Best & Worst PC Case Trends | What’s Next?

– Computer cases are very subjective, but I think we can all agree on a few of the best and worst trends over the years. Also, let’s discuss what I think we’ll see next in 2018!

A few of the PC cases reviewed on this channel:
Deepcool Quadstellar:
Corsair 460X:
NZXT H700i:
Fractal Design Define C:
Phanteks P400S:
Deepcool Baronkase Liquid:
NZXT S340 Elite:

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Radar Lund says:

I am so excited for the non tinted meshify c

ousi00 says:

I would like to see silent case to make a come back. Back in 2015 they were the “cool”. I didn’t follow in 2016 and 2017 but when I just look at the market now – why tempered glass? I’m afraid of big tempered glass pane – not the weight but the potential danger. I’ve seen people get hurt really badly when a piece of tempered glass explodes right in his face (He overtightened some screws , created a fine crack and not-so-smart to put some pressure on the glass). I’m okay with coated plexiglass though.

Tomdebom1 says:

Define r6 is best mid tower yet imo

Rain E says:

Still I don’t understand why PSUs mounted on top is bad.

JustLovett0 says:


jlrockafella says:

Best case case for rigid tubing and vertical GPU custom loop is Thermaltake view 71 TG! Everyone else is barely catching up.

Alpha says:

4:49 wtf my 10 year old case has it at the bottom when was it being at the top ever a thing?

dan wilkins says:

I’d love to see more re-orientable cases. My wife and I have the same case and it would be great to set them back to back and see the RGB goodness of both.

Miles Kosik says:

For the love of God can we stop with tempered glass behind the motherboard tray. Nobody wants to see cabpes

NovaDoll says:

I love my case. I have to import it from the UK to the US and now they “sell” it in the US for than what I paid plus international shipping. 🙁

Randy Gareth says:

I have a Corsair 400C and I couldn’t agree more. It’s biggest flaw has to be the spacial restrictions, not only for cable management behind the motherboard tray but also at the top of the case when installing fans or even a large CPU tower heatsink.

Matthew Golden says:

I know those are just screws, but it looks like a cat crapped on your floor.

vasilije94 says:

I wish they make a case and components that dont have rgb. I am sorry, i am not a kid and dont need flashing lights all around me. I just want case with good amount of space and enough room for cables and good airflow. Same goes for PC parts. I am tired of rgb shit upping the price for no reason. If you want good GPU, guess what, rgb comes whether you like it or not, and you are paying for it. You want good CPU cooler, oh yea, rgb is must and you pay for it anyway. Can i get a good cooler without rgb and extra price because of it? I just want a clean case with space and cables taken care of. I don’t need stupid rgb lights. Who am i going to show it to? My girlfriend? Like yea, she is gonna be so impressed with stupid lights. Same goes for gaming laptops. You cant get one without stupid color schemes and lights. I mean dont stop making rgb components, there are people who like that, just fucking make normal ones for us who dont want rgb. And all of you are now going to be like, just turn it off, but i don’t want to pay extra for something i am not going to use.

Brandon Nixon says:

Ima be honest, my 460x has the back panel open cuz I cant close it with all my cables LOL

Beehj 1 says:

Greg – I agree with most of your comments and projections for case trends. The front IO being modular is a tiny, obvious-in-retrospect piece of genius. I can’t believe this isn’t standard yet! So a request, since you’re one of the few who continue to suggest the S340 elite – can you do a 2018 review on the s340 for air cooling, with added fans in the front specifically. I’ve seen multiple people recently claiming the S340 elite is terrible for airflow, something the H700i supposedly fixes, and yet in the GamersNexus case reviews of late, the difference between the 700i and the s340 elite stock (no front fans) is fairly minimal. Trouble is, I can’t find a single review of the S340 elite with 2x 140mm fans added (the logical pathway for air-cooling users and a significant upgrade on temps w/ fresh intake) while using either a regular tower-heatsink like the Cryorig H7 or an enthusiast sized one like the Noctua NH-D15 or BeQuiet DarkRockPro3 etc. All of the reviews I saw for the s340 elite either left it in stock configuration, or added a 240mm AIO up front.

It would be nice to see a review of some of the better and most popular cases in the last few years in common configurations, to form a baseline for comparisons. Also, it would be nice to clear some misconceptions about just how much these designs impede airflow (it’s surely some, as my s340 elite w/ 2x140mm fans drops by a few degrees on core components when removing the front panel entirely, but it’s not starved as many other popular cases of late, especially those prioritising aesthetics over functionality, as opposed to balancing the two).

So my suggestion is perhaps not for case trends in 2018, but rather case-review trends to show more configuration examples too! Cheers.

Raju Gupta says:

Can Pentium g645 is comfortable with graphics card gt 1030?
Please tell me
I am thinking to buy gt 1030 graphics card
Motherboard:- biostar H61MLV2 PCI express 3.0
4gb ddr3 ram
Intel Pentium g645 @, 2.90ghz
Gt 1030 is good for my pc

mjc0961 says:

3:38 – “after several rough reviews and comments”
Insert clip of Steve from GamersNexus trying to lift the H500P and it falls apart.

Surat Jalalov says:

When is the revised PC-O11 Dynamic coming out?

Wayne Christopher says:

The Define R6 White TG will probably what I use for next build. Checks all the boxes for me.

Kaboom Designs says:

I wish there where more cases with the window side panel on the other side so if you have your pc on the left side of your desk you can still see your pc components

thenanoman says:

If i buy and i3 8100 pc without graphics card till they become cheaper it will cost 360€ should i buy a better cpu or is i3 enough i dont edit any videos or stream till i save for graphics card i will play mostly old games

Yiğit Doğan says:

Why you deleted the livestream? I couldn’t watch it. I was in school because of DAMN TIME ZONE!

FellTheSky says:

i have the dukase v3 because its the cheapest box i could fit a 280 rad on

Flutters says:

What I would love to see is cases with more colors than just white or black. There have been in the past, and there will definitely be in the future, but it’s usually just one or two cases or manufacturers that do this. It is purely something cosmetic, and I don’t expect every manufacturer to make them or to make all their cases a rainbow, but it would be nice to see some other colors.

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