Awards Show: Best PC Cases of 2017 (Airflow, Noise, Design)

Our first GN Awards show for the Best PC Cases of 2017! We look at the top gaming cases for airflow, noise, design, and more.
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Fractal Meshify C:

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman


cat nip says:

what is the name of this pc case ???

Em1L says:

the “i don’t give a shit about life” ruined this video for me.

shawn smith says:

I cant decide between the Rl06 and Meshify!!! I want great airflow!

Tom K says:

How does my old haf922 hold up to the current lineups

daedra40 says:

“but wheres muh case”

Icemanz666 says:

H700i is literally the worst desinged – those LEDs visible through the Tempered glass – Phantecs Eclipse 400 has done much better from so long.

Rigel Sinco says:

Hey there Steve, if you could uhm revisit fan sizes, like is there any significant difference from 120 to 140 and lastly to 200, because if there is then I want to see more cases that have 2 200 mm fan slots at the top or maybe even at the back. Thank you.

danny c says:

Agree about the glass on the cable side ,and vertical gpu’s . cant stand these trends .

Totally Not a Ninja says:

Could we get a Luddite award for best case with a 5.25″ drive bay?

Rashed Mamun says:

It would be really helpful for me if you can make a video like this for Cougar Panzer Max and compare it with these cases. I am planning to go for cougar as silverstone and fractal design products are not available in my country. I have searched a lot but I haven’t found any good review for Panzer max showing it’s thermal/airflow performance, Thanks in advance.

Geraint Davies says:

I built a matx z170 6700k 1070 pc inside a heavily modified, but externally untouched IBM model 70 tower, I had a floppy drive converted to accept sd card caddy floppy drives, a v mounted 1070 and red rgb LEDs shining through the air slots for a HAL themed look.
The thermals were way too hot, throttling under heavy load and I had to retire the case for a cooler build.
How manufacturers make new cases in 2017 that have worse thermsls than my home made 17cm wide retrofitted 1980s tower has me confused.

NilZ says:

In my opinion I like just the look of the 570X. The reflection on the glass is pretty nice and so is the overall look. Personal I wouldn’t put RGB fans on it or go crazy with RGB in General. It‘s just the clean and cool look of the case, that makes it one of my favourite ones.

Anthaleus Decriseus says:

I drilled small holes, with a pattern of course, into the glass on the front of the H500p, lined the interior with fine fabric mesh, put it back together, and holy hell did the thermals fall lol.

trevor jaster says:

I still have a nzxt source 210

John Vanderbeck says:

No Best Watercooling Case? Come one, this is a growing segment of the market and one that can really benefit from education and no nonsense reviews like Gamers Nexus provides.

Daniel Ramirez says:

Bitwit cat vs Gamers Nexus Cat vs Linus cat tips cat who will win

hovy317 says:

“You’d think there was only so many ways to make a box”

Time Rock Orchestra says:

No best sfx case? What a shame.

JustinHEMI says:

I’m going to try to cram an EVGA 1080 Ti SC and an NZXT Kraken x62 into the Meshify C. Wish me luck!

Davidr Steve says:

try review segotep k7 and k8 cases bro, those case really worth it with it rgb fans

Wang Yesheng says:

What’s the stuttering? Artifact from transcoding?

Edmundo studios says:

I would love to have an imac/powermac g3 inspired case.

Decent Designs says:

but whers ma case D:

Wasabi says:

I try to like your videos but every time you talk it sounds like you just lost your whole family in some tragic accident, Cheer up man.

Firestarya says:

So is the Meshify C the case to buy? I currently have an Enermax Ostrog and am looking to upgrade it.

 I can spend a bit more if needed for the best overall case, up to $200 USD. I’m looking for nice airflow and enough space so everything isn’t squished together. The noise doesn’t bother me too much and I don’t really care how the case looks as long as I can get it in black.

andymath89 says:

those LED strips almost gave me seizures.

rDragon says:

Case does not include cat?! BULLSHIT!

Alberto Scisci says:

hello 🙂 could you review the Cooler Master Masterbox lite 5 ? Thank you

Yolo Swag says:

H700D – ‘D’ for Dumb XD

I'm Cmart says:

You’re measuring out of box thermals wrong. You are supposed to point the temperature gun at the cardboard box the case came in.

Omer Al Amin says:

What’s the best mATX case?

Veris says:

“And poorly designed cases that everyone talks about”
*queue camera back to the h500p* I’m still salty too. XD

Hollowrun says:


Straws of Hardware says:

I’m thinking about the Phanteks Enthoo Pro (the large one). How does it compare with the cases in this video?

nathanael craig says:

you didnt show one case with a dvd drive

Its Neight says:

700i is horrible Meshify is ugly AF please tell me more. Only decent case in this awards list is the Dark Base Pro 900 in white which others colors were winning awards over 2 years ago. SMH Steve. I expected better.

DarkIzo says:

so, i know this video is sponsored but wtf do you promote grizzly as *the* wonderpaste ?!!

as i see it you compare:

stock intel cpu with probably stock aircooler on the heatspreader and maybe even no tim at all


intel delidded and watercooler on top of the core with grizzly as conductor

this shit is false marketing in my eyes

massimo hu says:

And the cats awards goes to…

truevilmeow says:

Where does the Dark Base 700 rank compared to the Pure Base 600?

zorhis1996 says:

I think vertical gpu’s should have vents on the side door where the gpu is , 3rd party gpus blowing all the hot air right out the case would be perfect

Dragonbait says:

It’s 2017, any case without a USB type C on the front panel should be disqualified!

Karthig1987 says:

Hey steve if you dont mind me asking for the nosie testing did you test the db pro 900 in that one confirguration only? That is the front open config. Dont recall seeing in the graph another entry.

asambi69 says:


Pokemondragonk CoolDude says:

What is the best white gaming case??

Stu Bur says:

It has been a bad year for low noise options. Everything glass panels and RGB LEDs detracts from controlling noise and does nothing for controlling thermals. I wish manufacturers would make high performing cases first and then see what they can do to make it attractive within those constraints.

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