Corsair Vengeance C70 Gaming Computer Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Corsair’s Vengeance C70 computer case is designed to make your gaming system look as rugged as it performs. Available in white, green, and black, you can pick the one that matches your themed build!



Raizor Endenium says:


MR.MXTroll says:

ready for war

PatriotAr15 says:

Is this case still a good option for modern builds?

Colton says:

Doubt anyone will ever see this as this is a really old review and a case that isn’t really known anymore.

Amazing case to build in.

You can flip the window to have the fan holes covering the drive bays, not your internals.

You can order Shrouds for this on eBay.

Only issue I had with this case…. the fan filter on the front isn’t great unless you only want fans on your drive cages, not in the front. The mesh will get pushed into your fans and make a terrible noise. I’d recommend the 120mm Thermaltake Magnetic Fan Filters, you can mount them behind the fans with the fan screws your using… won’t make noise and stays in place. The fan filter is also very restrictive. The fans with the case are not amazing. Alright though. Better than none.

The cable management is a breeze in this case. Even if you don’t have custom cables like me, they would make it easier…. I am getting some soon. I used about 50 wire ties and it’s unbelievably tidy. You can get a lot more management if you get that eBay shroud.

Great case. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Great for LAN parties due to rugged construction and handles, that is one place where having Plastic instead of Tempered Glass comes in handy.

Hope someone reads this and gets useful information!! 🙂

LovelessFascinations says:

my old case ( was black)

The Angry Voluntaryist says:

Aesthetically, I’m in love with this case, especially as a firearms enthusiast (“gun nut” to the anti-gunners I despise with every atom of my being), but at this point, the features are dated. I wish they’d redo this case with a 2.0 release, or something of the sort.

Leonel Cantú de Llano says:

Ok, so I’m getting this case, it’s awesome. But I have a problem, the side window has fan mounts. Why would you ever bother putting fans in a side window? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the window? Or in this case, half the purpose of the window? If you don’t use the fans, you have some ugly holes just waiting for dust to come in. Just me? Or is this actually an issue?

Roy Franks says:

should i place 2 fans that blow air in or pull air out on the side pannel, please any opinion helps.

Eric Wood says:

Spotted this case while shopping for a new one online, and man, it was love at first sight. I wanted optical bays, a good number of drive bays and a good style, and this thing hits a home run every time, far as I’m concerned. It’s at least the next best thing to building a PC inside an Apple G5 or Mac Pro tower case. 😀

Nevin Valker says:

When I was constructing my PC build I came across this case on display at Fry’s. I immediately decided to use it when I saw it. That was about 5 years ago and I am still in love with this thing. It’s actually a very simple look with great build quality. It looks great with some green LED lighting inside.

Frank Cathey says:

Just got mine, lightning deal for $51.99 on Amazon. Nice case, crap guide. Basically the guide tells you you got a case and some screws. No guide to proper cable managment or component installation. Since I am replacing a 12 year old case, I had no idea that the HDD/SDDs should be put in with connectors facing away from the case opening for cable mgmt. Figured it out, but would have been nice to see some instructions on that and how to best remove the filters. There is not even a PDF on the website, so it will be trial and error for all. Love the case, except for the holes in the clear panel. Might order one of the replacement panels from the website posted by another here. Thanks for that, btw.

Gunther Hermann says:

is it good to buy this nowadays? or did this case gettin old? maybe graphicscards become longer?

Ozric Sturges says:

Linus why is it so hard to find anyone who has a Corsair C70 in 2018! i want to buy one for my pc .-.

Luke Hernandez says:

How do I know which motherboard to get for this?

Shannon Sharpe says:

Would a black optical drive look good on this case?

Alan Nguyen says:

Just picked this up today for my first PC build, just gotta wait for the rest of the components to arrive!

Kirk_Kirksman says:

whats the name of the video where they did a review of a case with a shit ton of dust filters??

rocketman221projects says:

It looks nice, but I would go crazy until I spray painted my optical drives to match the case.

Oldegoldproduction says:

does anyone know if I could mount two separate 120mm radiators to the ţop radiator slot I want one for the cpu and the other gpu without mousing the corsair radiator.

surrealducks says:

2:04 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

lorton190 says:

that is a badass case that I want

Nicholas Brewer says:

I love how the longer he looks at it the more he likes it lol

Yonatan Makara says:

planning to get one after i saw it at frys electronic store. i buy this and a cosair psu and buy a pc destop from costco and put everything in the pc case and over time upgrade it from motherboard to graphic card

wah01234 says:

I like this case but the no dust filter at the top is a deal breaker for me.

alec farmer says:

new to pc gaming want to build one. does that case have a spot on front for disk drive?

Amos says:

fuck my asshole and call me sally I WANT THAT CASE RIGHT NOW AND I WANT IT IN MY MOUTH

X ozetzu X says:

This case is expensive as fuck

Limpylegs says:

Camera man – Shit,Linus is breaking another case!!


Switch the camera off then try to pass it as a cut scene maybe they won’t notice!!!

DRAGONfluffy says:

Fuck this video is old, I don’t even remember that opening

John Dupre says:

I have two of these both in Military Green and they’re awesome. Saved my kit a handful of times from clumsy housemates and ditsy girlfriends in high heels.

The cable management clips will snap off after a while but that’s no big deal. Everything else still works and looks great years later unlike most other cases I’ve bought.

This thing really is built military spec and hard as a brick shit house.

NJP695 says:

Thank you for this video, Linus. This informed my purchase pretty well, and I absolutely love this case

depecheddurand says:

the only thing i dont like in this is the glass which blocks the view if you want to show the inside lights and stuff .I own this and its the best thing i have ever owned very very strong case .

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