3-way tempered glass… pure awesomeness!

GTArajgaming says:

I’d rather have something with a DVD drive AND RGB AAAAAAANNNNDD tempered glass, I don’t give a donkey’s about water cooling loops :p

Ernest Villegas says:

The covers on the back are not a terrible idea but IMO it kind of defeats the purpose of having a glass rear panel. At that point it would be better for the end user to just have a solid, non tempered glass, back panel as this panel is just to display…..three back panels.

I am still using an Enthoo Evolv TGE and spent a lot of time managing the back cables because I WANTED to show off the clean cable look. To each their own ultimately but this case may be a little overpriced for me.

Ryan Goebel says:

Is this a good build for the money

Lee Blake says:

I love the mounting system for the SSDs. Lots better than the trays. I expect the types of mounts will proliferate.

Magnus TK says:

Mesh, mesh mesh. All the mesh.

reese b says:

So many SSD pegs who needs HDD’s anyways? LOL

Suchy Władziu says:

It`s possible to put this 200mm fans inside (now it`s outside)? If yes, can u put glass on front and stress your pc?

Saya Anak Malaysia says:

Finally..exactly what i asking for..thumbs up CM!!

Bananya Nyanyanya says:

GPU Anti-Sag is now a thing… good job Kyle.

Fox Mamba says:

The back shroud covering aren’t necessary, I like the matrix of wires neat, but the wire management ppl are perfectionist so this will help cover those up, lol. Thanks for pointing out the hard drive pull out configuration, not to big, but good to know. I plan on doing a full rgb build, but coolermaster needs a 360mm AIO or I may go with the Corsair one. Thanks again for a thorough review and angle shots on the case. You da best.

h3lladvocate says:

Hard drive cage/shroud killed it for me, I have rigid tubing planned, and that would be such a hassle to deal with just to install a new HDD

Sam Gaede says:


HumorlessComedy says:

I’ll get the view 71 thanks

John Vasilikis says:

i just got the h500p non mesh version like a week ago. the fans that it came with dont have the same rgb effects as the fans in the video. do i need software for that? also, i have connected them properly on an rgb header on my motherboard, and currently use the aura sync software that comes with my motherboard (its an asus 😛 ). so i was wondering if these are different fans. thanks

Yashu 7898 says:

Can we add more then 2 hdd in this case because i want to build 5tb system

Wistbacka says:

I cant deny it: this looks sexy AF!

This is the case H500 should have been from the beginning.

J C A says:

Hm.. This or Lian Li’s O11 Air?

Lee Blake says:

Kyle, you can probably mount the hard drive cage the other way around so you can remove the drives without removing the shroud. The cable routing might be difficult though.

Tyler Mason says:

you should build a pc in the Phanteks P350X

Arminecraft says:

Watching 5:40 and on without sound makes the video 10 times better. Including a floating hand making weird moves

GrnArrow092 says:

What I get out of the whole video is that Cooler Master is making 200mm RGB fans. That’s really awesome since that makes it possible for me to switch out every one of the fans in my Cosmos II for RGB fans. That includes the 200mm fan in the front of my case.

No_name 916 says:

the back plate i think is a wast of time. its just an excuse to be lazy with the wire management. like the Crystal Series 570X from corsair. there is 1 small bracket to cover a Chanel of wires but you need to get them set up in a way that is going to look good because it is all exposed. no excuse for lazy wire management there. you are forced to be a good builder and do good work.

dynastes says:

@BitWit: Do Noctuas A20 fans fit in this case now, after the H500P failed you clearance-wise?

Pentuim D says:

This case cost twice as much as my pc

sparkyenergia says:

I couldn’t take my eyes of that gorgeous Noctua fan in the intro ad. It really works in that camo colour scheme – and I don’t know why.

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