Bitfenix Nova TG PC Case Review! Tempered Glass for only $59!?

The new Bitfenix Nova TG is a $59 budget PC case with tempered glass???
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◄ziadTheJinnai► says:

whats the name of those colorfull ram plse ?????

Fallacy says:

Good thing I got my tempered glass case for like 20 dollars cheaper.

garen kasp says:

Hey the link isnt up yet?

Irishhellion420 says:

Even in 2017 and for as long as I can I will still have DVD’s that I would like to watch..internet is nice but not available everywhere so having your media tied into your internet is a no go for this guy. If I have a PC why should I also own a seperate DVD player; sounds like a money scam to me.

Here is a tidbit to annoy the PC master race almost every ‘console killer’ PC I have seen on YT excludes an optical drive to reduce price especially BluRay which has been a standard for Sony since PS3. .

Looks like a good case hard decision now between this and the Focus G.

Simon Henkel says:

Holy shit this Case is ugly and for 59 dollars its just not good.

Benyamin Lorit says:

Without the tempered glass, I don’t think this case has anything else going for it. It’s pretty meh without it

Kllr_Lzzrd 21 says:

2:54 oh come on frank, it is its first time don’t judge it bruh

iReDiZz says:

Not bad at all

Hurricane- says:

Perfect gaming PC(。’▽’。)♡ I like it♡(・´з`・)

Jacob Bellanger says:

+randomfrankp , were you the person who tweeted about guns and back to school in walmart??

EDIT: He found the gun section of Walmart labeled: “Back to school, like a hero!”

Bassam Abdeldayem says:

I wish I could buy a gaming PC lol

Dylan Gardner says:

Please use this case in place of that *THING*….. on your desk.. please

José Muy gay says:

still love my inwin 301

Monster Fish says:

Awesome video loved it

JoshTechBytes says:

Nice case, and pretty clean build to boot :D. That topple when peeling the plastic cover must have been annoying.

Fred Crewneck says:

The bay is good for a Blu ray player

deathanator gf says:

os ther coming a back 2 school vid???

Assoholic Shark says:

Should I get this or the P400TG?

Iv Gaming says:

I would like to know the parts list for this build.

Giordan Rodriguez says:

when this shit comes out?

TNT Testificate says:

might get this over the focus g

Sondre Mikkelsen says:

just let the hardwarecanucks people do the case reviews dude. i feel like they are much more profesional when it comes to reviewing cases and other pc related products.

Josh TechGamer says:

like the white with black logo

The Vaper says:

Isn’t it great when you can watch 4K videos on youtube on you 1366×768 res. monitor.

quinn says:

Does anyone know of a good amd or I tel processor for under 80 dollars. I am building a pc and only have a 200 dollar budget (I already have the ram and gpu)

Yamil Llanos says:

Can the drive cages be removed?

Hunter Tyree says:

I’ll just wait for Phanteks’s P300.

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

It’s not always for a disc drive, it’s also a good spot for a multi card reader.

ItsAsianMike says:

them PSU cables nasty, waste of RGB

AgarAddicted says:

Why is there an AIO in the thumbnail build if this case doesn’t support them?

ecotts says:

Nice bit of quality control on the corner of that bit of glass 1:42

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