Corsair Carbide 400C Review – Maybe Their Best Yet

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MushinNoshin says:

HDD? Wtf?

EnzoAuditore says:


Spicy Pepperoni says:

The thing i have seen with this case is that the magnetic peice on top comes apart from the magnets anyone know where i can get a replacement?

Adam Kammoun says:

If I want to put the same liquid cooler as him could I put inside on the front panel

Syuna says:

Got this case for my first build it’s friggin awesome!

Tim Henry says:

does it come with LEDs?

Dig intheCrates says:

What is the quality of the included fans? Are they decent or do they need to be upgraded/replaced? Are they very noisy?

Douglas Tybusch says:

does it get yellow over time?

lisbeth says:

What card is this? Model name? (sorry for bad english)

nep nep says:

How many fans fit in this sexy case??

Ebenezer Miguel Lara says:

What radiator do you have mounted ?

Mo- ICE says:

thank you man i love this review AND THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST ONE OUT THERE

Knug3n says:

2:00 What? Did they release a different version? Mine aren’t captive… 🙁

Aleksandar Martinov says:

Can you tell me if i can mount radioator of Corsair H80i v2 on the uper front of this case? Are tubes long enough to do that? Thanks in advance. Great review


is there a sd slot

Arrogance Official says:

can’t decide between this and the p400s

jorzallan says:

the white case is so beautiful, I’m afraid of getting marks on the case after few months of use

Krazie316 says:

CaseLabs has been using those door hinges. Open then lift straight up to dismount.

Alex Petro says:

Bought this case on a whim at microcenter and I absolutely love it. was immediately sold by the handle and swing door. makes opening and closing your system very easy. would be awesome to see an aftermarket glass door !

Nader Belal says:

You haven’t said any thing about how good this case is against sounf and vibration

DomoDolo says:

Gonna be building my first PC using this case

JuanVCorona says:

This is perfect. Great Review. Was jazzed on the simple sexy look, really happy to hear it’s a solid case as well and not crazy expensive.

Owen Dillingham says:

what we do here is go back….back….back….

Carson's Vids says:

So there’s no fans on the radiator mounted to the top, is that to show that they don’t fit?

ArtisChronicles says:

what’s funny is corsair had the same idea I had for a side panel. Just a latch to open and close it basically. Easy to open and remove, though in my case I would’ve kept the door secured to the chassis. I was wondering how to get the front panel off and I decided to look for a video after almost reviewing the manual, which I should still do anyway.

Benjamín Labra Mora says:

dont have to dvd rom?

Duy Bui says:

Can this fit 280mm Corsair H115i?

fabíola de andrade borges says:

400C or Air 240? 🙂

Webb Visuals says:

why did you mount the h100i to the top? i plan on building a new rig with a h100i v2 and was thinking about this case and mounting it to the front?

RAIN says:

Only thing I dont like is its handle blocks the glass too much.

Alejandro Echeverria says:

Great review! I have one question tho, how is the sound proofing with that acrylic side panel?

Itdony Matter says:

Bulit my first Pc with this case and I have to say its pc builder noob friendly!

Laiks says:

“Maybe their best yet”
Corsair: * Releases 460x *

Well rip that title haha

Aksshay Sharma says:

is custom watercooling completely impossible in this case?

David Ginsberg says:

buying this fer sure. thanks for the review

Rodolfo Rubens says:

Perfect review, thanks a lot!

Jeff T says:

It won’t actually fit a 280 rad up top, only a 240. And the 240 will depend on the placement of your DIMM slots.

“Not marketing it as a water cooling case”, yet on the product page on their website they show it with a full custom loop and SLI.

Suleyman Akhundov says:

Those huge barn door hinges are a turn-off for me.

Scott Redford says:

That handle ruins it for me

SteveOreal says:

Am i the only cautious about the full open top?! :p I see danger everywhere!

Blu81 says:

Is there a place on this case for a cd drive?

purgeist says:

maaaaan, there’s plenty of room for water cooling, you can easily fit 2x240mm radiators in there. The only thing that might make some problems would be fitting a reservoir. But with some a bit of imagination you could mount it against radiator.

tim j says:

How did you know that I still live why my parents??

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