Awards Show: Best & Worst PC Cases of 2018

We crawl through 160+ case tests to find the best and worst gaming PC cases from 2018, including best thermals, noise, design, and more.
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This awards show walks through the best gaming PC cases of 2018, but also includes a few of the worst cases. We talk about cases for best out of the box thermals, best noise levels, best design, best overall, worst refresh, most overhyped, and more. If you’re building a new gaming PC and need a computer case comparison, we have the round-up of the top enclosures.

CASES FEATURED (order of appearance)


Cooler Master H500P Mesh (Amazon):
Cooler Master SL600M (Newegg):
Honorable Mention – Lian Li O11 Air (Amazon):


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2 (Amazon):
be quiet! Silent Base 601 (Newegg):


NZXT H500 (Amazon):


SilverStone PM02 (Amazon):
Fractal Define S2 (Amazon):


Phanteks Evolv X (Newegg):


Lian Li O11 Dynamic (Amazon):

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Editorial, Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


sovrngarde says:

Take nzxt h500 and spend extra on pc performance best choice. Its not about the money its that kinda regret when u purchace an overhype case sux cos u expect its cool. Hype is just temporary

jeffreywarf says:

I wish there were more affordable horizontal cases with 4 front panel USB ports.

AresHimself says:

*cries in 500D*

jjay8319 says:

Love those out of the box thermals. Lol

Cs Dn says:

What would really make the CS381 a truly awesome storage case, if they setup the drive cages to be sized for enterprise 2 1/2 drives (15mm high, 16 total drives). Incredibly dense with ability to run either RAID6 or RAIDZ with 16 4 or 5 TB drives (and only lose 2 drives’ effective space).

Robert Pasquali says:

Best for watercooling?

toontownlegomaster says:

1:17 wow

Paul Araujo says:

Like just for the cat.

Ian Simmonds says:

My PM02 is upset with you haha. It really shouldn’t have been called a PM as it’s nothing like the PM01 but it’s not really a bad case. Even in your review you couldn’t really fault it other than the name

discostoo says:

The GN B-roll is incredible in this video, no quick cuts, just smooth feature laden content. Good work. Cooler Master smashed it this year.

Tacticalpanic says:

Do they still make cases without widows and or RGB?

Chernobyl Reactor 4 says:

Sorry bud. For budget cases the Cooler Master MB511 RGB and the MB520 RGB shits all over that NZXT case. Your knowledge on cases seems a bit out of date.


I have a 2k pc but use the NZXT H500 just because the looks

Airith5 says:

Well you see, the front fell off.

Thomas Sturges-Allard says:

I bought a Silverstone Primera 02 and I’m really happy with it.
I would have preferred to have a mesh front panel but I didn’t like my other options. Reviewing other cases by Silverstone and others they were either old (no USB 3.0 support), plastic-y, expensive and/or had RGB fans. The PM02 has a lovely understated look with no unnecessary stuff sticking out. I removed the silly logo projector and the bottom red plastic cap to the front panel to open up air flow and I get great temperatures with decent noise levels.

Marc Sidenstecker says:

I could not disagree more on the Phanteks Evo X. It may not be the best air cooling case, however it is a building and water cooling (even aio) dream!

Neovalen says:

Did my recent build in the Coolermaster H500M model with the mesh panel in the front. Absolutely amazing case and it was a pleasure to work with.

LeJonD says:

please cover mini ITX case too 🙂

Ian Chandler says:

A quote for the Phanteks Evolv X marketing team “decidedly adequate” – Gamers Nexus.

Ivy Nat says:

The cat appears timestamp

Jonathan Muller says:

Love these yearly round ups but I wish more mATX and ITX cases were reviewed and then added to this ‘best of’ series

Zach - LightSpeedYT says:

The satisfaction when your case gets the best budget case award 🙂

Don chan says:


grlmgor says:

NZXT H500 is $68 USD but in AUS it $129 AUD.
While the Silverstone RL06 Pro is $90 USD but in AUS it $95 AUD.

Yeti8it says:

For my new current build I bought the Cooler Master H500 for $99.99 . I’m not impressed with how much plastic was in it. For about the same or less I could have gotten a full size case that has much less plastic . My older build is in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro that has more hard drive space (cages) and is much constructed better I feel .

Lezzy says:

I was expecting the p300 or p350x instead of the nzxt h500, hmm

Ulysses Lee says:

It looks Corsair case quite hot from your report’s figures

Ron Terlitsky says:

Nice showcase,,, case manufacturers still need to add a Type-C up front as a standard along with USB 3.0/3.1

Yerffej07 says:

Would have liked to seen a category for mini itx cases, I saw you had a silverstone one in the intro, but i didn’t see it anywhere in the vid :/

Martian says:


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