Corsair 600C Case Review – Inverted ATX layout worth it?

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Mike Teo says:

3:13 I STRONGLY Disagree, what percentage of the enthusiast market do you think actually uses more than 2HDD + 3SSDs?

Mark Jones says:

nO noisiV
uO uoᴉsᴉΛ


Doc Funkinstein says:

Just watched anther video with corsair rep. The inverted is a result of a quiet option they also sell in this case. Open top, open for noise

The nextinline says:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that it works better when you flip it.

First of all, your bottom rad fans act as an exhaust so when you keep in it on its feet, you’re just not doing anything. That’s a big mistake on your part.Now,when you flip it they work they way they should,exhausting hot air that rises….DUH.

But in general this whole case doesn’t make any sense anyway, its by far the worst thing i’ve seen in years. At the very least the PSU fan should NOT compete with the GPU fans for air…that’s just terrible.

4GB MEANS 4GB says:

5 drives is not enough?

Eldar Moore says:

Too bad Power Supply is on top, need kind of longer cable to reach UPS down the floor. But Inverted style something that made me order one, suits my Black Italian office table.

Apoc Banditz says:

Wish the 400c was as large as this

Zahid Shabir says:

corsairs best case with an inverted layout WHHYYY!!! do this the other full side window cases from corsair such as 760T/780T have HUGE reset buttons and the 760T has no top or bottom dust filter but what i wanted from this case was at least 1 140mm slot at the top back for a liquid cooled GPU but i think if corsair releases a non inverted layout it better have a top and bottom FAN/RADIATOR support as well as magnetic to dust filter like the 400C/Q and a FULL length bottom dust filter tray

pimple dimple says:

there would be no back plates on gpu if we all had this layout.
they are only used to hide the layout errors.

Jake Cheel says:

hot air rises… hemce why starndard layout is cooler -.- honestly thought that before even looking up a review…

AJ Croteau says:

Not a fan… i liked it at first but the more I look at it, it’s not for me…

Amir Samar says:

good job… thank you

egnw0 says:

you cant close the case panel also if you have L shaped SATA connectors on the SSDs on the side. Need straight connectors.

Chris Chevrier says:

Very well produced video! Your cinematography skills are on point!

Canny says:

I like how Dimitri says “a-yo” 🙂

Devon Humpert says:

I wonder how this case would be with a custom loop. Seems there is a lot of room and the non inverted elements wouldn’t be as big of a factor.

Marko Duduković says:

Amazing video and very important thing – amazing sound, it’s not easy to find good review today, and this is how it’s supposed to be! Nice job, kep up the good work! 🙂

Mike Baltrell says:

What’s the name of the song at the beginning of the review?

Night says:

The main thing white 600C is the noise that’s why Corsair did this why, byt ye hot air rise up so tha 600C will have more heat to it.

Серёжа Шмелёв says:


Hampus Wallin says:

Does an atx motherboard fit in this case? building my first computer sorry if its a stupid question

ApocalipseGP says:

hello I need to ask you something….I just take this box for my pc…all good but I have a problem…I cant connect the 2fans are in front…cause it have 3pins…and my motherboard has also 4pins….what im doing in that situation??…

Rick Cash says:

Can I get my other logos inverted so I can read them?

simonas baltunis says:

“Fial” , if it were not inverted version , that would have been amazing.

Dilly Dilly says:

Can anyone tell me is there any way to remove that color difference on the window at 1:05… I have 400c and it is really anoying

Emilio Garcia says:

I bought the 600Q version from amazon and wouldn’t recommend it. The PSU shroud is hard to get off, the actual aluminum part of the case (especially at the back) is flimsy as hell and very easy to bend. Also, I now dislike the inverted look as well.
I came from a 4 year old HAF 932 Advanced – which had a much better build quality by a mile (but didn’t like the look of it anymore).
The other thing I would say is that I don’t know why the 600 version added 2 USB 2.0 ports – I have a Z170 Classified motherboard from EVGA and it doesn’t had USB 2.0 ports for external use (just 3.0 and 3.1).
Overall, it’s a spacious case but for the £130 price tag, you can get better…

Kadomex says:

Kinda doesn’t make sense to have such a large display window but make it so that all the components must be oriented upside down. Seems redundant because the point of getting a case with such a large window is so that you can easily see how good everything looks inside. The inverted layout destroys that because everything looks like you have no idea how to build a PC. I bought the 400c but I had to compromise because I really wanted a full tower, not a mid tower.

mrBulldog Denmark says:

its perfect for cpu aircooling pc its not for water cooling gamer pc omg…
cool air flow from down to top 100 nice case

Oil Bama says:

I just bought one.

ChaoticRain says:

I’m very curious to know what temperatures you would achieve if you used intake at the bottom, and reversed the case fans so that the front fans now act as front exhausts, with the rear bottom fan acting as another intake. Has anyone tested this with this particular case?

Flyinghotpocket says:

how about for a case on the left you dont invert it. and dont have a I/O panel either. you just use the slots the mobo gave ya heh. someone make a case like that look good

Rene Kurtseifer says:

Love this Case. Its the best one i used ever

Pyroteq says:

Holy fucking fuck. On what planet is 2 3.5″ bays acceptable?

I’m currently using every single SATA port on my motherboard for a total of 8+ TB of storage over 4 mechanical drives + an SSD for my system drive and a hot swap port (which I use for data recovery on clients computers) in my 650D.

AAA games these days are like 40GB minimum and SSD’s are still way too expensive for storing large amounts of data.

This is coming from someone that doesn’t even use my computer for professional photography, video editing, etc.

Anyone using this case for professional work like this would run out of storage in a day.

Sure, in another 5 years when SSD’s reach the price per GB level of HDD’s offering such a pathetic capacity for storage would be acceptable, but currently this case is completely ruined by such a pathetic lack of storage options.

Vedang Tamse says:

So I got the 600Q but I managed to trade the side panel for the transparent one which comes with the 600C model.

Korn1holio says:

Is that Russian accent I hear?

kunal phougat says:

the GPU is safe if the CPU block leaks….

Sid says:

You look like John Scarce, might I say..

Alex Cheetah says:

Why is it so hard to find a pc case with front drive bays for a card reader or blu ray drive?

BotBetreiber says:

watercool compertable ?

Dankhis weedis Boihegus says:

I feel like someone at Corsair was like: “I bet you can’t make a case that is completely upside down and make it a high end case at that”

DeeKay says:

I didn’t realize corsair made these inverse cases. All my friends who build computers have always called me crazy for wanting an inversed case.

Mickey Stephens says:

Why dont you ever acknowledge if cases can hold a 360mm Radiator?

sam 20 says:

i wish this came in white

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