BeQuiet Silent Base 600 PC Case Review

The BeQuiet Silent Base 600 is a quiet PC case. How quiet? Well, we stuffed it full of angry cats and were still able to have a pleasant conversation. Granted, the conversation was all about the cats we had stuffed into a PC case, because who does that? But it was pretty quiet. Anyways, here’s a video.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


Devin Antonovich says:

Yes. Would pay for a quieter PC. I am building a new PC for use as a music production and recording rig. Really helps to have as silent a computer as possible for that application.

johnsolar says:

Poor Anthony

Courtney Bennett says:

WIN ME! i wanna win… I NEED COMPUTES!

SyedTheMalaysian says:

FREE 1000w PSU.dude thats cray cray

ThEcRaZ3dGaM3R says:

I miiiiight be commenting for FWB… or I might be commenting for no reason… you’ll never know… #lolzz

Fabivs says:

I have this. Super nice!

vorontsov_oleg says:

lots of talking ,, and not showing how quiet it is.. could have just compared it to some ordinary case.. neah

Michael Anderson says:

ha, take that Anthony!

ProNickelCanada says:

jus’ wanna remind y’all real’ quick that cory in dah house is dah bes’ anime

Tobias G. says:

Why didn’t they call the brand shutup!

CuddlesTheTeddyBear says:

How dare you insult my London, Linus!

Fahim Syed says:

i gonna buy one :3

陳峻廷 says:

How to install window 8.1 with this case

jono3952 says:

I actually have build a computer in a cardboard box. it never caught fire. I also once built and used a pc mounted to some scrap pieces of 1×2. It served me quite well for a couple years.

Joako says:

I have that case, its awesome!

Haris Khan says:

can you switch the sides of panel opening for optical drive slots
or whatever

Domantas Lekavicius says:

One thing missed in this review is that you can put the hard drive cage into the optical drive cage. I think it’s quote a nice idea. It is shown how in the manual. Tsk tsk tsk for not reading it 🙂

Ballsitic Muppet says:

will a formula z mother board?

Halvard S. says:

should have done a decibel test under load to see how loud it was

Mustanglover10 says:

I just bought the windowed version of this case and the h55 liquid cpu cooler by corsair because I actually like the look of space better than that huge cool block. But I just got stomped on by Linus X3

GTX 1070 BenchMarks says:

dude thats a black ops 3 case haha

Undead Knight says:


NicksDomain101 says:

Linus were you crying?

Test FX says:

what was the sound on 1:19 League of Legends ?

Megos Hong says:

r5 or this?

Tristan Hueniken says:

I wish I was anthony

biz4two biz4 says:

No discussion of cable management??

That_LEGO_Guy says:

well as my mobo is currently held in an old server tower with zip ties, ssd’s in a disassembled fdd and usb ports just hanging out the front by the cables, i’m a bit of a tight ass

bogdan drago says:

i went whit corsair 780t…looks nice and better then other cases..did i made a good choice linus?

Isaiah Rowley says:

Linus are you a jack of all trades with tech? Any specializations?

type moon says:

i still don’t know my favorite color… it’s probably red.

Hater Is Hating says:

The best case review I’ve seen so far.

Ashutosh Saini says:


Михаил Венедиктов says:

Donno why do you need those cases. I’ve got motherboard on my table with PSU and HDD next to it. Temperatures are good thou lol

josias lemus says:

purple source rex

Rudyard Meijsen says:

That CPU cooler looks great, but is just out of my budget. Would the Gelid The Black Edition CPU cooler be a good replacement?

Eirik Haug says:

im a fan of this case

im a fan

im a case fan

im sorry :3

Henry Lin says:

If the front fans are controlled by the fan controller do the fans need to be connected to the motherboard to be powered? Or is it connected to the fan controller to be powered? Thanks 🙂

Nassim says:


Eric Fortin says:

The fog test was really interesting, i’d love to see that on every case review !

Adrian Coleman says:

honestly if i could get my hands on a cardboard or 3d printed computer case i would.

Sniperzz YT says:

wtf I just got an advertisement about collecting sexy maids

Ackzo says:

You can remove the fan filter from the door

AwpitheAwper says:

Actually I believe that having a vent on the left side panel (the one behind the motherboard/CPU could be beneficial to the temperature of the CPU, considering it’s right behind and if your CPU overheats you can feel it just by touching that side panel, now Imagine you add a cooler right behind the CPU that blows air to it?

mystith myst says:


Maisonier says:

Which is the most silence case,this or the fractal r5 ? or any better?

Komplicated Kevin says:

I have a Silent Base 800 and it’s huge. Whenever I see the 600, I think of an 800 saying “Don’t talk to me or my son ever again”

Mayron's Hideout says:

Why do all BeQuiet components never perform a sound test? Really was hoping to find out how quiet this setup was.

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