EVGA DG-87 Review | Jumbo Case of your Dreams?

EVGA’s 2nd ever case… and its huge! Huge on promises… big shoes to fill here… let’s see if its worth it!

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Review unit provided free of charge by EVGA. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.

Gear list:
Panasonic GH4 – http://geni.us/2hzK
Panasonic G7 – http://geni.us/24nm
Canon C100 – http://geni.us/vDI
Sony RX100m3 – http://geni.us/dtb
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 – http://geni.us/dLL
Cinevate DUZI Slider – http://geni.us/1Hwt
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n2ocharged says:

You could have taken the gloss plastic piece and sprayed it with matte plastidip… It would give you a matte look and still allow the EVGA illumination to come through, although not as bright.

Great review.

synysterxdave says:

God damn 9fags trying to ruin ma tech videos

sAnJ Da gAmE 009 says:

Got it Today.. and it’s fucking Uber kool

sgtLogez says:

guys pls do some research! the K boost button doesnt just change the windows power setting. It also pushes the GPU by constantly simulating 100% load. but you need EVGA precision xoc for this.

elenchus says:

It’s sort of a “Gaming PC as an appliance” piece of art. I get the old tube TV connections, but in a lot of ways this reminds me of a refrigerator or microwave.


2:07 is that a booger?

Leo Nova says:

What a monstrosity and not in the good way.

urain saephan says:

why not just slap a LCD side panel on that then itll be an all in one

Tom Dressel says:

As long as its bigger than my friends origin Genesis case ill be good

Vaskedama says:

Why slot for so many hard drives? most people use 2.5″ drives or NAS these days, it just takes up to much space in the case tbh.

Don Riddle says:

This case was a breeze to set setup my system. Cabling was easy, fan setup and radiator setup was easy. Front panel gives a large temperature reading with easy access to usb, etc.. Overall NICE, glad I purchased it.

Sludgehammerz says:

pretty ugly

Gabriele Trentin says:

This is a case server don’t normal case!!

zangdaarr says:

Do you know the difference between DG-87 and DG-86 ?

GamingOverall says:

I love this case

YourAverageRussianSpy says:

i dont know should i get this or nzxt s340 elite all black and i would have a kraken x62 a asus maximus 9 formula and the new asus strix 1080 oc

Cody says:

Would a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fit into this case?

King Of Time says:

jusy a sexy fucken case

crandor6 says:

I swear to god, the designer of this case, went to visit a friend, who still had one these old school TV’s running, he saw it… then it hit him.

Fa Vang says:

Reminds me of the HP z800 workstation series.

lazlo says:

What is this? A Wall Ovens?

Mad Doge says:

Is it possible to fit a 240mm radiator on the back where there are two 140mm fans?

ansar Ahmad says:

wre is dvd drive?

YourAverageRussianSpy says:

and i am going for a green and black build that can be easily changed

Georgios Konst says:

it is a sony trinitron with a mirror glass stand https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/usedphotosna/48508515_614.jpg

Nate McLeskey says:

No space for Disk drives?

Theordinarystrangers says:

Anyone think that with some refinements that this could be one of the best cases on the market as of now?

Kharrald Thaligon says:

Only thing I miss on this case is tempered glass panel.

Necrodor21 says:

buy pentium 4 with this case

Christian says:

Now if only it would fit a crt monitor.

Morning Xanax says:

Tacky as hell

Ascending Phoenix says:

EVGA makes everything ugly…

And I own lots of EVGA products

But no longer visible ones lol

Benedict Voon says:

i am okay with this case. i wanted a full size case so the size of DG87 is perfect when i am concern.

Noctis says:

I want to see a Half-Life mod on this case, reminds me of the Cartel’s architecture.

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