be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review – Case of the Year!

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Inverted mobo layout + Height adjustable motherboard tray and all the watercooling accommodation you will ever need, inside the new DB Pro 900. Excellent concept with great execution by be quiet!

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Review unit provided free of charge by be quiet! As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.

Gear list:
Panasonic GH4 –
Panasonic G7 –
Canon C100 –
Sony RX100m3 –
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
Cinevate DUZI Slider –
AKG C314 –
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Zimba's Doom Corner says:

cane the feet be removed?

Story says:

After watching this video about 9000 times, I finally bought this case. It’s supposed to show up today, and I’m pretty excited. Thank you so much HardwareCanucks! 😀

Oyster Soup says:

i ordered the pro version

LaSainteParole says:

you’re such a cute guy ! i wish i was not an ugly portuguese guy without friends in a lost city full of unemployment

Jesse Lamberton says:

Can anyone tell me what the GPU clearance is with the drive cages installed? Also will a 280mm rad fit up top if an optical drive is also installed?

Infamous Hunter says:

I think you can put double-sided tape on that sticker up top

stephane gagnon says:

Just receved this case. the manuel look really messy. with all those traduction. But i cant wait to build it 🙂

Vatablous Devil says:

I like the case but have no need for wireless charging and 7 drive bays. Im also new to pc building and this looks really confusing.

RyV3TOficcial says:

7 Drive cages fully metal, orange rubber

DSM Dallas says:

Case of the year doesn’t offer option for vertical GPU installation. This thing is wide enough for 140s but left that option out. HMMM

TianXian Hu says:

A square rubber gasket is installed on one of the hard drive baskets in order to install a tank or pump on top.

VetusHeros says:

Does it have the space for a DVD player?

Mark Delaney says:

Best case reviews on YouTube hands down

VrayEngineStudio says:

This case not supported dual socket mobo. poor!

Justinus Setiawan says:

i relly hope they make the blue one

Stev A says:

The good is that I love the flexibility it gives you. The bad is I am soooooooo sick and tired of black and red, or black and orange-red. Those colors are so over represented that I do NOT want any case with those colors. I hate when the industry over-saturates one thing for years. With RGB becoming so prominent these days, I’m leaning more towards a predominantly white case, because white absorbs any color much better than any dark color does, and allows you to practically change the look of your entire sytem at will. Btw, I would NEVER even pay $60 for cables, let alone a $100. This industry needs to get a grip where excessive prices are concerned. Just a few years ago, pc sales were at all time lows. I think they would do well to remember this.

FallingTitan says:

love this case. i think i’ll get the all black or silver one.

DSM Dallas says:

Why did you use a phone with a cord plugged into it to showcase wireless charging LMAO both videos show same clip edit.

BazzJunkie says:

If only they had a non pro with the charger….. :'(

Milosh312 says:

what kind of screws are those at 4:18?

Christoph Velleur says:

phantex evolve atx or dark base pro 900?
i want a good and maybe silent systemcase

Daniel Hinkle says:

This is such a horrible case…just another oversized abomination.

Laurence Hanna says:

Looking to make my first ever PC – Would this case comfortably fit the corsair h100i v2? As in could I do it on my own as a first time builder without having to improvise in certain situations

Вова Кацап says:

Хохлы – пидарасы!

Israel Rodriguez says:

I don’t think anyone has better reviews on cases than HardwareCanucks. Very good video quality, angle captures, focus, set up, time separation between shots. Dimitri is a professional in every sense of the word.

BrashTix says:

Would be dope if you were able to get it in a mid atx size.

Isak Stenmark says:

that motherboard piece would make a great base for a DIY testbench

Hadgerz says:

That sound test was incredible.
AU$350 for a case…hnnnnnnnnnnngh so pricey, but…so…worth it.

The Android Next Door says:

If that gaudy logo on the back panel was removed this would be a perfect case in my book. I’m looking to do a paint job on my next build but I don’t want that ugly logo ruining the aesthetic of the build.

EnnJayy says:

no psu cover 🙁

Birki gts says:

Honestly if i didn’t know how to work with sheet metal i wouldn’t buy this case. 200€ and no psu shroud is a huge con. But with a little modding this case is excellent.

Consumed byyou says:

Has anyone put an asus geforce gtx 1070 strix in this?

UMadBro19881 says:

I just buy this case and I think there’s no stickers for the window. Maybe be quiet! removed it because on other videos about this case or directly on the be quiet website, you can see that there’s no sticker. Can anyone confirm?

Gixxer983 says:

Its cheap too….

jw71291 says:

A shroud would imo make this case perfect, I have the NZXT H440 and the shroud really allows for a beautiful clean look. Can’t do without it now.

The Insane Bolt! says:

why not just watercool it

Sergey Konovalov says:

Дмитрий, а где снято это видео? В России или в другой стране? Просто интересно.

ryckak says:

8:19 it’s on updated version only. I bought first version, which has the power switch beside the socket and not above it. And that makes the bottom ventilation useless, since you have no chance moving back PSU far enough to open fan area…

zippystar says:

Can you easily fit a Corsair H110i ?

C M says:

I love HC case reviews!

Bud Hammerton says:

I got this after the review here and fixed the issue myself with the door and weak magnets, I redesigned and 3D printed the magnet holders on the door to accept 8 mm x 2 mm neodymium magnets. Door stays closed no matter what angle you tilt the case. Also decided to design slot covers for the unused HDD slots, makes it really clean looking inside and addresses on of the issues brought up in this review.

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