Corsair 400C Case Review

The better, smaller and non-inverted ATX version of the 600C. Corsair 400C is going to be an extremely popular choice for mid-tier builds.

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Lanceb666 says:

I have a question, would taking out the SSD tray make it have more space for wires? Because I would just use the sleds for one SSD and HDD. Thank you

Donny Kreher says:

What power supply is he using cause u really want those cables

ghibli says:

are the feet removable ?

Nicolas Muñoz says:

Will my Asus Strix 1080 fit in this case?

Reflexee says:

6,666 likes WTF lol nvm i likes so 6,667

Shadow Blade says:

wots the fan at the back? 120 or 140

evercors w says:

Just one question, can i fit a noctua NH-D15 on this case?

Ian Dave Manguira says:

watching this after i bought a inwin 301 xD, i had a better experience with inwin when assembling my system..

Spice MoDz says:

Hey, is there enough place for a LED Strip if you go for a 280mm radiator?

pXmTS says:

Just found the case for my new PC 🙂

Thanks for that great review 🙂

McCallaghan Existed says:

this or s340 elite?

Night Fury says:

this case side panel is it made from glass or plastic? if glass can i changed into plastic?

Midgardian says:

Is the front magnetic? I want to slap my Batman logo on this if possible. This is what I did on my old Prodigy build.

sin says:

im gonna cut off your hair and wear it myself

evofx says:

Hackintoh video please. 🙂

ShuzAL Yoshin says:

will a 240 radiator fit in it ?

Alexander Erl says:

The NZXT H440 or the Corsair 400c?

Marcusmiller says:

is this case silent? is it good for music production?

Jeff O says:


Magnum says:

This or S340 Elite? I want good cooling.

Juan Manuel says:

phanteks p400 vs corsair 400c ?

SFS says:

600 000 subs!

NickCorsair YT says:

Do a all Graphite Series Corsair cases since 2010 comparison!

Gibran Ramadhani says:

can i use 200mm psu in this case?

SomebodyEpic says:

Would i be able to fit a D5 standalone pump from ekwb at the bottom next to the HDD Cage??

GTRMclaren722 says:

The fact that you need to remove both side panels to remove the front (and to clean the filter) is horrible!!!

Neil Bertram says:

The side panel that opens as a door is fantastic!

My biggest complaint is these ATX cases where you have to put the AIO radiator on the front panel. There is no excuse for not allowing enough room at the top to easily mount a radiator, so that you can still have unrestricted flow from the front panel to the back.

AlzOff says:

this video quality is handsome !
Thx for my eyes

Jsan YT says:

Corsair caberbide 270r is awesome guys

北洋提督 says:

How is it to compare with Define R5?

WhereTheyAre says:

Are there any drawbacks from removing the front panel? It will help with airflow and i think the case looks better without it.

Mario Pardo says:

I got this case and something about it just sais, no..
I think it might be abit too black for me, possibly the bottom covers that are shown(where the PSU and HDDS are stored)..
On that note, anyone mind taking a look at my build and give me some tips on how to make it nicer looking? Im going for a mostly white build

Aces Soon says:

Can I use this cases for i5 7400 gtx 1080? I scare it is watse for budget , but it’s clean and cool

deadzombie408 says:

Can you put a MSI X99A motherboard in this case?

Douglas Tybusch says:

Can it handle 1x 140 + 2x 120 at the front?

Max Karbalai says:

I can’t decide between this and the Fractal Define C Compact. There’s also the S340, but that’s the last on my list. Anyone have other recommendations?

Lisandro Diodati says:

Hi, I’m Between this case or Fractal Design DEFINE R5. Which one should I choose?

Christian Keating says:

Can you turn the reset Button off?

jrglol says:

So is it tempered glass or not?? (I’m planning to buy this in the near future)

spacecalander says:

How are you loading windows without the cd rom? i have tried the USB approach but it seems the USB ports are always dead until i install drivers, which requires operating system install first. Thanks Just bought this case

Night Fury says:

oh yeah.. can i put HD120 RGB LED Corsair Fan Casing into that front casing? btw the fan casing is 120mm but can i put in ( 1 in the back and 3 in the front and even im put Corsair Hydro Series H115i Water Cooler Processor?

A. L. says:

Man : I enjoy the pc but that darn Handel on the side of the window really bothers me…..

Aldrei Mislang says:

is this shorter than the nzxt s340, i want something that can fit under my desk

jakeplays says:

I really like the P400S, but the 400C looks sooo good.

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