Corsair Air 240 Computer Case

Luke took a look at Corsair Air 240 case – the attractive follow-up to the Air 540.

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Tab says:

I don’t like AOI liquid coolers, the term liquid next to “computer” is insanity to me. Are they cool, sure. I want an air cooler CPU – but the high is limiting for CPU coolers :s

Ashun says:

I managed to fit 2 80mm 2 120mm on the top 2 120mm aio. The only thing i don’t like is that, my evga ftw 1080 won’t fit inside with the side panel on.

Gawain Umphrey says:

Run into that problem with the CPU cut out opening as well which was easily fixed at the work bench.

Yuto Matsuda says:

Anyone have the side window dimensions? Trying to build a LCD side panel. Much appreciated

msmith5150 says:

No place for a 5.25 in Blu Ray drive. That’s a deal breaker for me. 🙁

Gavin Wardrope says:

This looks like one of the best mATX cases, even in April 2017.

Kristoffer Hårstad says:

Runs an Ad for the dollar shave club, haven’t shaved.

Revolutions88 says:

Have a shot every time he says Duel Chamber Design

里吉真也 says:

how much in pesos plsss comment

Jack TheLad says:

4 years later – still one of the best m-atx cases on the market. its really good!

Yann Toole says:

Who doesn’t wipe their butt when they’re on the road?? ;D

M Wisnu Pratama H says:

hello, i’m having a gigabyte g1 sniper b6 and planning to buy this case, will it fit inside? thanks.

FluffyFooFookins says:

“Weird for corsair not to install the feet, but I guess it’s nice if you want to have the case in a different orientation.”

Yeah with a nice upside down Corsair badge.


hello from 2017!

Zackgamer222 says:

were does the power supply go in this case?

Stephen Phillips says:

Do you know if the be quiet! TF will fit in this chassis?

zeeshan khan12 says:

Can I fit h310 in there

Finlay Massie says:

Is the rad in this video in pull or push through the case?

Shane Fenton says:

will this fit a PowerColor RED DEVIL Radeon RX 480 with the fans and radiator installed

Bas Schraders says:

Hot swap plate, or as known in the industry, a backplane.

ZL L says:

Is that h100i 2v ?

Felipe Soares says:

Dude has space for an ATX motherboard?, Because the description n says, but the 540 model seems a little expensive.

Tyler Hardy says:

Looks like your video cards are going to overheat.

Richard Gomez says:

I wish they would made a new updated model of this case.

Dmitry Korotkevich says:

Was it an advertisement for shaving blades?

Beanie Draws says:

I’m narrowing my decision down to this one. It looks nice with a dark industrial aggressive vibe.

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