Are These Really The BEST Cases Under $100?

We were intrigued after receiving an email from Silverstone regarding their new budget-oriented mid-towers claiming to be among the best in under $100. Let’s test their claim with the KL07 and RL06 Pro.

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Joao Guilherme Pan says:

IDK, maybe I’m wrong, but I do think Corsair 400C deserves to be on this list… It has great thermals, noise levels and looks.

Dan Phillips says:

I own the KL07, I’m not sure how you managed to not get the IO shield in, I got it in no problems. The one thing I don’t like about this is the SSD bracket placement, in short it’s shit. I ended up putting them the other way around and squeezing them in, it give much easy cable management.

Tabish Syed says:

Total garbage.

Final Elixir says:

That intro noise was so disgusting D:

Ji says:

So for me it’s now down to the following:

Define C
S340 Elite

On top of that it’s a possibility of a Define R5 or H400 New Edition but costs a little bit more.

So many choices!!

Any ideas on pros and cons of these cases?

SilkMilkJilk says:

supposed to be budget cases with a not enough budget price. 85 bucks for plastic?

jared Ó Súilleabháin says:

Was about to click “confirm” on purchase but then you spoke of scratches………”Best Affordable Tempered Glass Case” next upload?

KYGamer says:

if the rl06 was all black i’d buy one.. or black with gunmetal grey accent.. and ditch the angles on the front panel, thats so 1990’s gaming look, just awful..

Mike Roy says:

The NZXT/2001 spot is awesome. Best promo spot from you yet!

franzurdaddy says:

the rl 06 has gotten a tg variant recently but for 10 bucks more you can get an s340 elite so i wouldnt bother with it.

Cxt 71 says:

0:41 Why do you sound like a robot bro

Guus van Sprang says:

i really like the RL06 Pro. looks realy good

djmland says:

Just watched the review for one of these cases on Gamers Nexus YT channel. If anyone was interested in the RL06 Pro from this review, maybe check out their review instead. It highlights why Silverstone thinks that these are in contention for ‘best under $100’.

Hass0ni says:

best case under 100 dollar is Thermaltake c22…. 65$

MrGtagangster says:

That intro 🙂

bobsagget823 says:

ugly cases

Rene Stanneveld says:

I must have a weird case then since my redline has tempered glass…….
say so on the website to. ah well research is hard i think.

bryan diel says:

The white case looks liks a cheappo case, DeepCool Kendomen has better looks, and is $40-50 dollars haha!

مشاري العنزي says:

مص زبي

Umur Umurilik Gümüşbaş says:

Thermaltake Core X31

Hail Storm says:

the ketchup and mustard cables on the RL06 case fans was enough to turn me off from it. We’re in 2017 all fan cables should be black.

Dinesh Perera says:

is that a stock cpu cooler?

Tian Xi Zheng says:

Anyone know if you can simply change the 140 mil fan on the first case for a 120 mil to prevent the I/O shield conflict?

Josh says:

Idk if it’s an unpopular opinion but silverstone cases have always looked cheap and ugly up close. They always use so much plastic

Tests says:

Dont know why people are hyping the s340 or p400 they both have terrible air flow. The rl06 performs at 8-10c lower than both go google it. Design over functionality for you guys I guess.

Gabe Newell says:

Lol everyone shitting on the RL06WS-PRO when it has the best thermals by a mile of any other budget case. Even better than the meshify c.

Clairvoyant81 says:

The KL07 seems like a great deal. An elegant, understated look, sound dampening, good case layout and IO selection on the front, build quality and a decent set of fans for $85 sounds great to me… that’s assuming that the IO shield issue can be solved somehow.
The RL06 Pro has too many issues, IMO, and looks tacky / cheap.

Jonathan John David says:

Love his case

Papa Burgundy says:

When are you gonna review the Ouya?

livinforkicks says:

Do they ever actually run tests on thermals or sound? You’re reviewing a $75 dollar case, the RL06, that is the best performing case on the market in terms of thermals, but all you care to talk about are ease of installation features and what it looks like? Look up any temperature rundown of the RL06 and it’s consistently 10+ degrees cooler than the s340, yet somehow it’s competing with it?

Michael Johnson says:

What is the best high airflow cases?

Søren kolbye says:

Looks like someone got paid for saying these cases were good since you put the white one on the failure list of 2017 lmao. Exposed.

Mitochondriac says:

Sound dampening foam doesn’t work in computers, well actually that kind of foam doesn’t work anywhere and is just a massive fire hazard.

Cristiano Quiterio says:

my Fractal Designs Define C craps all over those cases

Kshitij Goel says:

Nzxt s340 elite is the best 100 dollar case

Sic Semper Beats says:

slap some tempered glass on the rl06 id buy it

bobbavet says:


Josh says:

How can they really compete when you can get an s340 elite for around the same?

Sviatoslav Ilitchev says:

both of these cases look freeking LAME ASS. The nzxt s340, and all other cases from previous video are much NUCH better looking and give you more abilities

Tiel Noembreux says:

love the HAL reference. lol

OuterVision Power Supply Calculator says:

can’t go wrong with be quiet!

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