Best Gaming PC Cases of 2018 (So Far) | CES Case Round-Up

Our round-up of the best computer cases of 2018 so far, all from CES 2018. Includes the Lian Li O11 Dynamic & Air, CM H500P Mesh, & more.
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Article (with links to case coverage):

This round-up of the best cases at CES 2018 explores top PC cases for airflow, cable management, design, and ease of installation. We talk about the new H500P Mesh and H500M enclosures, the Lian Li O11 Air and O11 Dynamic, Enermax Saberay, and more. The content also explores cases that leave a lot to be desired, like the Thermaltake View 37 and Corsair 500D, and also points out a few of the best small form factor cases — SilverStone’s Micro-ATX units, for example, or In Win’s Mini-ITX A1 SFF PC case.

Lian Li O11 coverage:

Cooler Master H500P Mesh coverage:

In Win A1:

Thermaltake Versa series, View 37:

Corsair 500D:

SilverStone Micro-ATX cases:

Enermax Saberay:

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Host: Steve Burke
Additional Reporting: Patrick Stone
Video: Andrew Coleman + Keegan Gallick


Kristoffer Hårstad says:

Best GAMING pc cases. Only for gaming then? They have RGB so I guess…

Umair Qureshi says:

Impatiently waiting for the H500M to roll out soon.

Tomasz Gołda says:

I wish there was a case worth to replace my old Haf XB 🙁

D1RTYD1Z619 says:

Was Antec not there?

Madushan Randima says:

Make a video that all of that cases realese most of the people watching to see the realese date to build their new pc

Mosberg says:

when will the h500m come out

Gwen Coonen says:

Loving your vids and honesty of productreviews!

Jagcher88 says:

I am missing the best Case, the Be Quiet! Dark Base 700!!!!

Chef Jacob says:

that is one good looking cat

OldGamerGene says:

Just excellent – your critique made an impact. Can’t wait to see testing results.

dhaszek says:

Are any of those rgb fans actually pushing any air through the radiator?

Anmol Balakrishnan says:

When is cooler master H500p mesh going to launch

Alan F Conde says:

*sees cat*

*instantly thumbs up*

Patrick Blais says:

Hello. 1st of all, thanks for your videos they are very usefull to learn the latest news and development around PC tech.

I’ve got a question for you.

I used to have a PC built into an XCLIO Windtunnel case. It was recently ruined by water (leaked from my roof) and my Insurances are paying me to replace it. I wanna go with a full atx board and an Asus 1080ti. I’ve always been a fan of cases where air flows as strong as a tornado and I don’t really case about the noise.. let’s say this criteria is based on 4 out of 10.

Right now, which case can you suggest me based on thi? I’m not even sure if I can consider mid-towers. I still prefer full towers but if you think a good mid-tower can handle it, I’ll go for that.

Thanks a lot again and have a good one !!

Pin says:

So, umm I am kinda building my new PC next week and I stopped at Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900, but I heard its not that good for air cooling.I am going to cool my CPU with a Noctua NH-D15, The CPU is 8700K which gonna get delided + change the paste with Thermal Grizzly one. My GPU is 1080ti ROG STRIX.Can I get a good suggestion for a good Air-Flow/Air-Cooling Case, cause I am not touching water cooling at all.

Mateusz says:

Hey. =)
What do you think about Thermaltake Supressor F31 Tempered Glass Edition?
I’m asking about thermals because price and its looks are pretty tempting for me.
My current case is utter piece of shit… 🙁

Thanks for any input ! <3

Monsicek says:

I am looking to build HDD storage machine with 6-8 HDDs that would run in my bedroom. Therefore it should be super quiet. I do not plan to use that machine for gaming. I have different machine for that. Any tips for super quiet ATX case? Thank you for suggestions? I so far ended up with Be Quiet! – Silent Base 800

Fatal says:

That the only thing hindering me with my pc build: the case(so many I like). And do I need a internal optical drive with all the USB ports i have

Meatball sub says:

I love the extended motherboard mounts now when i can put my 240m rad on top without it being crammed and have more intakes on the front good work lian li

Sir Starchild says:

That Enermax Saberay would look much better without the giant branding

Andrew McKeon says:


Kelvin KMS says:

Thermaltake View 91 is the best !!! Nothing come close.

Danielys says:

The meshify still has the best looking mesh grille imo

de ondergang says:

Lian Li 011 Hands down!

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