Bitfenix Ghost Quiet Gaming Computer Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Bitfenix has been releasing one hit product after another these days. Between the Shinobi, Shinobi XL, and Prodigy you can buy any size of gaming machine, but what if you want something silent that still performs well? Bring on the Ghost!



Erik Budai says:


Mahbub Ali says:

My right ear enjoyed this video

LouisNRB254 says:

This made me stick a few ear buds in there. Thanks Linus.

Daf Darkling says:

when we buy any pc case, does it comes withthe screws?

Thomas Thoft says:

i don’t know why but i started laughing at his ghost joke 😀

Taha Rouf says:

My left ear heard everything

Spoodle Productions says:

I like when there are good top dust filters because dust can settle on the top when the computer is off even if the top is exaust.

rebusforever says:

I want to install an h100 and a fury x ideally with the fury at the back of the case in one of these, is that possible?

Erik Budai says:

the joke at the start is reeeeally awkward and cringe XD

DamageIncM says:

Set your audio to mono, people. It’s the future. (Sadly, that’s only half a joke.)

Mike Mckay says:

You sold me on this case with the review, been looking for a reasonable priced case with offset top rad mounts to accommodate my arctic freezer 240mm push pull and the hidden hot sata dock clinched it

Then a stroke of pure luck, box UK sell them for £60 which was a good price but then I noticed they had a slightly damaged one (just the side panel) on sale as an open box for £40, so FINALLY after about 3 weeks of looking at cases and case videos I might finally have found what I need

Good to see a review that FULLY explores a case including the bottom of the case and the top with any covers and grills removed which many reviews don’t include

KingKaos says:

do you even 1:11:27:27 youtube1:11:27:27

Nick says:

*LinusMonoTips* or *LinusStereoTips*?

GAMINGwith KRUPY says:

Does this have cd drive??

Игорь Болотов says:

Apparently Linus is terrible at getting drive sleds into their places.

Nelson Pacheco says:

worst video i ve seen from linus…

DunkinNugget says:

OMG,… I noticed the audio was only coming from my left speaker so I just took apart my right speaker thinking something was wrong with it and I’ve just realized it’s the videos fault,… fucking kill me /:

Fud_Cannon says:

I have this case but am building an i7 6700K oc based on a Maximus VIII Hero/Alpha board, want to put in an Corsair H105 closed loop water cooler but am not sure if the top of the case has enough space to mount it with the fans internally so that nothing is showing on outside. Wonder if you heard that it will or know if there is any compatibility issues?

Christiaan Steenkamp says:

Im loling listening to linus explaing rgb strips! Man we have come a long way since 2012…..

Aidin Mclaurin says:


I was thinking of removing the 5.25″, 2.5″, and 3.5″ Bays from the case and only using the stealth hotswap chamber on top. Do you think the case would be sturdy enough without those front cages? They look structural at 8:40.

Fernando F says:

i kinda like the innovation where the HDD can be hidden on the top ,and i also like the front door can be opened either side,but i’m not a fan of having cover or door in the front.

dixie normous says:

he has every tool known to mankind… on his keychain. 🙂

Shamolxis Shamolxis says:

my left ear is now more used than the right one, ty Linus

schaming says:

My right ear felt left out while watching this

Ryan Murray says:

Oh god the intro compared to today’s….

Jason Lee says:

Quiet video with a quiet case

Erik Budai says:


Fitsa Dee says:

Sexy case. I want that to replace my Zalmon Z11! I love my case, but with a condensor mic I have issues due to noise.

karthik ch says:

Y am I getting audio from only one side? I started playing some music on my phone to check cuz I thought my ear phones were broken! It’s only this video

Scott Gillis says:

i like how in 4:06 in he checked his phone xD

MacoDeVinx says:

Would the asus m5a97 r2.0 fit in this case?

itsjustamemebro says:

does it support dvd drives?

Kevin S. says:

Thank you; yours is the first review i’ve seen that comments on the non-necessity of a dust filter for top ‘exhaust’ fans!

Tixie Czech says:

Bitfenix make nice and good quality build cases. I just got myself the Prodigy M and its really nice.

JingPing says:

My left ear enjoyed this video

Matthew Kenworthy says:

left ear loving this vid

Asad Kothawala says:

Will an MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G fit in this case?

Fernando F says:

Dude,,time is money,so pls,,no more wasting time unboxing on video..

Erik Budai says:


Born Boy says:

Can’t find this on local store… 🙁

Cristian Bureriu says:

Mono is the new Stereo

Lorenzo Marsicano says:

God, is this an old video lol

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