Computer Upgrade King Stratos Mid-Tower PC Case

The Stratos from Computer Upgrade King sports a unique look, with a seemingly floating 4mm tempered glass front panel, matching side panel, and seven included Halo-ring RGB LED fans. Quite a feature set for $109, but should you make it the centerpiece of your next build?

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darren tay says:

Is there a dust fliter in the front?

Stronk Veak says:

Truly a beautiful case

Hubert Gawronski says:

How did u hookup the fans literally trying to hook them up right now but i can even get them started

Coy Breeden says:

Are they good I’m getting one tomorrow for the same price 109$ it’s good for gaming

Modders-Inc says:

Two comments…

1) The fan speed is controlled by an infrared remote to the box, while the LED color is controlled by the reset switch on the case. I swapped those around in my head when filming.

2) The fans themselves… the fans themselves… the fans themselves…

Jeremy R says:

Messed up they raised the price to 159…. Messed up. Its not worth that extra $50

Multi-Gamer/Vlogging TV says:

is this already built when it is shipped????

N Switch says:

Been watching ur videos on cases. Any way u can do temperature test on them as well? Keep up the good work

Daniel Hall says:

I?s it possible to rotate the front of the case so the usb and audio jacks are on the left side

Rigo12jr says:

Hey can you make a video for this case on how to turn on the Fans and led Lights with just the power supply if is posible. To get the remote control working witch is the special feature for this case. There is no video out there on how to plug this in and to get the case lights fully working with the remote and IR CABLE. Please my friend thanks Jeff i would appreciated.

charles rodriguez says:

Can you fit a 360mm radiator in the front?

Mike Oleksa says:

I wish I could upload pictures here. I did end up getting one of these cases. At this price point I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the overall quality and the functionality combined the great looks. The fans are even really good with very vibrant colors. Unfortunately it just got me hooked on the whole RGB craze. I’ve since swapped out the stock fans for fans with addressable LEDs and controller as well as added about 15 feet of 5050 RGB LED strips running off the headers on my motherboard. Even though the case is a little smaller than I’m used to I’ve put everything in this that was in my HAF 932, except the optical drives. I managed to get a 4 HDD RAID inside the case with all 4 drives mounted (don’t ask, just know it even looks good). I front mounted a 240mm push/pull AIO by removing the original screws from the 120mm fans then remounting them the same way, just with the RAD inside the case then two more 120mm fans stacked inside that. The frame works really nice for hiding the RGB strips since it’s pretty uniform around all 4 sides with enough of a lip to tuck them behind and not worry about them poking out later. I also ran LEDs around the front panel. The unique design actually lends itself to this. I didn’t have to use a single piece of adhesive to accomplish the front set up. I could go on and on. If you are looking for a TG case this one holds it’s own. Originally I even used the stock fans for the push side of my RAD with no issue. The only reason I replaced the fans is because they are not addressable LEDs even though the actual colors are nicer on the stock fans in my opinion. I’m running a Ryzen 5 1600x OCd to 4.1 stable on an Asus ROG Strix b350-f Gaming motherboard. I mentioned the 4 HDDs before in RAID. I have a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD, 32 gb of G.Skill RAM running @ 2800 mhz. An EVGA GeForce 780 ti Classified. 9 x 120mm fans with a 240mm radiator, Powered by an EVGA 850w G2, fully modular PSU. My temps are great, the airflow is surprisingly good considering the full TG front panel. Bottom line, I HAVE A TON OF STUFF IN THIS CASE. This case is definitely worth looking at. I do agree that the case is a little thin in the materials department, but once everything is secured in the case and the panels are sealed up everything is really sturdy and once it’s on it’s perch where it will live it’s not like I’m moving it around and at the $100 to $120 USD price point you really can’t complain. The fans alone with the controller would cost more than that by themselves. The Aigo R seris fans come in a 3 pack for $50 USD. This case comes with 7 fans and a controller. I’m a little confused as to why you wouldn’t be able to mount a 360 RAD up top since the entire area at the top of the case from front to back is clear. To be honest, I could drop my 240 RAD in the front to the bottom 2 fans instead of mounted to the top 2 and have room in the top for a 360 RAD as well. Or run a 360 in the front with a 240 up top. I chose the front because I wanted the push/pull set up and there definitely isn’t room for that up top the heat sink at the top of the motherboard would not allow for that. Sorry that this is long, but there aren’t many reviews out there for this case. Although if you look up the Aigo Atlantis case and the Aigo R series fans, voila there you have some more reviews. They are the identical products.

Hubert Gawronski says:

When you said water cooling would be a problem … can you expand on that alittle ?

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