Are THESE The Best Mid Tower Cases?

Today we put 4 of the most recent & popular mid towers head to head to see which is king 🙂 S340 Elite vs P400s TG vs Define C vs Pure Base 600 TG

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Stev A says:

how can you put a lower dollar amount on what is supposed to be the “best” mid tower cases??? you should have titled this, the best for $$$ dollars…

Pentium says:

no disc drives = no sale for me

Mohammed Sowwan says:

is it worth to buy p400s or the p400 is good enough ?

makwikus says:

So, what’s the max GPU length in Fractal’s Define C when you have Corsair H100i V2 installed?

Cristian Medina says:

I am having a really big problem in my final decision on which case to buy. Would you please be so kind as to tell me, is it worth to but the NZXT H440 Razer edition in 2017? Or should I just go for the s340 elite? Cause honestly those two are the only two ones I really want, but I am having problems when deciding. Coul you please help me decide?

green busters says:

I was looking at the p400 which has RGB strips, kind of pushing it into the lead BUT the define C would be the definitive winner if it had a tempered glass panel

whitysonthemoon says:

Wish you’d test the noise.

Tarandus says:

Can you review the sharkoon m25-w ?

KIKI RI says:

I must send my Fractal Define C back. The 240 Radiator does not fit in the front, because I have the Asus GTX 1080 O8G GPU.

nixtc says:

Carpet bomb liked this video and your s340 elite, p400 p400s p400s TG, define c, define s vs enthoo pro vids. Best comparative overview online period. And yes it’s that time again, building fever :)!

Jonathan David says:

Thank you! This was welldone!

FruityCheeks says:

the be quiet case is too 2014 for me. It is a really dated interior design

jay Hec says:

define mini c easy winner if had tg
then i say p400 then s340
the 400c from corsair took steps backwards in design, and the matx evolve is pretty big unless you referring to the itx one ?

Walid Benkaida says:

p400s an s340 is the winers

grg says:

All four have crappy side/top only ventilation on the front 🙁

Mario Gutierrez says:

Function over form: Define C without a doubt. The case does almost everything right. It is most compact of these cases, is classy looking and less ownership hassle. I’ve owned prettier cases and over time the finish gets scratched, etc. My R5 looks the same as it always has and I’ve relocated to several offices. I’m replacing it with the Define C because I no longer need a monster case for mechanical/optical drives. I wish they would make a more compact air only version. They could shrink it more by removing the space for water coolers.

Form over function: Slight tip to S340 over P400S. The top and bottom opening on the front panel of the S340 really bothers me. I like the LED effects on the P400S case. However, I like the matte white color of the S340 over the P400S glacier white. I had an Antec piano white case and it would get scratched so easily from keys, usb drives, phones that I put on it. Flip a coin and you would be happy with either of these. Both have tempered glass and that’s what appeals to most builders.

PureBlackFire says:

the be Quiet loses. the motherboard tray isn’t desinged properly. the glass shows the ugly edges of the case frame and the size and design are dated and less efficient than the others.

Martin Arscott says:

Sorry but my answer is ‘none of the above’ – you missed out the corsair crystal 460X 😉
Just transferred my pc into one last week and kitted it out with a full set of 6 HD120 rgb fans, it looks absolutely stunning !! I’ll admit cable management was a struggle behind the back panel, but it was more than worth the effort

flowergreeeeed says:

Yes…. 2 bad Corsair 460X with led fans costs over 120$. It would be perfect for this list.

Ulf Nope says:

i’d take the phanteks one hands down, even tho i dont really really like the front 😛 i’m not and never was a fan of the nzxt cases tho.

freddiekrugher says:

Great video but no corsair in it? i would have expected also the crystal and the 400c.

Bartosz Maj says:

Very good comparsion, but i would swap BeQuiet for Corsair 400C here.

Serge Leon says:

I’m looking to build a new system and the cases NZXT s340 elite, Phanteks P400s TG and Fractal Define C are contenders for me. Though as I’m looking for a white case the Define C would be no option unless I spray-paint it all white. Still a hard choice between the NZXT and the Phanteks as the have similar size and performance and both have their own stronger and weaker points. Does the sound dampening in the Phanteks really make a difference in noise compared to the NZXT? Any of you have opinions for which one I should go and why so?

Matt Ziesmann says:

Doesn’t the Fractal Design model also include black or white accent options?

BremCrumbs says:

HardwareCanuks I’m torn between the P400S TG and the Phanteks Evolv TG.

Oscar Muhammad says:

Have you ever considered designing your own case?

freddifrosk123 says:

Nzxt s340 elite

c0pyimitati0n says:

I really want a usb type-c front panel connector.

• Nakos • says:

Damn i buy the Be Quiet Pure Base 600 did I made a mistakes ?

AnnaLeo says:

All I want is for fractal design to make a tempered glass case

Mike Roy says:

I just want to see some colour variation. Something subtle. Not just black, red, white. Charcoal on black, brushed metal on black. Something with texture, but doesn’t stab you in the eye.

StephenSweitzer says:

I have the NZXT S340 Elite, and let me tell you all. It’s AHmazing

Maya Durand says:

Relevant package diminish corruption member credibility mostly.

evo emperor says:

fractal define series should have tempered glass!

Lebanese Nostalgia says:

I’m stuck between Phanteks P400s and Define C which one would u choose?

Jec says:

P400s TG has RGB.
I think it wins by default.

ZT Prints says:

Just bought the phanteks entho luxe full glass panel, but I would have loved to have snagged one of the limited edition HyperBeast s340’s.

Petr Sychra says:

This is the exact video I was looking for. Thank you for helping me to decide. I went with the P400S 🙂

Taspini says:

I like NZXT S340 Elite most.
#1 NZXT S340 Elite
#2 Phanteks P400S TG (I don’t like design)
#3 Fractal Design Define C
#4 Be Quiet! Purebase 600 TG

Josh Van Gheem says:

why aren’t there any usb C or thunderbolt 3 ports on PC cases?

Ruben Torres says:

Corsair 450D FTW

cal22583 says:


Valfaun says:

if the Define C had a glass panel, it’d be my favorite. but as it stands, i’m gonna go with Phanteks P400S TG. actual glass is just so much nicer than transparent plastic and, for me, offsets the Define C’s advantages. plus, apparently you get a free LED strip with the P400S. perhaps not the best one, but it’s added value and appreciable on a tighter budget

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