Fractal Design NODE 202 – Console Killer ITX Gaming Case

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The NODE 202 is a very much needed introduction for the ITX market. Bringing a simple exterior design and functional interior for capable gaming builds for the living room. The NODE 202 does not sacrifice on airflow but some HTPC users will question the lack of any 3.5″ drive support. Gamers unite! This is how you build a CONSOLE KILLER!

NODE 202 + Integra 450W PSU
Core i5 4690K
MSI Z87i AC Gaming Motherboard
8GB Avexir RAM

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Lulu ward says:

i have 9 titan rx480s

Gerardo Aguilera says:

This vs RVZ02?

419 says:

Would a normal 2.5 inch HDD fit in the drive caddy if the dimensions are around 70 x 9.5 x 100 (WxHxD mm)?

TheWoolyninja4 says:

The “wasted” space next to that power supply is probably for a bigger power supply something that even this build would probably want. A 450W power supply is certainly not very large and leaves plenty to be desired.

Derrick Manalac says:

what cpu cooler is that

Marcus Hellström says:

So, that PCI-e angle-connector, is that something included in the case or does it have to be bought by itself?

diegomireles says:

You’re the best reviewing cases guys!!

Antonio 1941 says:

I wonder would scythe big shuriken2 fit inside this? Its also 58mm tall and is more powerfull than this silverstone AR06

myjy says:

I wonder why everyone stands it so the fractal design logo is on top? I get way better gpu temps when I stand it with the usb ports on top and logo on bottom

Thoma S says:

@HardwareCanucks So did you use the Silverstone AR06? Looks like it. If yes, does it cool properly and how about noise?
(I know it’s an old video but am currently looking into this case – just worry about getting an i7 8700k cooled)

Dannythegreat93 says:

does it include the pci adapter for the GPU ?

ibrahim alhanif says:

how about a place for hardisk/SSD ? i don’t see it

MattzillaEvo says:

you think this case will fit with MSI GeForce GTX 980 4GB Gaming X

sdgsdgsdg says:

600k views and not much discussion about the pink elephant in the room: calling a fanless case a console killer gaming case. minesweeper doesn’t count as a game, temperature information please..

Cv3nda says:

do you think that putting msi gtx 980 and i7 6700 in there would be fine ? Iam thinking about selling my ATX and buying mini-ITX motherboard and put it in Node 202 … maybe if I modify the case it could get better airflow for better cooling ?

Denstoradiskmaskinen says:

That gpu has more room to breathe than my full tower define series, tho i have other pci..
Amazing how ventilated that is 😀

Michael Evilsizer says:

you talked about the possibility of fans under the GPU. Have you tried to see what thickness fans could be used, 25mm thick or less?

pepper astnee says:

There will never be a console killer,coming from me a pc player

Ashwin Nair says:

ryzen raven APU would be perfect for this kinda build!

Jason Boehm says:

I love this case.

DankXMemez says:

does this come with the riser and a single fan?

Wooferer says:

It looks like a shitty school computer case

Kevin Echols-EL says:

Node 202 vs sentry which is smaller?

Mark Griffin says:

Would an Asus gtx 970 strix fit in to this case

faisal rahmat says:

Is asus strix gtx 1070 will be fit in it?

C. S. says:

Im a little bit afraid of buying this case and see my components melting away. Normal tower pc´s are huge, but offer the best cooling wich is possible. This has no fans at all, and I don´t think this is working in envery scenario. Technology is getting smaller, but cooling and noise will always be a Problem.

An pham viet says:

where is the hdd

Brummie Comedy says:

Is it feasible to build a 8700k and 1080 ti with a case like this?

Ecks Gaming Benchmark says:

I am actually thinking of building my rig into that cause right now i am using the Cooler Master K350 case and i just find i don’t have too much room on my desk which i am thinking about making a smaller system which i was originally thinking of getting something like the Fractal Design Core 500 but then realized that it would still be too big for my desk.

Also i would like to know how cool the system runs with a 120mm fan included in the system because i don’t want to rely on only the CPU cooler and GPU cooler only and thanks if you are able to answer this for me because i plan on getting the motherboard and case sometime in June/July.

BobArgy says:

thus , i can buy one like this with a psu inside??????i mean with more money than the normal one!

Patrick Richmond says:

Is there ANY case like this for micro ATX?!

fedeSuperPro says:

What riser used?

James T. Kirk says:

Which one is smaller – this one or the Raven Z RVZ02? I really need a case which will fit in the backpack and more over, will be able to hold something much more powerful than standard laptop, so I’m talking about like GTX960 itx + i5-4690k – without OC.

WarSpiritUK says:

what’s better Fractal Design NODE 202 or Silverstone RVZ02?

D M R says:

does it come with the riser card

Idtelos says:

All that extra space in front of the PSU could of been used for expanding that double sided 2.5 inch hard drive bay to allow 2.5″ 15mm drives. This would of allowed a 5TB seagate 2.5″ hdd to be placed.

Marco The Noob says:

Does it come with the riser itself? Or do I need to buy one?

Link Kakariko says:

I assume I need to buy a PCIE extension cable?

MH5tube says:

Will an R9 Fury NITRO fit inside this case?

AB says:

Wait, this small case is ITX? So it should have NO problem with my micro ATX mobo right? Wow.

BobbyBaeTV says:

Does the pci extender follow with the case?

Thanks in advance

Camdex says:

It looks like VCR when lying down… not really, maybe as in size comparison. By that logic I can stand my VCR up on end and it’ll look like a Fractal Node 202….freakin sweet. Maybe someone should just build a htpc in an old VCR case….. as a visual anti-theft measure…lol.

Jordi Bear says:

And to this day we are still waiting for the link to the official page…

Scott Gibson says:

Just built one with a 7700 and a an MSI Aero ITX 1070.

This is not a console killer. It’s like 3 times bigger than an Xbox One S and is a pain in the ass to put together (the GPU risers are crazy, the screw holes have weird tolerances, and cable management is a nightmare). It’s pretty and interesting, but definitely not a console killer.

Bradley Rwafa says:


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