CoolerMaster MasterBox 5 Review | Modular Gaming Computer Case

Coolermaster Mastercase 5 Review. Buy it on Amazon Here:
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Fbnxo says:

would be nice with a completely white front

Sic Semper Beats says:

Lol logic fan?

yasser arkan says:

The white is killer

General Duck says:

Great video!!!!

Jimmy Peña says:

Would this be a good case for a beginner to use?

Jason Yeow says:

Whats the difference between masterbox 5 and mastercase 5?

Jimmy A says:

Is this vr ready, also can this build run Witcher 3, gta v etc.?

Fan Van Coolt says:

I was already going for SilentiumPc M35W but then i sawn this… not sure anymore.

Royal L says:

First comment

Kerosene Yourself says:

master box?

isaiah orot says:

I just ordered this on amazon for $56.99 free shipping with prime. Can’t wait to start my new build all parts should be in next week woot

Zeroplanetz says:

I’m looking a for a potential new case. While I do like this a lot, Its to similar to the CM Trooper case. That’s really my main hesitation as I would like a more different design. But my wants are the gorgeous tempered glass, 280mm rad support, ATX mobo size but not have the case to big as I want to go smaller. which will be tricky. sleek and elegant. not so called gamery design either. I know a tall order. If this one didn’t resemble the old trooper so much. If only…

Bennpai says:

What are the pre installed fans like? Are they relatively quiet?

Hugo Nobre says:

wrong tumbnail man its not the mastercase 5 its the masterbox.

Kshitij Joshi says:

First of all, your videos are stunning. And the way you mounted that AIO Liquid Cooler is so innovative. Can you tell me the temperature of the cpu and gpu as it only has one exhaust fan. How does the heat escape the case in the way you’ve built it?

Erik Waters says:

While I am pleased with the case overall, anyone purchasing it should be forewarned that cooler master does not *currently* offer accessories retail, such as a mesh front panel or mounting rack for the third front case fan. This was my response from their customer support:

“Apologies, we currently do not carry additional parts for the Master Box 5 White, such as the black mesh panel. The case can be mounted with two 120-140mm fans in the front. “

Adiman HT says:

white color look fantastic, i have the black one.

Zeb Cohen says:

its out for a realy long time and it finaly came out in White! And if that isn’t good enough, it dropped in price aswell!

caocaoism says:

you should do a review on phantek case or inwin 303

TheOpticTomahawk says:

That Logic beat though.

Steven Densmore says:

On Amazon for the white case they charge $114 for shipping fees for Canada???!

teeblack06 says:

nice case and love the white color

Lam TuckChoon says:

just looking for ask why you don just put the h100i cooler to the front on the case? (or it is the tube length no enough long??)

Nigel Somers says:

Intro song link please

RJ White says:

this is awesome man, gr8 videp

Teun says:

Verry nice!

Josh A says:

kickass vid bro keep it up

Cannon Maumus says:

Love the vids man

RJ White says:


shaye073 says:

Your videos are so clean and professional great job!

Fahim Srz says:

Anyone help me please. I am so confused, I want to buy this case but which one should I buy the black one or the white-black… Please help me…

Matthew Mitobe says:

I like your intro a lot (:


Hell damn man i love this case! I want buy this cool case!

lite it says:

I’m a beginner 😀 as i just started selecting the parts for my first build, i saw this case on pcpart site and was wondering if it was the right choice its good to see and know there’s folks like you who help out new people like in theses issues thanks a lot!

Kredy says:

That intro made me sub lol Nice vid bro

TechTranslated says:

Great video Kevin!

Jose Tavizon says:

can you please check out the leagoo shark 1

PJ Sparks says:

I was in the fence about buying this case, but I’m definitely getting it after this review. Great video and very helpful.

Stephen Fernandez says:

Man, your vids are awesome especially that intro. and CM Masterbox is now another prospect of mine for my chassis movement.

My Polygram says:

I like the part where you mount fans to blow through a radiator that’s mounted onto the case, effectively blowing hot air into the side of the case.

Bro Swirski says:

Y U USE screwdriver on thumb screws? :-ooooo

xDANIEDx says:

White case? THAT’S RACIST! lol Awesome videos!

Brannan DI says:

damn for 70 bucks it looks amazing… and the features you get for that price is amazing!

Zeb Cohen says:

dit you take the handels off?

Ang Quan Xing says:

Did the black one come with side panel window too ?

fantastiv says:

i have the same kind of profile picture haha nice, and i am hesitating to get maybe this case for my custom build! 🙂

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