BitFenix Shogun PC Case Review



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‘The Awakening’ by ATLYSS


Chuckiele says:

Seriously, I was literally screaming “WHY?!” throughout the entire video. WTF is that case?! Tempered glass on the cable management side that you cant look throught?! A basement front with RGB lighting for SSDs but no cover?! Why the hell would you push the size, weight and price of a midsize tower so much?! That thing is fucking stupid.

Aeon Music says:

Hey man it’s ATLYSS! Thank you so much for supporting my music, however, you are using the wrong soundcloud link in the description. My new link is – I rebranded from ATLYSS to Aeon 🙂

biz4two biz4 says:

appreciate your honest review!! Great sense of humor to.

Dale Jenking says:

greg u need to get some muscle on ya

9410besi says:

I understand why you don’t like this case but don’t give up on BitFenix all together! They have other cheaper midtower sized cases that are better then this case 🙂

Aron Beast says:

Dude why do always look like your nerves are wrecked XD Like really angry… Anyways you make nice videos 😀

Brendin Venter says:

Haha amazing review! What a shit case hey

nosirrahx says:

There are loads of really cool devices designed to fit into 5.25 inch optical drive bays. I have not installed an actual optical drive into anything since Vista but I have used that bay to install other cool stuff like Icy Dock ToughArmor drive cages. Not including a single 5.25 inch bay is just stupid, especially on a big ass case like this.

LimitIsIllusion says:

Honestly seems like a decent case though

(Did I already comment this?)

Scott Roberts says:

Well said mate, Linus from LTT has put this issue perfectly, the viewer’s are your income source, and if your viewers dont trust you then you dont get views, most companies are grown up about this and accept that honest reviews of they’re products are in the best interest for both them, you and the consumer.

NAVIE says:

Shogun ?more like crappy Case Nogun
that case is Horrid

Chris says:

We need more of your videos

BrashTix says:

Oh wow you switched the name back… glad to see you seem a little more humble. Thought we lost ya to that ego for a while.. always remember when you quit learning you pretty much don’t have a reason anymore… no one knows all.. good vid bro keep it up…

Akito says:

last time I was this early the channel name was still the current channel name

MobbyDick says:

Oh boy, there is a lot of salt in this video 😀 I like honest reviews tho 🙂 The only thing I was missing was a built in that case because it is really hard for me to imagine what it looks like with componements inside. Keep it up!

Jon Jon says:

I couldn’t even picture spending that kind of money on ANY case lol. I’m happy with my Corsair carbide 330r titanium that was half the price.

Cody Mad says:

Hahahahaha “Holly Sh!t” hahahaha

Pennywise says:

I never liked any of BitFenix’s cases honestly, thanks for the honesty Greg.

The_rocketman says:

I really hate wasted space which means I hate this case.

3Rton says:

Though sometimes there just a products that hit all the spots P:

hue toob says:

Put some clothes on dude, the camera is rollin.

sweatdroplets says:

Hey mate, since you have more influence than anyone in the comments, Im looking for a closed case that can mount the GPU vertically so it can show the front side of the GPU. The only case that comes close is the Deepcool Genome but the design sucks (also that helix reservoir) and would like a full glass side panel like the NZXT s340 Elite.

Looking to build a mid/full tower case for a custom water loop.
Dont want a mini itx case , too hard to work with.

Are you able to talk to anyone you know that could possibly design one ?

Neato Electro says:

Good job on hiding your Corporate silliness! They probably made that terrible case just for reviewers like you to rag on just to up all of your guy’s credibility! JK! Love your videos and am glad you’re back to them after that vacation!

Martin Petrov says:

For 100$ you can buy FD Define C and call it the day.

Piyush Puranik says:

The only reason I stick to this channel is because the reviews are honest, and give you facts straight up before giving you an opinion.

Cha Siu Bao says:

Bitfenix started out really strong.  Everything just went down hill.  Really Sad.  I love there Bitfenix Survivor.  Some design flaw, but overall just beautiful.

ladymarion07 says:

To be honest, I don’t understand why You showed only the bad comment on Amazon (strangely cutting the top of the screen where You can see the positive ones), actually the case received very awesome reviews and videos, I own one and it’s a very good chassi. On amazon and newegg reviews seem pretty cool to be honest, I also watched some videos of awe of tech, tech of tomorrow or gamers nexus, or review websites like tweaktown or guru3d. The chassi seems nice to be honest, with all the good scores it collected around, it seems almost like You did this video on purpose to appear to be a clean and honest guy which clearly seems you are not

roshan sanasam says:

review ended at 01:10 lol

Aorio says:

Greg is not wearing a pants underneath

Harambe's Ghost says:

“Not a fan.”

That’s correct. It’s a case. Duh.

gmrb79s says:

bitfenix aegis line was also garbage… top mount blocked 30% of airflow…just garbage. This has been gmrb79s studio, thank you for grinding with us.

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

Sticking with my old NZXT.

Martin Ma says:

Hey dude, try to wipe your desk. There’s too much lint!!!

Brett Wallace says:

spaghetti arms!!!!

TechMantra says:

Honestly, who makes the design decisions for these cases? Do they load up paint, do a rough sketch and just build that?

Duane McCarthy says:

There is nothing brutal about HONESTY.

SB The Pikachu says:


John Wood says:

Linus right? You’re talking about Linus

Queencity Limo says:

Greg, Ed just called you out on his pc wars video plz check it out it the last setup with crazy bends on the loops. not cool dude. fucked up i backed you up though.

LimitIsIllusion says:

Shoulda saved that thumbnail for a case review that doesn’t come with fans

manuelthegreatman says:

these non-bias reviews are great. this one reason I subscribed to JayzTwoCents way back in the day. you just earned yourself a subscriber.

Naseer Abbas says:

Dear Greg,
You are using ATLYSS now known as AeonMusic’s song but you include the wrong soundcloud link.
This is the actual one.

adi firdhaus adi m. adnan says:


Elimentus says:

The fact that they tinted the right sidepanel is actually one of the smartest design choices they’ve made! I would love it if Phanteks did the same with their Enthoo Evolv. Having tempered glass on both sides helps the symmetry and visual balance of the system, but having it opaque means you don’t have to be a cable management god 😉

Credible Witness says:

FACT: Dimitri from Hardware Canucks pronounces Bit Fenix as Beet Finix.

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