be quiet! Pure Base 600 TG Case Review

The Pure Base 600 just got the glass upgrade. Let’s see how it stacks up for 2017 standards in increasingly competitive case bubble.

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Dennis Olof says:

Iron Fist strikes again 😀

Jan winkelmann says:

I had the normal Phanteks p400s Eclipsey bought NZXT s340 Elite over it. No RGB, but NZXT hast the best interior layout and TGlass Panel. I really don’t liek the interior of this Be quiet! Purebase TG, no PSU shourd, just ugly.

andre rio says:

hey man! are you saying this case is only pretty? i was thinking about buying one next month! is it just a pretty face?

The Wong Dovahkiin says:

This may be my next case…

Matt DiVito says:

Honestly, this channel should be called CaseCanucks. There’s been no other hardware to speak of or information.

Romick Vieira says:

The only thing i gotta talk about it when glass is placed like that… with no plastic or metal surounding, looks so bad… i like those cases where the glass opens like a window instead or being removed like that… like door hinges, thats the best impleamentation. BUT for 99 and having tempered glass, instead of acrilic… cant really complain, but look i got acrilic on my Obsidian 750D and its super acceptable no need for glass, if they had acrylic with the “door hinges” it would be a better combo i think

Pirate1391 says:

Your camera work really is art.

Rodolphe St. Preux says:

what is wrong with this video? in 1440 the video starts playing than freezes but audio continues! who else is having this problem?

Νοσταλγός του ογδόντα says:

is there front fan filter, and is it efficient or is becoming full of dust?

Pilek01 says:

whats the best case for $100 or under ?

Andries Murre says:

This should fit EATX, does it?
Because i think i might be migrating my Xeon system.
Please read and test out?

mobuis juan says:

I just want to know, why would you remove dvd-rom drives from the case? How would you install software or games with out dvd-roms 51/2′ drive caddies?

Zoren says:

Danny Rand’s Tech Reviews

james macdonald says:

just wearing disposable gloves prevents fingerprint marks on glass btw

Cringey White Boy says:

how do you clean front dust filters on this case

Dominic King says:

PLEASE do a comparison between these cases. S340 Elite, P400S TG, FD Define C, Pure Base 600 TG!!!!!!

Barut Tech says:

use 2 suction cups to put on tempered glass

Lann The Man says:

I own the Nzxt s340 Elite. Such a lovely case

Pierre Nodoyuna says:

Dont like the orange inside the case.

Wayne Richter says:

This would be the case (without the window) for me without any hesitation if I were in the market for one. Other case case manufacturers (apart from the Coolermaster MasterBox 5) wouldn’t even get a look in. Not surprising really seeing I already use the Silent Base 600 and am extremely happy with it. It still fills my needs, perfectly.

Peter Jansen says:

I like it that you want more data on the noise level and what does and does not help (foam) to reduce it for the cases. It was a complaint of mine for the case of the year video. I am not a sound engineer or physicist but I do know that sound is being dampened by making it reflect as much as possible, each reflection makes it lose part of its energy. Usually you make sound reflect a lot by using a material that has the property that it reflects sound strongly and by making a lot of holes in it in a strategic way. Other than that they try to minimise vibrations (resonance).

Romick Vieira says:

The momemtum wireless used to be only “on ear” that sucks, but over ear? id buy that shit on the spot, but now that i got my 598 special black edition i wont, but when i was looking for the best ones to buy for the money i had the momemtum appeared in every top10 they are very famous

Joschiiee says:

Where can I buy this awesome shirt from bequiet!? 😀

Birki gts says:

Excellent case for my needs, ruined by the lack of a psu shroud. I wouldn’t even consider this if i didn’t have the ability to make a pus shroud.

Romick Vieira says:

Nice pricing too

Zeus54321 says:

BeQuiet is doing a great job of keeping the 5.25″ bay. It’s still important for many people. Corsair for example is missing out a good part of the market by not making them anymore.

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