Cooler Master Storm Stryker Case Review


Angry Bird says:

This case is stupid lmfao

Zack Maxwell says:

Did you really name the black steel as a con?

Scott Francis says:

At the 4:25 and 5:19 video mark, the video shows two fans mounted on some sort of bracket for install. Could you guys tell me what that bracket is? Trying to find something similar and can’t locate it. Thanks.

Jeremy R says:

I’m considering this for my plex/ htpc cause the damn pc has 5 hdd s never had a white case but this thing looks stunning

Matriks says:

Overkill? OOOOOOH, you mean “I missclicked on Amazon”

Jean-Pierre Vispoel says:

Ok sold.

Maciek Bielinski says:

Stryker vs Corsair 780t. Which should i pick?

Rywen Erendani says:

5:50 that was the most atrocious cable management I’ve ever seen in my life ;-;

Adrian Johan Olsen says:

whats the name of the front filters on the com stormtrooper?

Dytlief Moller says:

Haha, Hadle for a good workout session !♥

Piotr Chrząszcz says:

Hi … will the below Water Cooling matching the case ?
Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX 240mm (CW-9060021-WW)

Sebastian Bowers says:

I am currently debating on some cases to get for my first build. This is at the top of my budget, but I was also considering the Rosewill Thor V2. I looked at the Haf X, but that is really pushing my budget. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Jeremy Oliver says:

that gpu sag tho

benjibird99 says:

can you fit 3 2,5 slot gpu’s in this case ??

Mohammed Games says:

is this one computer or is it a case that you can costumise

CodeRed says:

looks like the car that was in the kung fury music video true survivor

John Jacob says:

Can i wire the SSD underneath the Standard Disk Drive in the back? also, where can i find a duo 120 mm fan???

Luthfan Mochamad says:

wow nice video with clear explanation for newb like me! 🙂 I will check your other videos.

Birki gts says:

Coolermaster just makes the best cases out there… Been a loyal fan ever since the haf x, in running a cheaper aerocool 300faw due to budget limitations but would still pick up a coolermaster case in a heart beat if i could afford it.

Anonymous IsWatchingYou says:

I bought this Case at Micro Center when it was on sale and its an awesome case,There’s tons of places to install more Fans and the big fan on top i removed to put a EK-Kit P280 Premium Water Cooler and there’s plenty of room for graphics cards,I put 2 Gigabyte GTX 980’s and they are LONG cards with 3 Fans across it,Only thing i do not like about this case is when your done and have all your parts inside it is a very heavy case,Atleast 60-75 pounds but i did use a big water cooling system inside so if you used a 120-240mm it might not be so heavy but using a 120 isnt a good idea if you can afford a 280mm water cooling system you should get 1 cause i had a 120mm H75 from Corsair inside when i first built it and i was really disappointed with the temps and it would get so hot that the PC would just shut down so i went for the biggest the case can handle a 280,Might fit a 360 but i didnt wanna push my luck and it not fit and have to return it

DeadlyAlcohol says:

I was just ready to buy this,and painted black(yes in my country there is not a single Trooper left)and then… white led!!! Damn you CM

Rafael Santana says:

Nobody runs push pull anymore, it just doesn’t many any sense for big rads. Run big rads in PULL configuration, adding more fans just increases the noise. Also wires? Don’t be afraid of a little wiring, I have found that wiring your PC is actually the most enjoying part of building a PC .. the components you just slap in there but the wiring is where you’ll really devote your full time and if you take your time with it and enjoy it .. you can create something that looks really nice to look at. I’m Purchasing this case just to hold on to it for a future possible build .. since I’m already working on a present build and will not blow off money on two separate builds! My present build is based on the HAF X case … visit my channel if you want to keep track of what I’ve been doing … I mostly just rant but feel free to ask questions!

UbScD says:

2:29 I did nazi that coming. Seriously tho.

Proxiton says:

I am considering to get this case. Is it still on par with newer cases/designs as to functionality and quality?

MeetYourMakerzz says:

you sound like kripki from big bang theory

Mher Hakobyan Cinematography says:

Can you post here some stores’ links, from where i can buy this case (from Germany, USA, Russia, UK)?

RaNk DoSeNt MaTtEr says:

I have this case

lisa says:

not worth the 300 i spent on this case front ssd drive dose not line up with ssd at all never able ever use it at all ever if you try to put fans on side of the case the video card will overheat so you stuck with keeping fan faceing front of case for ever you only get 4 fan controlers but they only work with cooler master fan’s becoz of goofy fan plug comes with they do that so you have to buy cooler master crap fans save your money

ChilliTheGamer - CTG says:


Amaruq says:

what if I drilled holes for an 200mm fan in the window for intake/exhaust?


the thing is very heavy even with nothing in it…and its super tall so if you were not blessed with the gift of height, good luck using that handle.

clumsy elephant says:

it focuses a lot on fan cooling. but would liquid cooling still be good to use with it? or is there enough space for liquid cooling?

Tzar Kizitski says:

Excellent review!…

The HeartBrokenBiker says:

darn thing is USD 270 in India and I still got it because its effing awesome!

Brick_Liam GAMING says:

I’m new to pc gaming. I’m planning to get this for my birthday. Is a computer case the computer with everything inside or is it just a case with no motherboard, videocard, ram, etc. Thank you to anyone that can tell me.

Nripen Chandra says:

is it possible to fix 140mm fan instead of hard drive cage at the bottom?

DangerDavez says:

Got this on sale a while back and I don’t regret it. Easy to work with, good thermals even stock and good cable management. I’m not sure I’d pull the trigger on it today but it was pretty good for when it came out.

RapidZz says:

I have this case and it’s amazing I’d rather have this than anything else 🙂

Crow Killer says:

This or the thermaltake v71? This one is $40 more than the v71

Daniel van Haeften says:

some 1 has a idea of i can use my corsair h110 gt on this case ?

Danny DiMarco says:

Can someone please help me and tell me where to find the HDD rails. I cant find them ANYWHERE.

Khaled Hossam says:

Easily carry it? It’s very very heavy. The case is 15 Kg alone.

Ramon Sanchez says:

How many fans does includes?

The Booty Guru says:

It looks so fucking clean, I just cant afford to spend more than 100 on a case though XD

Jeremy R says:

This thing is literally almost perfect for my server im torn I might buy this :/

bananna99 says:

Can i install a 280mm radiator on top? pls answer

Bartosz Olszewski says:

I need that hot swap feature in EVERY case *-*

PopSplit -TM says:

I think this case is ungly and has not a good airflow

Jiří Procházka says:

Looks awsome, but at 3:00 it looks like the rear bottom part around PS exhaust has been bent. How good is the structural integrity of the case ??? And don´´t reply ,,it´s just tin´´, for this price, it should be real solid.

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