Best Case Under $100? Fractal Design Define C & mini-C

It’s always a familiar experience with Fractal Design and the two new cases do not disappoint! The Define C emerges as one of the best mid-towers for the year & the mini-C may start a new mATX trend for gaming builds. Well done Fractal!

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Sami says:

Can you mod away the power supply shroud with out the case being bendable please answer!

DucksEverywhere says:

As always, beautiful shots and footage!

Rodrigo Santos says:

This is by far the best compact Mid-tower case I’ve seen. I want it so bad, but it’s not sold in Brazil 🙁

Jay Bee says:

i think im going to wait for the fractal design all tempered glass case…..should be coming soon,as of all other case companies r doin it.

Khataphet Kongyou says:

still no TG…..
It puts me off
I would love a TG Version

Adrian Sikora says:

I’m not really feeling the Short tower thing, I would much rather get the Define S but I see where people that would get it are coming from.

mobuis juan says:

The SHOCK!!!!..hhahahaha

TheGas .81 says:

Dear fractal design…

Leave the interior of define c as it is and change only the matte finish that s340 elite has…

Make the front panel with mess…for easy access to fan filter and removing fans so we don’t have to take out the whole front panel all the time..something like mastercase 5

Release a TG version exactly like inwin 303…

And you have the perfect mid tower case…

Robert Keenan says:

YES, Please Define-c vs Elite case.

Edgar Mertins Pappa says:

Dremel a hole for the PCIe GPU cables? Mine is on its way, and figured that could be a great mod to improve the clean layout even further.

Shahnewaz Ahmed says:

The Mini C is the real star of the show. 🙂

Daffa Romero says:

Define C vs S340/Elite!

SecretSalami48 says:

I will be getting my case in a few days. It will be fun to see how my fx 8350 and gtx 980 will live on that case. I will be putting a 240mm rad to the front.

My 980 will cry…. But not during winter. Finnish winter for the win.

Dantai says:

I’ve been struggling to pick between Define C and Define S.

Define S can do 3 140mm fans in the front, while the Define C can only do 2 140mm fans, but has a PSU shroud.

Rick says:

Three things I’d like to see – tempered glass side window, blacked out fans and PCI brackets, and an RGB led for the power button.

Kevin Kern says:

I would love to win one of these! I really like your ad for the cooler master keyboards it is so good it could run on any major TV network!

freak777power says:

Thermaltake x31, picked it up for $99 and owns both of these cases.

Deve TFU says:

Guys I need your your help! This or S340 (Could get elite if its way better than original s340)

Beegee Banbury says:

if only the shroud had a hole for the gpu power cord and tempard glass. I would buy with less then a heart beat 🙁

Malte Gunnarsson says:

Define mini C

CumaDekis says:

difference to the define s?

Kosta Kollaras says:

yes please compare these two i cant decide which one to buy

LeuLeBlanc says:

I bought the In Win Grone for less than 100, it was on discount in my city

David Aleksic says:

Which one would you personally suggest, and why?
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mAtx or Fractal Design Defini Mini C?

Sigurd A Bjørkli says:

The opening of the knife at 1:05. Lol

Vampires Crypt says:

I liked your performance in guardians of the galaxy xD

angelo lopez says:

why did the 5.25 inch bay is face out.

or nobody uses CD/blue ray anymore ?
or is it easy to use a USB stick?

MerOne Ralph Jr. Bolinto says:

guys! do you think the sound dampening materiaal in this micro atx build works?

Ic0n says:

how would clearance be for a corsair h100i v2?

classicrockonly says:

Dimitri! Or someone…with 60mm of clearance of space between the front of the case and the drive cage slid back, would it work to fit the newest Fractal Design Celsius S36 in it? 31mm thick rad + 25mm thick fan would be 56mm. Is that too dumb? I was additionally looking at a Corsair RM650x or EVGA SuperNOVA 650W G2. If my math is correct, the case is 16.26 inches – 3.5 inch HDD (add 0.5 for cage..over estimate) – 6.5 inches for the PSU – 2.2 inches for the rad/fans = 3.56 inches of space left. So with that much crammed in there would it be inefficient to buy the 360mm and just go for the 240mm option?

ddmeltzer8 says:

Would it be difficult to add some more usb ports?
I am going to build a computer for the first time and I need more usb ports.

Steveindajeep says:

Look out! He’s got a KNIFE 1:04

N Mars says:

Best PC case reviewers. Please review the Cougar Panzer cases? (Tempered Glass and the MAX)

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