Corsair Graphite 760T PC Computer Case

Our review of the Corsair Graphite 760T contains a little bit of “unboxing” action, but otherwise focuses on the ease of use and features of this absolutely striking looking case from Corsair.

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Nguyen Thai says:

This thing looks so heavy by itself Lol

Kiwi_wolf says:

is it big enough for watercooling?

NickCorsair YT says:

I am watching this cuz i cant fit my kelvin t12 in the s340.Shit.

AnonyGuy says:

where do i get your shirt linus?

Kiwi_wolf says:

can I remove the upper optical drive cover, so I can use it for a fan controler?

Robert S says:

This case looks a bit flimsy, can someone confirm this?

Figgy says:

What is that mat or pad that linus is using in the table? i want one.

DewW1nky ✌ says:

Can someone pls tell me what motherboard he is using? yes i know i´m new to all of this 😀

Keith Kovacs says:

fucking magnets, how do they work…

Raymark Eblacas says:

no dust filter on top

Eviscerator95 says:

Would I be able to mount the radiator for an h115i to the bottom where the harddrive cages are? I don’t need the cages and I want to use the top for LED fans for aesthetic reasons.

Jessie James says:

I got me one of these case’s cause it looks so pretty. I’m using it for my windows 98SE/XP Gaming box sense new board’s don’t support windows XP anymore :_:

Sayalexful1 says:

I think it’s an awesome case but the full closed magnetic top is akward for me ! For example with a WC systeme push pull on the top, the CPU won’t suffocate ?? Guys thx for aswering me because i really want to buy this stuff ! And forgive me for my English ^^
ps : keep going like this Linus i love your reviews !! kiss from Paris 😉

mjcapo1 says:

Is this a good case, some better at this price?

K3Vable says:

Magnetic top filter would be good

Benedict Voon says:

i dont see any dust filter

Matias PAl says:

can anyone tell me if it has a LED when HD its reading?

Larry Monske says:


holnugget says:

I just bought one of these on Amazon for $160.  It is huge!  I watched this video after buying it and find that mine is significantly stronger or more rigid then what is shown on your video.  Its been two years since you made this video but I think that Corsair made them better and more rigid then what is shown.  Thus, for buyers out there…go get this case!  Its amazing!

TechedOff says:

Anyone manage a 420mm rad in the roof of this thing??

Cool Moo5e says:

so it is a full tower case sweat

Dracule Mihawk says:

Can I mount a 140mm fan on the ceiling?

Cameron Powney says:

I wish I had the balls to yank on my case like that. lol

BTW, I hate the fact I have to take the top cover off. I lifted the case up high enough so I don’t have to worry about seeing the top. With that mind, a case should work on its own. I shouldn’t have to decide if I want to leave it on or off.

I did leave it on by accident once when overclocking, couldn’t figure out why my temps were 10 degrees Celsius higher than normal. Haven’t put in on sense, and switched to positive pressure to keep dust to a minimum.

Naeem Ahmadi says:

nice review like always linus,,,it’s a beautiful case but the top cover design is a pain,,,there is no way using the top portion for fans or radiators with the cover,,,,and without the cover it looks awful,,,think they could’ve easily fix this issue by a different top cover design (for example a white magnetic mesh like the one 750D and 450D have),,,,in fact i bought the 750D instead of this one only because of this problem…..

ftffighter says:

I bought this case a while back and it has been 6 months. The Chassis itself has held up great! It feels weak but it has held up solid with no bends at all….but….the Plexiglas side panel. First with the good, it is high quality and looks amazing. The hinges are sturdy and since you can remove the panel that is a nice feature but after taking it off a handful of times it is starting to warp. It now has trouble fitting when I close it(I have to lift it a little) and will pop in and out if I push my finger against the center of it. If anyone decides to get this case, I recommend being VERY GENTLE with this side panel.

Slynnt says:

Its almost 2am im dying because from the start of the video i kept thinking “hes gonna accidentally touch that fan.”

Spoiler: “ow.”

serena says:

whats the difference between the black and white one

illvisual says:

What do you need an optical drive for these days?

Angry Dergon says:

In the back- Ow. Got me laughing

Mubin Julien Quinlivan Azhar says:

a desktop without an optical drive, It’s not even called a desktop lol
I went to check NZXT NOCTIS 450, there’s no optical drive for that model, seriously!

SquishySpud says:

what motherboard is that? I need all those USBs…

Imperial Trooper says:

This or the Phanteks evolv ATX TG.. Can’t decide!

L S says:

Would this look good with a red inside?


Got this case, just in black with red LED fans. Works well with my fully decked-out E-ATX board (Rampage V Extreme) and 4 GPUs. The top panel is a bit of a pooper, as was mentioned in the video. I actually had my 5960X overheat when I forgot to take off the lid a couple of times. For this I just leave the lid off unless I shut my PC down for a longer time. Otherwise I like it, it works well, plenty of space for all my shit 😀

Dmitry says:

This case is amazing even in 2016, i’m sure it will in 2017-2018 as well.

rpr3412 says:

8:46 finger crash lol

Sumi Chau says:

As a personal fan of the Obsidian series, I would definitely prefer a gap in the top cover when it’s closed.

Hein Aggenbag says:

aaah…the good old days

The Games We Play says:

i recently got one of these. has any one tried putting a 360mm rad in one? i know the holes are there but the position of the optical cage may be an issue.

Ayy Lmao says:

Should i put my CPU cooler fans above my radiator at the top of the case? i keep being told that i have them in the wrong way, i didn’t do any research on airflow so i have no idea. this is myn atm

MrZimma frame says:

8:45 ouch lol

Spelunking says:

What would be a good choice in 2016 for a case like this, or is this case still a good option today?

NjunThatCould says:

Having 2 video cards mainly benefits what activities?

Kevin Anderson says:

So should I get this case or the enthoo luxe in white

Melvin Carlberg says:

Can u fit a 360mm rad in the top?

Anon Anonme says:

Owww.. LMAO Linus.. I have lost could the many times I’ve stuck a finger int a fan while reaching under the desk to see if it was running.

Ceepex says:

what’s the best power supply for this case a gtx 1070 i7 6800k and a gigabyte X99 UD3 ?

TheDarkSammich says:

i know this is old, but i’d actually be fairly interested in a BIT of a on the top vent cover, maybe some vents on the edges or some such.

Tien Nguyen says:

Linus congrats on your success! can you do a review on case lights, one should get for their case? I always see case with awesome lighting during conventions and really want to know how to set it up and which one should I get. Kinda like the NZXT Hue review but for other brands? or something… If you can or think it’s a good idea can you please do one! thank you.

pikzo123 says:

got dat case for 75 euro new today yeaaaaaah

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