Fractal Design Meshify C | The Best PC Case of 2018?

Fractal Design Meshify C:

Today I take a look at what just might be the best case you can buy here in 2018: the Fractal Design Meshify C.

Video Equipment I use:
Sony a6300
Sigma 18-35 1.8.
Sennheiser MKE600
Manfrotto 504HD
Dracast LED500
Cinevate Duzi 4
Music: VLOG No Copyright Music

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My Gear:

Sony a6300:
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 (EF):
Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider:
Manfrotto 504HD:

My System:

Intel i7 8700:
Cryorig H7:
Asus Prime z370-A:
Fractical Meshify C:
Build Video:

I’m a tech nerd at heart, but I also love filmmaking. Being in front of a camera isn’t my strong suit yet, but I’m trying my best. Follow your passion. Fight for what you believe in. Never give up.


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bob Bryan says:

Hey Mark! I just ordered my Meshify after watching this lol. Anyways, Im planning to just air-cool everything due to my budget, which do you think would work better?
2x 140mm Intake & 1x 120mm rear exhaust WITH OR WITHOUT 1x120mm top exhaust(or intake)

Sagar Mahey says:


Chris White says:

These cable Mgmt. geeks need to take a seat. Does it work? yes. Then shut up. Its a review about the case, not how to build.

SungaM says:

Great video Mark! Have really been wanting to buy this case, but I’m waiting for the white version to release. The only complaint I have is that the cable management is leaving scars on my eyes haha. At least route the cable for the cpu behind the motherboard tray 🙂 Looking forward to your build log of the case. If i can find someone who wants to buy my current Phanteks Eclipse p400 TG then I’ll definately buy the white Mechify when it comes out 🙂

The Family Bovine says:

fractal design meshify c? more like, in my amazon wish list. ayeeee

Elo Skateboarding says:

Hi, I’m kinda new in the custom pc builds, this case looks good but I don’t know if everything will fit in it, can anyone help me? Specs:
i7-7700k (CPU)
Asus Prime Z270 (Motherboard)
Asus GeForce Strix-GTX 1080 8go (GPU)
Corsair RM850x 80Plus Gold (Power Supply)
NZXT Watercooling Kraken X62 280mm (Watercooling)

Thanks for your help 🙂

Edit: And uh how do I prevent dust from getting in my case?

orcite says:

its a 2017 case.. hehe i just finished adding alphacool 240 water cooling for vega and alphacool 360 watercooling for cpu, combined in same loop paired with the best rgb fans from corsair and ledstrips from corsair and nzxt fan controller with touch display (a)

Rush B says:

Dope music dude

Mark Spurrell says:

Before anyone says anything else about my absolutely awful cable management job, I knew this machine was going to be completely rebuilt again several days later, so I didn’t bother. I apologize if I hurt your eyes, but mine were hurting just as much. On the plus side, the dark TG really does hide it fairly well.

TheColonelK1LL says:

2.5 inch not millimeter hard drives

MrMethadrine says:

omg why did you connect the 8pin EPS like that?

sachin roy says:

This one is one of the best cases in every aspect, but cannot install a 280mm radiator at the top if installing a long GPU. Otherwise, everything else in this case is amazing especially that dark tinted TG which hides the cables and shows only the lighting inside the case which is subtle and great and at the same time works like a mirror as well especially in the daylight, it reflects the things kept near it.

Mark C says:

woah cable management is giving me an ulcer <:(

Frederik Møller says:

Is this the one with dark og light tempered glass?

SnipedGaming says:

I would buy if it was microatx

Infinite Star says:

Isnt there a front io option u can purchase for type c?

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