Building in the $89 Bitfenix Enso!! Full Review

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Boopy Doopy says:

wait so can my corsair double fan radiator fit in this case im confused someone pls help?!?!?!?!?!?

Danny Olivo says:

what a garbage case holy crap

matt says:

is the front metal? if so get the sides stamped, I’m sure you can find a place that’ll do it with certain shapes to make it nicer.

Ulises says:

I prefer higher quality and better building experience I don’t think rgb should sacrafice those fundamental needs in a case , since upgradeability will be higher by having that higher quality case to begin with. Also would you recommend Crucial Ram Sticks or other Rak Sticks for laptops, what would you recommend for the best quality or for gaming?

basil deepu says:

It’s looking cool

Skepsis Official says:

its 158 on amazon DX

TheSkatingPanda 3 says:

also if you could go here, this would be awesome. i want to also know your ideas about this build im thinking on. im kinda a noob when it comes to building computers lol

Sean Watkins says:

Some say the drive carrier is still finding it’s way back into the drive cage

Serj Star says:

dont worry kyle the opening is small enough for your hehe

garbis robert says:

is there a chance for me to find a brand who is willing to build up a pc case based on my sketches ? I keep looking for a perfect airflow pc case but found NONE so far. I think these guys made pc case but never use them. All the market is stuck in rgb or water cooling avoid intentionally cases for users who prefered FANS for a proper cooling.

TheSkatingPanda 3 says:

what mother board are you using here?
i am thinking on buying this

Asus – STRIX B250H Gaming ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

I will only be pushing 200 watts max. idk if this case will do me just fine with the lack of airflow. id love to hear your comment/opinion about this. especially cause i dont want to waste my money.

Noisy Boy says:

There is a cheaper case that looks similar to this , its 60 bucks the name of it is silverstone orbit z1

Isaac Muscat says:

Can the shroud be removed?

Silly Team says:

in our country it’s $76

Daniel Berg says:

Nothing beats the fractal design define R6 for airflow and overall build ease

Alpha Machina says:

That’s a nice looking case. Airflow in the front looks closed off, though.

Boopy Doopy says:

Do I buy this case?

CharlieTso says:

id much rather pick up an nzxt s340

Ultra Gamer says:

Can I use this with Liquid Cooling?

Skitzotech Gaming says:

These reviews are pretty useless for people who like in warmer climates. For example Its 8pm where i live… its been dark for the past 3 hours… and its currently 29 degrees celsius at 80% humidity. That case would cook its internals.

Dermorder says:

Why hasn’t anyone done a review on the Cougar MX330? It costs 25$ and is extremely good. Has a magnetic filter on the top, a power supply shroud, enough space for two 240mm rads (one on top, one on the front), a ton of space in the back for cable management, and supports all mobos up to ATX.

Md. Imtiaj says:

Is this better than the masterbox lite 5 rgb???

Riley Dawson says:

Stir original distance early behavioral advocate oversee specifically welcome chart.

Servusbouschi says:

does your rgb adapter have just 3 iron wholes too?

The Shadow Paladin says:


Chascr Borlt says:

I like this T-shirt

Smule Magic piano says:

Can you have a mini itx mother board in the case

DougisLive says:

Would the nzxt elite not be a much better choice here or am I missing something

BaR0s says:

i cannot connect my build in rgb case, they didnt give me any information how and i really wanna buy a motherboard that fits all those ports that the case has

Eric L says:

Should of dropped the lights and added clearance for airflow. Some of us couldn’t give two shits about lights and windows.

Leowulf™ says:

If you care so much about airflow, you’re one of those cuckers that bitch about RGB in every peripheral and you probably mope about not having cases with 10+ 3.5″ drive bays in them.

I have an 1800x and a 1070 Ti and a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG. Does it have good airflow in the front? No, it’s shit air flow and so is the S340/S340 Elite, Phanteks P400/P400 TG and so many other cases.

My 1070 Ti Duke is running at 59-65 degrees tops and my CPU is really low too. A 240mm rad, and three fans total is all I need. So why are people so fucking obsessed with airflow as if it’s some magical necessity that does so much? It’s really overblown.

Oskar Modrijan says:

2:18 look at this face of a woman standing behind the pc hahah

NexonG. says:

You may take a look at the Aerocool P7-C1 (or project c7). It belongs in the same spot as the Enso.

Alpha Machina says:

Well, big time no go for me. I already had to modify the front of my Phanteks P400STG to get better airflow, and it has more intake than the Enso from the factory.

Here’s some pics of the modding I’m doing. It’s not finished yet; I still have to Dremel in the kind of rounded diamond shapes to the circular cutouts. And the steel that this case is made from is hard af, so it’s very time consuming trying to grind the edges smooth. Though, the front of the Enso looks plastic, so that would be really nice to work with as far as modding in some vents.

tigerbalm says:

When will they get rid of those ANNOYING tiny standoff screws? Make the mobo snap to the case. The worst part is screwing mobo down and it’s tight and takes forever…

Sm00th GAMES says:

Because bad airflow is trendy nowadays…

BaR0s says:

hey i just bought this case today im planning to buy a new motherboard can you actually tell me wich motherboard is compatible with the sync aura of this case please help

susanne allen says:

Does the front panel open for air flow?

zach lancaster says:

There are side vents on the front Kyle, where the LED disappears…check the manufacturer site for the PDF layout. Plenty of flow in stock configuration or with AIO…

Ragin Ranga says:


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