Corsair Spec-04 $50 Case Review: Fan Placement, Temps, Noise

We go in-depth on the Corsair Carbide Spec-04 budget gaming case, showing our Spec-04 PC build & testing additional fans, temperature, and noise.
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In this Corsaiar Spec-04 case review & benchmark, we test versus several other cases on the market, including the ones found below.

Review for full details:

Corsair Spec-04 product page:

Some competitive highlights:

– SilverStone RL06
– Corsair 270R
– NZXT S340 Elite
– And more

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing, Article: Patrick Lathan
Video Producer: Andrew Coleman


Pow Bam Zing says:

3:07 That molex connector is hanging on for dear life.

Garrett Dustman says:

I would recommend the Arctic 120 PST for a cheap PWM controlled fan. I think they are less than $10

Stephen Dimitrovich says:

Daaaamn. Those backplates look like some shit a kid with a shitty 3D printer made in his high school art class.

Ken Shaw says:

Why concentrate on a name brand case at $50 if you’re building a budget system in the first place? I built a $700 ryzen system for a friend in a $35 no name case that came with 3 fans. It runs cool and quiet.

Manta says:

ugly …

Hawkeye979 says:

WHy would i buy a cheap ass plastic Backplate ? that looks first worse then the one i already got and second blocks every bit of air on the backplate…

Abner says:

that see through case animation was great!

Danilo Cristobal says:

I love that transparent overview from 0:57. Overall, as always great quality review from GN!

renos harizonas says:


removezoul says:

Do you think it’s better to keep case fans at a constant RMP or tie them to a temp sensor and build a curve?

Matthew Fennell says:

Whilst saying you shouldn’t buy more than one fan is a valid point a lot of people have fans they can reuse and as such is a valid situation to be in.

Luke cheski says:

would this fit a Corsair 240mm AIO cooler?

Fallschirmjager says:

I still haven’t seen anything remotely close to the Define C for my next build. I’m not planning to build until Fall, so I’m hoping Fractal offers a tempered glass side panel version lol.

Aasim_TCSwagz says:

Hey can you do build with that?

Coalition Gaming says:

That front panel totally reminds me of the Raidmax Sigma

Samuel Henson says:

How many watercoolers can you fit?

tbarnes93 says:

anyone know how this case compares to the haf912? to me the haf 912 is the go to case in the 50-60 dollar range.

WeekNightGaming says:

Anyone else notice the IO shield delete kit at 3:19? Saves weight! lol

wingracer 16 says:

I’m all for good stuff on a budget but man, I just got P400 for $57 and it’s 10 times more case than this. Two fans, roomy, good quality, a basement, grommets and excellent cable management and I know looks are subjective but I think it looks miles better as well. If this thing goes on sale for $30 I could see it but at this price, p400 looks like a much better option to me.

Mr.Sheepington says:

that backplate was ugly, looks like some acrylic thing I made in 8th grade

TM Hedgehog says:

game max obsidian, easily beats this case out.

Cameron Beyer says:

I’ve found a bottom fan seems to help the GPU more then anything

Chaitanya Shukla says:

you should take a look at Coolermaster’s MasterBox 5 Lite.

jedeye1973 says:

I hope manufacturers will STOP tinting the windows asd it defeats the purpose of seeing the internals even if you use L.E.D.s . I have the Corsair Spec 01 and despise the tinted window. jmo

Kenneth Lyon says:

@Gamers Nexus – Correct me if I’m wrong, but you should be able to add an additional fan on the front of the machine with the hard drive cage left in (if it’s anything like their other SPEC cases).

DalisYn says:

Great modding case. Mod the side panels for tempered glass it might look kinda nice

Walter White says:

I have the Spec 02 and it came with 3 fans two front one rear exhaust. the backplates are nicer and metallic and I have a GTX 1070 in there and it never goes above 61 at load and my CPU a 6700k stays about the same. the noise is somewhat loud but that doesn’t bother me at all.

seraphis says:

Oh wow that GPU sags hard.

Fuddy Duddy says:

isn’t that hardware a little extreme for this case? Someone buying this case is likely not going to run a 6700K 4.4ghz and a gtx 1080.

William skagen says:

I don’t see the point of “larger” budget cases like this. The main reason to get a larger case is to get more features and expansion and or better cooling which you don’t really get with cases like these. An s340/p400/ at 60-70$ would be miles better. Only place in the market for the Spec-04 is “prebuilt” PC’s from NCIX etc..

megaduce104 says:

Great testing methods. great info, while being easy to understand.

Georgi Ivanov says:

There are $30 cases that are better and come with a PSU lol.

Adrian Ronald Sehat says:

so ugly wtf…

Gamers Nexus says:

This is the most in-depth case review we’ve done yet. Lots more to come as we continue to refine our new testing methods! Please help spread the word if you liked the content. Note that, at time of publication, the SPEC-04 also carries an $8 shipping requirement (so $58, hence the comment about the RL06 being $15 more, rather than $25 more). The full article is at this link:

Luciano de Benedictis says:

having the spec-03, this is mostly the same but with a redesigned front cover. not that is a bad thing; still affordable and versatile

Jimmy A says:

ugliest case they ever made looks like Volcom stone logo thiz design sucks, their bulldog case ugly az shit too

23caterpie says:

Seeing as how this case made quite a difference in thermals, I wonder how bad a Node 202 would be. Looking into Running a Node 202 with a GTX1070 non-blower. Thinking I should get 2 static pressure fans to install in the slots near the video card.

Spacko 23 says:

hey steve, how good are noise and thermals on the 750D, would you recommend it?

glen lonnen says:

Those backplates look tacky as shit lol

Oktay Yumlu says:

Wow that backplate is so ugly.. Looks like cheap plastic toy

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