Bitfenix Portal Case Review and Build

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


TheIronBatz says:

Give me portal I’m broke af

IriaChan says:

Stop putting PX347c PRIME in tags to videos that have nothing to do with that monitor you baiting fat fuck

Andres Fest says:

Not a big fan of portal but it’s cool to see an out of the box videogame themed case.

KingStivan says:

so ur using the GH5 right ? but what lens :> ?

dmynerd78 says:

I want that portal gun
Also loved all the Portal references xD That was the icing on the cake right there. Oh wait there is no cake

jorge69696 says:


PhilfreezeCH says:

Does it support SFX-L PSUs?

Alan H. Asgari says:

great looking case… as for the video, I wouldnt call it a “Review and Build.”
why? Well, because all this looked like was an unboxing…
There was very little testing done of the case itself;
one could have actually built the system to check temps and airflow…
Also, “…and Build,” really? A mobo, cpu, ram and case, without power on, passes for a build with you guys?

Not to knock on you, but I expect more in terms of a “Review and Build” from RL Techs like you…

Free Thinker says:

Wendell can you get your hands on one of the Phanteks Shift (X) cases?

Gertrude Filthbasket says:


vtwinbreed says:

The end.. So sterile.. So good. 😀

Paul Bacon says:

I couldn’t tell if he meant “In this case” or “In this case”…

Bruno Bandeira says:

Great, you should add the sound effects, like the “Are you still there?” when it hibernates or something.

TheDude says:

Was that an ASMR attempt at the very end? 😀

chriseatschopsuey says:

What’s the point of having a desktop if you only have 3 drive trays?

handquake says:

Such a good vid.

Captain Sandwich says:


smashie2000 says:

What a cool little case, perfect for my sons firs PC

Brophen Brophen says:

Going to sleep I can hear it say

“Are you still there…?

Toonami30 says:

I heard bitfenix has some good PSU’s for pc’s.

CrashPilot1000 says:

I will buy that case when HL3 comes out.

Alexander Dinesen says:

After that ending you better take a shower, Wendell. Bad Wendell!!

AJMannTech says:

had to get the peel in didn’t you..

AxeMastersINC says:

Wendell, Wendell, Wendell.

Chillfanger says:

144€ in a finnish computer store, but it is available in black, so maybe I’ll wait if the prices drop.

Karthig1987 says:

Your peel porn could use some work wendell

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