Fractal Design DEFINE R5 Review | Silent Case Perfected!

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mnb323 says:

Hard to believe I had this case for about almost a year now. It’s a great case, and it used to be dead silent but now I can hear a very slight clinking noise. It’s hard to explain. It’s nothing headphones won’t block out, even at low volume, it’s just weird and I don’t know what’s causing it.

jonas Hyldgaard says:

At the sound test you should’ve warned me when to turn up and down the volume at 9:32 you have that small pause and i turned up the volume thinking Damn! thats quiet, then i almost shat myself when you said “now let’s turn it on” xD

Raymond Chan says:

Amazing presentation of this review! Thanks!

NickCorsair YT says:

sexy af

Lisandro Diodati says:

Hi, I’m Between this case and Corsair 400Q. Which one should I choose?

Dabbawabbi says:

Your camera work is fantastic. That alone made this video worth watching!

leonard lim says:

what rams are you using?

Darwin Watterson says:

This or Enthoo Pro?

Combatsmithen says:

I couldn’t hear that PC over my jet turbine PC. AMD hardware makes my room sound like a jet is taking off outside

SevenMM1997 says:

can you install 120mm fans in front and back ??

Dane Maddock says:

On your front panel, do you let air flow in where the radiator is or do you let it blow out?

Denis Sokol says:

Дима, круто!

Roman Valenta says:

Great case, but these plastic clips tend to break…

Liangshi Xu says:

E-ATX board compatiable?

cosmonauta says:

top notch case and review. i would go for the windowless version if you really care about silence. i have 3 venturi hf-14 fans and a lamptron fc6 to regulate them and its quite cool and silent

Keyser Söze says:

nice communism accent

Robert S says:

This case looks too much flimsy.

hennie Mulder says:

you are quite partial to fractal design and negative towards corsair 450, 750 and 900d

The OscylO says:

My R5 has black FANS 🙁

Adrian Muller says:

Green strategic delicate venture long technique daily son trade.

Bogdan Kovac says:

Thank you for your informative videos. I am looking to build pc like this, but I am wondering is the fan setup like this enough for asus strix gtx 1080, and would the pressure be positive or negative?

Nomy George says:

im buying this baby 🙂

Robert Drake says:

Don’t buy Fractal Design, the “design”s are good, the quality isn’t there. The material and execution is budget all the way. I’ve been building since 1992, and the quality of materials has steadily dropped over the years. These use poor quality screws and metal too thin to stand up to shipping. Avoid. Avoid NCIX too while you’re at it (took over a week to even reply to my customer “support” ticket, and then it was basically to tell me they ripped me off with Express RMA).

The Trickster says:

Thank you very much for this video, it helped me a lot to make my choice. I was struggling hard to choose components for my new PC and spent all sunday watching reviews before buying online hahaha

Bob says:

seems like an almost perfect case…. the only thing seems to be lack of dust filter at the top….

Emdrag13 says:

for a expensive case a extra fan in the front would be nice you know

Ingemārs Volters says:

What model rams were you using?

Mike B says:

Push Pull fans? And what is that fan in the front of the case – the tall one with the fan on top?

Red Kraken says:

This is definitely close to the best case I ever owned. My biggest issue with it, is that some cool features like the mounting strips in the back for the 140mm fan. Why on earth did they not do this for their front fan sockets…!?

Screwing in a 280mm radiator onto that front fan rack was a nightmare. Unless you forego ‘front’ fans, and install your radiator on the inside of your case with pull fan configuration, setup a push config is horrendous.

You basically have to thread the fan, panel, and radiator with same screw. The fan isn’t a problem, but trying to get the screw thread to bite into the radiator, right after it managed to go through the panel for the fans. Good luck, is all I’ll say.

Having RAILS would have solved the problem, as the screw only bites into the component on the other side, you dont’ have to thread 2 things at the same time.

Next maintenance I do on this system, I’m ditching the push/pull for the front rad, and will go with just pull. It’s not as good performance wise, but it works better for servicing and not wanting to shoot yourself in the head.

Michael Weir says:

Been a fan for years, your camera work and editing is top notch. Keep up the great work, I really appreciate what you’re doing!

Abubaker Ali says:

Define R6 ?

MrApplewine says:

4:50 Nvidia GPU is 32.58 cm, so that won’t fit with 31 cm!

nonshatter7 says:

Excellent review, great attention to detail. You’re the first reviewer I’ve seen to actually show the front mounted radiator on this case as opposed to the more common top mounted option. Case silence is my main issue.

RedDeadRevolution says:

Ordered the titanium version, was sent the black version. What should I do?

Walter White says:

Who knew that Farengar also did computer case reviews?

curmudgeon says:

Are dust filters available for the top?

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