Best PC case on the market?

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolve ATX TG is… quite frankly, absolutely beautiful. But is it perfect?

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Stev A says:

Nope! This is definitely NOT the best PC case on the market. But it is a nice case. Especially the black. The white one look ridiculous.

glowpipe says:

will i easily fit a corsair hydro h60 and and a 1080 card into this case ? Is there a new better model of this case i should go for instead seeing this vid is a tad bit old now ?

Luca S. says:

Got mine yesterday, i was so happy until a few minutes later when i found out that the glass was broken in the top corner.

liquidalloy says:

Thumbs up for the video, thumbs down for the case. atrocious.

Firestarter says:

Martha Stewart is a convicted felon that served time in jail… she’ll fuck you up! #bring back linus

pillsnottasty says:

I’d have to say, that this was the WORST review on your channel. You spent half of the review bitching about stuff that noone cares about. This was the most opinion-based review on youtube. I can usually forgive those long-ass ads on your vids, but in this video i fucking hated them. Not only did I have to listen to your shit opinions, but i had to spend my time watching ads and giving you profit! Linus could do a lot better job than you did. Also, did you seriously think, that this was the best case on the market? There are A LOT of better cases, and you basically bitched around complaining about it for AT LEAST 70% of your video(without counting ads). A dislike from me!

RandomDude says:

The Valcro Straps are long enough you just used them wrong 🙂 both sides of the strap go over the cables you are not supposed to squeeze the cables between them. I have that case so i can tell.

buder5 says:

im sick of tunnel bear ads make other ads instead :S (i already know it way befor i sub)

eddie martinez says:


Ivo says:

This video was uploaded on 28th of June 2016 – today is 6th of February 2017 – still…. I don’t see any logical, practical, with enough space to manage the mess inside PC case…. It’s like everybody in the PC case brands are stuck to one and the same old impractical (compared with the new technologies and stuff that’s coming out) model…. To all the PC cases brands – Guys, it’s time to start thinking out of the BOX!!! (what an irony… ). Just giving some crazy angles, shiny lights and glass panels but keeping the same old architecture that wasn’t change in decades… that’s not a progress…. in fact – that’s against the progress….
Peace! Nice review by the way – thumbs up!

pillsnottasty says:

LTT video planning= ¼ Your intro and ads ½ Actual content ¼Outro(fucing ads). Basically 50% ads and 50% content on your videos. Oh, and most of them are sponsored. 100% ads then. A dislick from me!

Karl Pitterson says:

I am not a fan of mid towers, I currently have a Thermaltake Speedo Ultra and looking at the Corsair Obsidian 900D but damn that price, holy crap and Thermaltake X71. I can see a big price difference but what would you recommend? I still use fans but eventually will go to closed or open liquid cooling. But basically the modular the better…Thanks ( I looked at the 750D but it is smaller. )

zebroification says:

meh stil no 5.25 external slot

Tam Tran says:

For everyone commenting about the right glass panel exposing the messy cables, I totally agree with everyone, but I’ve found the perfect solution – Spray paint the INSIDE of the right glass panel with some plasti dip and you’re good.

In case you’re wondering what plasti dip is, it’s a rubberized, matte spray paint (black is the most common color), which is removable/peel-able. And not only is it removable, but it is extremely easy and forgiving to work with.

Vaskedama says:

Still looking for a case that does not build so much backwards. The era of 3.5 drives / bays are over. The sooner manufacturers and companies realize this, the better it is. Heck, I only have 1 m.2 drive in my pc, the rest is located in my NAS. My m.2 is now seated in a pcie slot, but even in the m.2 slot, they barely take up any space.

The dimensions of computer cases these days are what bothers me. Back in the day they were slimer and narrower, not taking up much space horizontally nor building to much backwards, but of course the that prevented optimal cooling and cable management, but they were visually pleasing to the eye, unlike cases these days. Which is why I would love to see more alternatives !

Shaorune Nautilus says:

could Asus z10PE – 8WS fit this ???

Mrlongname says:

case, meh

disadadi says:

The front is pretty ugly, though.

PoisonFrog says:

I have a Dell Inspiron 3650 and its case is small and cramped was wondering if I can take some of the good components it has in it out like the motherboard, i5 processor, and the ram and the hard drive and put it in a bigger case and just get a new power supply and gpu which which right now I have a gt 730

Firestarter says:

The first video I watch with my Anker Sound core had to have an add for it. WTF.

nervoustwitch77 says:

do they make this awesome case in e atx?? or can you point me in the direction of a nice e atx mobo??

Theinfinitato says:

Is that black or grey

Andrus Lumi says:

haha hard on it?

champion1642 says:

Too much nit picking in this review.

Teal says:

As a young PC gaming enthusiast, with pride, I can say this with pride is the best tower for a gaming rig. I would say the second best is the Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Windowed ATX because of its large amount of space for just about anything your heart desires.

David Lorenz says:

I just cannot decide between the Evolv TG and the Corsair 460x! The 460x looks so damn good from the front and side but the top just doesn´t look all that great at all. Also not a fan of the TG mounting method and to be honest a TG left side panel would be nice to have, as well. The Evolv TG just looks so much more premium due to all that aluminium and the super clean top panel. By the way, I`d probably bring my left TG panel to some kind of paint shop and have it get a really nice and somewhat translucent graphic sprayed on the inside of it. I mean, seriously, why did nobody do that yet?!

Wizard. says:

lol this is nothing compaed to my best friends rusted dusty broken glass white case

Carlos Rios says:

could you dremel in a usb type c port?

Royce Allen says:

Could you mount the radiator on the inside of the case directly to the right of the motherboard?

Ian Khan says:

Does it come with the RGB strip?

Lawrence Hermeister says:

Can you only put one graphics card in the case? No SLI?

Mike Mckay says:

This case and some of the other high end cases sacrifice function for form. They force you to place SSDs away from any chance of decent air flow behind the motherboard plate or with this one stuck between the glass panel and the PSU shroud. Which considering some of the faster SSDs can get quite toasty and can suffer from thermal throttling is just plain stupid

The slide out trays aren’t well thought out either, the section of the case above the tray should be part of the tray itself really as it stops you being able to have a push pull radiator with two fans above the slide out tray and the rad and the other two below it to save space inside the case

Not very well thought out at all

Firestarter says:

FUCK! everytime I see lukes face I click off the video. BRING BACK LINUS

ali Naseem says:

any case with glass and lighting with 16 bays of SSD and HDD and not so bulky

Shadowwolf TD5000 says:

So when will the Enthoo Elite get reviewed? (a.k.a. the monstrosity that 8Pack modded to put TWO systems in there)

deltapulse says:

I use Corsair Carbide 400R case and must say it’s both estetic, well-made, well-cooled and works OK with cooling the stuff inside. Try it, Luke. 🙂

Christopher Boissier says:

Try this NZXT Noctis 450 ROG, black this is a really nice case

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