Cooler Master N200 Computer Case Unboxing & Overview

Cooler Master’s N200 case is a small, but well ventilated option for folks looking to build a simple machine or even a compact gaming PC!

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gelatinous cube says:

If you have led fans at the front how visible are they?

zRedVapor / says:

I’m doing my first pc build in this case!

First Name Last Name says:

Your lucky your computer is just blue screening mine shut completely off and I had to unplug the entire thing from the wall before it would turn back on and when it did one of my USB ports surprisingly not the one I plugged something into was not working but the device was when I moved it to a different port

mrmandodude says:

Will this case support an asus cd drive?

Zichen Jiang says:

Why can’t you route the 24 pin power connector through the back of the case? Because it is too thick?

Patrick Veilleux says:

I would like to point out that the SSD goes on the other side of the panel as you can see by the bevel in the panel 😉

TmanSnaps says:

Who else is watching 2017 and misses this style video?

Wineblood says:

I have this case! Had it for 2 years now, I was just checking a video because I’m thinking of getting an SSD and wasn’t sure where to mount it. Thanks Linus.

Tylor Magadan says:

do you think this case would do well for a home server?

st4gs says:

20 bucks at my local microcenter lol

Benyamin Lorit says:

Just got the windowed version of this for my budget gaming rig. I find the size convenient and I’m pretty much satisfied by how it looks. My only concern is how do I clean the filter when the time comes?

Macusercom says:

I can’t find the N200 Advanced here in Austria 🙁

Kevin S. says:

so no comment on the front filter situation?

Kyle H says:

On top of the HDD cage there is an additional mount for a 2.5″ drive as well.

SoloMid 1337 says:

did anyone hear too the after effects render complete t 2:05 ?

Hein Htut Win says:

this little awesome case houses my 4690k with corsair h105 cooler with a beastly r9 390, loving this lil monster….

Not Legato says:

pretttty sure i’m going for this for the 390 + 6500 build. cheap and seems to be reasonably good at cables and ventilation. yeah, good stuff.

e: built. just a note: i totally did route the 24-pin behind the motherboard plate. it was a bit of a challenge to get the side panel on after that, but definitely worked. all cables are running behind there for me. great case, i think. got all the front I/O cables zip tied to the back of the panel as well. you’ll have to plug those cables before putting in a GPU, because they are going be completely underneath the thing.

the top mesh for a fan is something that i’d rather have an exhaust fan on, because of the dust that might settle through; doesn’t have a proper filter either. so moving the back exhaust there might be a good idea.

enticed2zeitgeist says:

Anyone got one? I’m thinking bout using this for a small server in my house.

duke carry says:

Any ideas on how to put 8 PIN connector?

ZPERO says:

Anyone know of other neat mATX cases?
I want to build my first PC when Zen and AM4 come out and I’m probably gonna be using an XFX Rx 480 8GB GTR Black Edition along with a single 500 GB SSD and no optical drives for maximum air flow (also, HDDs are a thing of the past).
Extra points for cool “futuristic” looks.

TheBenchmarkBrothers says:

gonna get this case for an APU build (A10 7870K)

demmbaba says:

Are you sure that you can use 140mm fan on the top of the case ?

Manu Rightz says:

i’m still having power button issues

TommyMG96 says:

Using this case for my i5 8500/GTX 1070 build.

MRKS WEC says:

I don’t like the cable management of the case that much because it’s really hard hiding the cables without having to force the case to close. But otherwise it’s pretty decent for the price.

LittleMopeHead says:

Imagine Linus’ shirt have a set of boxing gloves with a red X on it. 😀

HeadShot360 says:

This case sucks ass. No 8pin CPU cable hole.

Cory _182 says:

Can someone let me know what headers the preinstalled case fans have? It should a 3 pin right?

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