Corsair 200R Value Gaming Carbide Series Computer Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

The Carbide 200R from Corsair may e the best value case under $75. The construction isn’t going to light the world on fire like Corsair’s higher end cases (*drool* 850D) but the design is so smart that it delivers fantastic features in spite of its “budget” price point!



Kevin Shahidi says:

Do I have to use standoffs or are they already in there?

Quenton Wong says:

2017 here

Louis McElveen says:

PSA: The front panel does remove, you just have to remove the side panels and anything installed in the 5.25″ bays. Also, the 4 long screws are for attaching a fan in front of your hdd bay, behind the front panel. Lastly, the extra grommets are for the bottom vent, which doesn’t have any pre-installed.

dragon rampage says:

Who else is watching this in 2017?

Niccolo Paganini says:

hey guys i need help
are these will fit on this case ? (corsair carbide 200r)

intel i5 6600k
msı gaming gtx 1060 6gb
Samsung 850 EVO – 250GB
EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2, 80+ GOLD 750W
WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5
HyperX FURY Black 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
MSI Z170A Gaming M3 Z170 LGA1151 DDR4-3600MHz(OC) M.2

ItzZebHD says:

Should i get the 100r or 200r version?
im getting these specs
i5 6500
gtx 1060 single fan so its not that big
a motherboard from asus forgot the actual name
8gb ram 500w Evga power supply

R. E. Bruce Martin says:

Nice unboxing. And don’t worry about the living room. It makes your presentation look a lot neater than it otherwise would be

If this were a disassembly say of a laptop or something more technically intensive where tools and special test equipment were needed, that would be different., but for an unboxing it’s just fine.

I am planning another Linux workstation, and this model is on sale locally from Canada Computers. That’s just fine, now for a look at the rest of the stuff.

Also i like the 4 5 1/4 bays, lots of space for custom hardware, some of which I make from the raw steel up myself, sometimes by modifying stripped old CD drive cases as a start.

Patrick Caron says:

So How many fans should I get for this case?

JJ Melville says:

oops i was watching this on my computer and realized that i never took out the mATX standoffs so i just spent an half hour doing that.

Anton Phillipson says:

Linus 5 years ago… Thank God he grew as a channel XD

Phillip Rower says:

Bought this in December 2013. Front stock fan is just now going bad. Pretty good for computer which is running all the time. Not flashy case but really easy to build and maintain a system.

Bestgameplayer10 says:

Thank God I saw this. Would’ve gotten my ATX board shorted out.

Darshan Ruby says:

bro plz check where this case is available.. becasus I’m planing to build a new pc

Slacin' Ace says:

Will a Asus m5a99fx pri r2.0 fit in here along with a gigabyte rx 480?

TriggRNC says:

According to Corsair that extra standoff that Linus says could short your board is actually an ATX board alignment pin and as it corresponds to a screw hole in ATX boards I think it’s meant to be there. Apparently in some 200r cases it is unremovable but I’m not 100% on that

/b/ Tard says:

oh my gosh thank you Linus, when you said something about the pin would shock and destroy your motherboard, I was like oh my gosh that’s what I did wrong because I thought my motherboard was just dead but it turns out it was actually shocked now I know why!!!

Mack Osborne says:

Not sure if I’m going to to get a reply. But I just got this case for my first PC build and I love how clean the front looks but I want to put in a CD reader and it looks like I have to completely remove the cover? Does anyone know how to get it to act like a cover that opens and closes?

meobeo173 says:

Can buy dust filter and install to this?

Tom Kraayenbrink says:

The start scared the shit out of me

get reked boi says:

They must’ve changed it because the standoff’s are now non removable

Operation317 says:

🙂 i like the intro

Tech Fox says:

I just found this review after getting the case a few months ago. I had forgotten/not known that it had four SSD mounts instead of two. It has been a great case, just about to put an all-in-one cooler for the CPU. A good case for a new builder.

Zzzzaydieeee737 says:


C F says:

I love this case! It’s cheap, sturdy, and doesn’t have all that tacky shit on it. I just love something simple and this is perfect!

wizzgamer says:

man would have got this case but for the stupid cpu mounts on the side who on earth wants fans on the side of the case should have been all black just ruins it having those holes there ugh.

Awex Win says:

I’m getting a 200r that’s windowed I’m not completely sure if the model is like this one though

Travis Dunningham says:

Interesting that the value cases look the most sensible – no extra lights and windows and shit.

Dovah Elioth says:

Linus is the cutest *—*

dance4ever79 says:

I bet he has corsair logo toilet paper too 🙂

hyeboi says:

lol @ earrings

EthaN says:

OK… I know which case I’m going to buy…

Triple Threat Gaming says:

From someone who owns this case – you cannot fit an AIO dual radiator (such as H110i) on the top. Even with the offset screw holes, a radiator+fans is going to hit 99% of motherboards and ram.

Alexis jimenez says:

how tf do you take off that middle standoff that shortens the board?? i tried pliers and pulling/twisting only chips at it

Antking1117 says:

why will that motherboard screw be there. lucky he told me to remove it. will fuck up my atx motherboard.

Darshan Ruby says:

i can’t find this same case in amazon

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