Best PC Case Round-Up (2017): $50 to $100 Mid-Towers

This is a round-up of the best PC (“gaming”) cases that have come through our lab, all ATX mid-towers in the $50-$100 range.
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NZXT S340 Elite:

SilverStone RL06:

Thermaltake Core P3:

In Win 303:

Corsair 270R:

Fractal Define C:

CoolerMaster MasterBox 5:

Corsair Spec-04:

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Host: Steve Burke
Video Producer: Andrew Coleman
Article: Patrick Lathan


Christyles says:

any chance on a mini itx best gaming cpu case round up?

Guillaume Lanthier says:

Thank you for this video, just as I was about to buy a new case. Excellent timing!!

Titanium Town says:

I dont like the master box 5

Luca Capperucci says:

how about the p400?

Kevin Ramirez says:

can you put in a fan of your choice on the corsair spec 04? or do you have to use the one that it comes with? I’m new to this I’m trying my best

Maxence Beuselinck says:

Where’s the Phanteks P400S ??

Totally Not a Ninja says:

Seriously what do you guys’ problem with Phanteks??

Benji St Rose says:

For 89,99 Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass should be here as well.

newport5504 says:

very suprised SilverStone Precision Series PS14 ATX is not in this list only $59 in australia

Tik Tech says:

couldn’t you just write their name for every case in the video i don’t know for which one you are talking about

Alex Collins says:


Josh Shewfelt says:

cooler master just wants to put as many “masters” in the name as possible. The more masters it has the more they can charge.

knislappen says:

Razer S340 killing it after 3 years….

HDx_Astrozz says:

This guy sounds like a flight attendant that hates their job

Name says:

Fits my setup with those led swastikas

morgan betsinger says:

Why no Phanteks cases?

RIAU 8888 says:

i dont get it. why Phanteks p400s werent in your list?
Phanteks p400s is one of the best prices for the cases under $100. why ?
no sponsored?

Haku Urameshi says:

best ty

firebirdude2 says:

“Where’s the P400?!” …..fuckin nerds…

First Name Last name says:


WintryDuke 7 says:

His budget case:50$
My budget case:15$
GG my friend

berighteous says:

I need a case with a 5 1/4″ drive bay. None of these have one. What is a good case for folks who still produce disk media?

bladeofwar says:

All good brands and models, can’t go wrong.

Roman says:

I got an s340 for $50 a month ago for the new tower I built and at that price I’m very impressed with what I got.

knislappen says:

3:54 why no 280 support?????

jonfensu says:

How can the S340 be there?! Would you pay 100USD (!) for a case with a bad and outdated internal layout? (Only 1 fan mount on top without a dust filter; only 240mm support on front and without possibility of a Push-Pull configuration or thick radiator; no HDD caddies and non removable drive cage; no sound dampening; no rubber grommits or velcro straps) oh, and dont forget the bad paint job that scratches easily
With the Phanteks P300 announced in Computex for 60USD, you can clearly see how the S340 is so overrated and overpriced and how the P400sTG and Define C are WAY better and cheaper cases

Bruce Moniz says:

So you didnt want to review a Phanteks P400s TG odd considering most other reviews include it and is highly rated

Lauritz Mussmann says:

Quality of production is superb!

Name says:

Do you need a case?

Useless Username says:

If you’re in the UK and looking for a dirt cheap case. The CiT Dark Star is a great option. It works perfectly imo for the price. It’s like $25?

perimiter says:

i feel bad now for buying a SPEC-03 instead of the 270R . 🙁

Desmond Shane says:

you talk like a news reporter -_-

SuperAutoVoltage says:

Love the no bullshit in this video. Keep it up!

Mr. Señor says:

I definitely think the Cullinan is way better looking than the S340 but Christ the cable management space is horrid, it took me 2 hours to neatly pack all the cables vs 20-30 minutes on the s340

Bruce Moniz says:

No Phantek p400 S TG why

CatConnoisseur says:

Where is the USB C?

Ice Bear says:

These are all rectangles.
Instead of space exploration we have engineers teaming up on making boxes better then other boxes.

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